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  1. Thanks for the info. I will definitely keep that in mind. I also had some dishes topped with caviar in some restaurants... but I don't know if they are Russian or non-Russian. Maybe I will know how to distinguish them if I do end up going to those tours.
  2. We are visiting Moscow and St. Petersburg in October. Has anyone been to those caviar tours? If so, any recommendation? Also, I already read through all the topics related to Russia, but if you have any suggestions, do let me know. Thanks
  3. Hmmm... Good point. From that website, it seems to me that they just ranked the absolute votes without taken into account the number of members visit. So yes, unless the restaurant is already well-known where people would detour to visit, otherwise, it would be a huge disadvantage for restaurants in remote locations because not many members will bother to visit. They should fix this error for next year. Then it would be a more representative ranking.
  4. I just got back from Athens. I went to two of the three Michelin starred restaurant: Varoulko and Spondi. Forget about Spondi, just another French meal. But Varoulko would be more worthwhile. If the weather is nice, the dinner is served at their open-roof terrance with a superb view of Acropolis. I also tried 48. The restaurant design is extremely trending and unique... glass floor with running water underneath. The chef worked in El Bulli and he created a tasting menu for us. Unfortunately, we didn't like it at all. Weird combinations with unpleasure taste... we couldn't finish a few dishes. We have been to El Bulli and enjoyed it. But I think the unique ambience in 48 might worth a visit... maybe just have a drink at their trendy lounge and forget about the dinner... if you have time. For Santorini, we visited 1800(Oia) and Koukoumavlos(Fira). Those two are the highly recommended restaurant according to some local ratings. Here are all the info: http://www.spondi.gr/ http://www.varoulko.gr/ http://www.48therestaurant.com/ 1800: 2286071485 Koukoumavlos: 2286023807
  5. Someone told me don't go to Alba after the festival as all the good quality truffles are gone, only go during the Alba truffle festival. Agree or Disagree?
  6. Swiss_chef and pedalaforte, thank you for the suggestions. I guess I will change my plan and go back to Alba and Monferrato region. I already emailed http://www.buongustotours.com/ to arrange a tour for 4 of us. Swiss_chef, I did mention it was referred by you, I hope that's okay. Thanks again By the way, anyone who is interested on joining the Sensorial Truffle Analysis on Sat. Nov10, please let me know as they need a minimum of 8 people, I only have 4. Or if anyone who has experienced it and think it is a waste of money, do let me know as well.
  7. Anyone familiar with San Miniato in Tuscany? I have been to Alba last November and heard that it is better to visit San Miniato as some truffles in Alba are actually from San Miniato. You would get cheaper and fresher truffle there. They also have a Truffle fair last three weeks of November. I will be there end of November. Anyone know how's their truffle festival compares with Alba? Any restaurants suggestion for special white truffle menu? Thanks
  8. Yes, I hate to see that too. But other than for El Bulli, I can't imagine there are people who's willing to pay for other restaurant reservations. In addition, there are only few people who're willing to give up their El Bulli booking. So I don't think this will happen.
  9. He wasn't aware of the existence of Egullet until now. I think he might even be willing to give it to someone. He just didn't want to cancel the reservation because he tried so hard, like everyone here, to get this reservation. Hmmm... I don't know what are the rules around these sorts of stuff. eg. Many people do sell some sporting event tickets for multiple times the Face Value on Ebay right?! It does not feel right to me either. I would think both parties would have some sort of policy against this type of thing. -Len ←
  10. A friend of my coworker has put an El Bulli reservation on ebay.co.uk. for August. He wants to sell it at any price. Otherwise, he'll just cancel the booking. Just thought some of you might be interested.
  11. A friend of my coworker put an El Bulli reservation on ebay.co.uk. He wants to sell it at any price. Just thought some of you might be interested.
  12. Has anyone been to Victoria & Albert in Grand Floridian? http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/wdw/dinin...bertsDiningPage
  13. Zoticus, there is a flaw to your calculation. You don't need half of the 651 voters to place El Bulli on their lists in order to make it Number 1. It is not that there are only two restaurants in the whole world such that you need more than half of the total votes to place El Bulli in Number 1. There are actually hundreds of restaurants to spread the votes, so even only 20 voters place El Bulli on their list of five can be enough to make it Number 1! In conclusion, you definitely don't need two Restaurant Magazine's juries in every El Bulli's service to make it Number 1.
  14. Yes, quite surprised that River Cafe is back, but even more surprised at Le Bernardin. I've been to 35 restaurants on that list in the past 12 mth, Le Bernardin was not even comparable with others. All seafood dishes were quite ordinary. The langoustine that they served wasn't even fresh that I had to complain to the manager. I think the list is starting to stabilize as they have not changed their voting method that much from last year's: Same Top10 restaurants, and no change at all in top 6.
  15. Got my reservation for April 1st, I think it is their opening day. Hope the kitchen won't be too messy on their first day after a 6-month break.
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