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  1. I can usually find then at Wegman's .
  2. fischmart


    The wife and I had a most enjoyable brunch last Sunday. Wagyu skirt steak with a perfectly poached egg for myself, and my wife enjoyed her french toast. Everything was delicious, the coffee was strong and the prices were reasonable. Will be back soon to try some other dishes as well.
  3. We are staying at the Somerset Inn, so anything close is best. Looking for regional "eats". I usually like to find whatever the local sandwich, hot dog or pizza place is, and a great breakfast if possible. I know there is a Capital Grille, Ruth's, Maggiano's, etc. and we have all those here in Philly.
  4. Will be arriving with my wife Friday afternoon and leaving Sunday. Mostly interested in lunch Friday and Saturday breakfast and lunch. Would prefer a local business and not a chain.
  5. I had an excellent meal at Docks Oyster House, and also recommend it's sister restaurant, The Knife and Fork.
  6. for a while tony luke's beef and beer had excellent wings but the last two orders were mediocre...had good wings at the artful dodger last weekend, crispy but the sauce was half buffalo and half barbecue. had great wings at mad for mex tonight, perfectly cooked and sauced, and the bleu cheese dressing was first rate.
  7. Four of us are going to Vegas next weekend. Is the Sterling brunch worth the money? My friend and I have good appetites, though neither one of us are caviar people. He and his wife are champagne lovers, and I wouldn't mind a couple of glasses. My wife is not a big drinker, and her interest would be in good solid breakfast foods, and pastries. Or is our $240+ better off at a casino buffet or a la carte elsewhere?
  8. Heading down from Philly with my wife on Sunday for three days in Ocean City. Any suggestions?
  9. Sad to report the decline in quality has begun. Went yesterday and had a pastrami special. The bread was stale and the meat was lacking in flavor and texture. Mediocre at best, not the great sandwich I could count on getting there. My wife's whitefish salad platter was good, so we'll probably give it another shot. Herschel's has now vaulted past them in my book, and I guess I'll be putting a few more miles on the car going up to Harold's.
  10. you can go to tony luke's beef and beer across the street, basically the same menu, with tv and beer added.
  11. fischmart


    Had lunch at the bar again today...covered most of the lunch menu in my two visits. First rate food, service, and surroundings. Am looking forward to eating my way through the dinner menu soon.
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