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  1. They are snippy about almost everything. I try to boycott them if at all possible by either purchasing out of Manhattan or by mail order. What about a place like Lecters or William Sonoma. You could probably check on line or phone and then go to a local store.
  2. Hubby brought back some milk chocolate UK version and orange also from UK I still don't like kit kats - but the orange one was really bizarre. Me and the kid hated it (the kid likes kit kats) hubby liked it. Matter of taste.
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    I am so full I can hardly type this. It was a wonderful meal and a loverly evening (too much drink). Nice to be able to put some faces to names. Survir and the chef and staff at Diwan where most hospitable.. And the quality and quantity of food was staggering. Nice to meet everyone. Good night Gracie...
  4. I like to make fresh salsa but add a bit of bottled to it. eg chopped tomatos cilantro red onions hot sauce bottled salsa other possible additions black beans finely chopped pineapple - this is great for overripe pineapple that is still good but not pretty avocado finely diced canned or fresh in season nibblets of corn Personally I think the tortilla chips in the 2# bags from Costco are pretty darn good - especially for the price. I put the left overs in ziplock bags and they hold up reasonably well. I also like the Trader Joe black chips - cheapest and best around. It looks so pretty to lay out some black chips on top of the golden ones. Barbara's is also a tasty brand.
  5. Luftansia Thanks for the tip about the supermarkets - I love to go to supermarkets in other countries - you never know what cool things you will find and sometimes its just fun to buy things like toothpaste in another language!
  6. tigerwoman

    Dinner! 2002

    Was in the Bronx and did a quick run up to Arthur Avenue for Lard Bread (Fridays and Saturdays only) Picked up pizza dough, fresh mozz and soppresata, used left over sauce from sausage and peppers and made a great pizza in domestic oven by par cooking dough with EVOO and fresh garlic and then topping with the arthur ave ingredients. Then hubby took out of oven and perched on stove and opps - scrambled pizza . we managed to save and eat. Still delish.
  7. It's the old adage - location, location, location You have to be cooking for the right audience. I was reading the top part of the thread again and I have to agree with the poster who was complaining about the fruit salad in its unadulterated state. I usually run the pot lucks at school and people show up with a loaf of unsliced bread in a paper bag... I have an even better one - One time we had a middle school party at an off site location from the school and a parent dropped off food on Thursday for a party on Monday - except they dropped it at the school and didn't make any arrangements on how it was supposed to get to the party. They walked in with their kid on Monday and wanted to know where their food was (school was already way closed). Turns out there was high school party on Friday and they assumed the food was for them. In anycase, if the high school kids hadn't gotten to it, the mice would have - the state of NYC public schools...They even eat the plants the kids were growing as a science experiment. And to top it off that parent was demanding that someone pay her back for the food!!
  8. I have a 2-4 hour layover at Frankfurt Airport at the end of this month. Last time I passed thru a german airport I remember buying some fabulous salami etc. Any recommendations for specific things to buy at the airport? Love that spicy peppery sausage and salami - cann't remember any names.
  9. Funny enough I was running a dinner table last night at my son's school selling food to raise money for the debate team. Various parents cooked and we sold the following: Curried Chickpeas and Potato Turkey, Corn & Bean Chili Sausage and Peppers Old Fashioned Meatsauce served over either pasta or basmati rice Potato Knishes Box Brownies Baklava Amazing Tart Tartin (Homemade from a local restaurant owned by one of the parents) In this case the number one seller and not a drop was left... 1. The vegetarian curried chickpea and potato 2. Turkey chili 3. Meatsauce with pasta 4. Sausage and Peppers For the desserts the tart tartin sold out the baklava was more popular than the brownies but they looked a bit lame to me Totally not the results I expected. We managed to raise a few hundred bucks and some generous people threw money into the box - between food, drink and donations $390 We're raising money to send the debate team to Bella Russe in the spring.
  10. The Jerusalem Cafe uptown on 103rd or so and Broadway make a very good sliced meat version which they shave off the rotating spit and then grill with onions - ask for lots of onions!! Not sure which part of the arab world they are from - possibly Egypt - don't let the name fool you. Their falafel is very good too.
  11. count me in for the 26th By the way, I just recently discovered the Village Cheese Place on 3rd btwn 8/9th. They are an "odd lot" for cheese, so the results vary but good bargains are to be had. They had recently: 17 oz marscapone for 2.99 St Andre for 4.99# Gouda with Mustard Seed 2.99# (One batch was fine, the next had mold on rind and I had to cut it away but the underlying cheese was fine) Emmenthal for 4.99# President Brie ROunds 1.3# for $2 (I know pedestrian at best but great for the people who want a cheap cheese board) English Stilton for 2.99# - and pretty good too. No tastings, but you could ask to smell or look for expiration dates. The stuff in the front self serve cases is the cheapest and needs to be consumes asap. Altho they also have stuff like german and danish butter regularly which I haven't tried but someone on another board seems to like. Overall, it's not the place to go for something specific, but rather when you need alot of cheese at a reasonable price and are willing to experiment.
  12. I just remembered they are really into this apple tea. It's one of those tastes that grows on you.
  13. Am going back to Istanbul after a 5 year hiatus. What foods should I absolutely try and where. Any recommendations on food stuff or equipment to bring back. Last time I was wandering thru the market and saw this guy demoing a cheapo dolmati machine (kind of like the demos we see at fairs for the cheapo version of a mandoline). Of course I bought it, but have never used it - but hey I am a sucker for kitchen equipment. Someone on another board posted that hazelnuts are fabulous and cheap there. I cann't wait to eat lakmajun and rice and beans ala the shoe shine boys. Looking for a range from street food to high end and not neccessarily limited to just Turkish since there are some very good international restaurants there and the prices are so reasonable compared to NY.
  14. I know it's late in the game - but could you put me on the wait list (solo) This sounds like an incredible meal - so it's doubtful there will be many drop outs but let me know.
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