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  1. --the only time we taste things with a straw is when something is not right. and yes, we measure everyting. Bitters too.
  2. Thanks Jeff! The Chica is our little tribute to the tiki era. Glad you are enjoying it, and visit soon!
  3. Man, that big cube looks cool as all get-out. But I'd be worried that it would slam into my front teeth. Straw please!
  4. Tho OXO angled measuring cups are terrific. And please dont let your children make the cocktails. Usually, they use entirely too much vermouth. Happy New Year from Paulius at the VTR!
  5. And that actually is very good for making French toast. ← I never thought of that. I guess it would be good, but still, all of those preservatives and assorted wonk....
  6. Interesting how a lot of these recipes differ in alcoholic strength. Both of our recipes call for a pint plus one ounce of booze, although yours has considerably more dark rum (mine is a pint of bourbon plus one ounce of dark rum). But your recipe has exactly double the nonalcoholic ingredients: 4 pints of half & half whereas mine has 2 pints; a dozen eggs whereas mine has a half-dozen; 2 cups of sugar whereas mine has 1 cup. ← Hmmmmm. Mine is not super boozy, but it has a good kick. I double checked the recipe too. Now I have to make it asap. ....just to make sure... yummmmmm
  7. Hi! Paulius from The Velvet Tango Room here. I make eggnog throughout the holidays. Last year we were batting close to a thousand with this recipe. I keep a kitchen-aid mixer with a whisk attachment for this purpose specifically. All of the ingredients, including the liquors must be thoroughly chilled. 12 eggs / 2 cups sugar / 1 teaspoon vanilla extract / 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground nutmeg / 1+1/2 cup brandy / 2/3 cup Cruzan Navy Strength rum / 8 cups half&half. Beat eggs for 2-3 minutes on medium untill they are frothy. Gradually beat in sugar, vanilla and the nutmeg. Turn the mixer off, and stir in the cold brandy, rum, and half&half. DONE! Serve it all as it tastes best fresh. (This is usually not a problem) I cant tell you how many people turn their nose up at eggnog untill they try the real deal. They are the unfortunate victims of the curse of store-bought "eggnog" that (horrors!) expires around Easter and has the consitency of pancake batter.
  8. Als Italian Beef. A little bit of heaven... Sure do wish I was there!
  9. I used this last fall/cranberry season. Delicious. "Ginger Smash", by Jason Kosmas and Dushan Zaric of Employees Only Servings One Drink Ingredients 12 whole cranberries 2 thin slices of ginger root 1 teaspoon of sugar 1/2 oz. fresh lemon juice 1 1/2 oz. wet gin 1 1/2 oz. Berentzen apple liqueur Instructions Muddle cranberries, ginger and sugar together. Add the remaining ingredients. Shake with ice. Pour into an old-fashioned glass.
  10. Tino, trade you an Aviation for a couple Galley Boy cheeseburgers from Swenson's Drive-In! And thanks again for the "vintage" Campari Tino! The most recent debate at the VTR: The continuing lemon or lime dilema and gin ratio in "The Last Word". Toby?
  11. Yes! YES YES YES!!! email me for specifics please.
  12. Wow, I am glad it's not "just me". i cant wait to hear the results from the lab. would Campari&Co care to comment? >ahem<
  13. Does anyone know if the new formula Campari strictly an export item, or is the recipe change across the board. I am not at all impressed with the watery version made with artificial ingredients. Apparently, Campari bent over to the vegetarian taliban that not only put it on it's "not vegeterian" list, but also threatened to start a "Campari=bug juice" campaign due to its use of cochineal(sp?) beetles (also used in makeup etc...) that gave Campari it's distinct red hue. The flavor is MUCH MORE BLAND, and it is not nearly as thick, almost watery now. And it is much more transparent as well. Count Negroni is rolling in his grave...
  14. I have always considered "highballs" (love the classic "atomic fifties" name) to be a primary spirit with a carbonated "wash"served in a tall glass. Whiskey & gingerale is the classic highball I grew up with here in Cleveland. I'm not sure if there are regional differences or not. There is a "lowball" as well. I think it is the same thing but in a short glass, or "tumbler". No too often you get a request for one. Usually from a true "old-timer". Gotta love a highball!
  15. Thanks Toby! I cant wait to get to Chicago again. My favorite city, and not too far as well. I get quite a few chicagoans in and always mention TVH. We are a rare breed. Perhaps we need to start a brotherhood of craft cocktailians... For the last 10 out of 12 years my St Pats day is like this: I schedule the carpet cleaners to come in first thing in the morning. Then I close for the day. VD day is pretty harmless, but I do get a larger percentage of amateurs. It is a good opportunity to educate newbies though. Drop me an email -info@velvettangoroom.com. I want to run something by you. Paulius
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