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  1. Scratch Hemingway... just realized that it's already closed for renovation. Anybody know where Colin Field went?
  2. May 13 will be at Longchamp all day followed by a late afternoon visit to Tour Eiffel (husband has never been). Dinner at Fermin le Barbier (19h30). Where should we cap off the evening after that? Wine bars or good cocktail program would be nice. Was thinking the Hemingway Bar at the Ritz, perhaps. Thanks in advance, S.
  3. Surprising my social buttefly husband with a trip to London for his birthday in May. And while we're both more than willing to hit up the Michelin starred, celeb-chef run, fancy tea establishments, being his first trip to London, I think that this trip will be devoted to the pub. Of course, a rec for a good mid-range place for his birthday dinner would be happily received. That being said, I haven't spent nearly enough time in London myself to have put together my own personal lists of places for a good pint (or glass of wine) and good food. I've been reading a lot and have a list of possibles: Grazing Goat Orange Brewer's Inn Euston Tap Fox and Anchor (mixed reviews?) Bunch of Grapes (more mixed reviews) I'm a market hound, too, so planning time at Borough. Any other food market recs? Flights and Ascot tix are booked, but I haven't booked a hotel yet. I'm planning for a pub room or small hotel, centrally located- especially since we'll be taking the train in from the airport, to Ascot, etc.- so we have Tube access to all the sites and more importantly, good places to eat. Thanks in advance for your help in pulling off the surprise of the century, S.
  4. Sorry I missed you, Holly! But, I'm glad that you had a great trip!
  5. Great photos! It looks like you packed A LOT into two days! I've never had a poboy at Elizabeth's so I'm curious to hear what you thought. Glad you enjoyed yourselves! S.
  6. You are so welcome, Katie! I hope you get to come to town soon!
  7. For the Wednesday breakfast, I guess it all depends on what kind of 'experience' you're looking for. If great local food is what you're after, and you don't care about being in the Quarter or in a Brennan's-esque setting, then I would suggest Elizabeth's in the Bywater which is a short cab ride away. Their praline bacon, boudin balls, and duck hash beat the pants off of Brennan's any day (in my very humble opinion). Or take the streetcar Uptown to Camillia Grill for a totally different experience, but a great experience nonetheless. An omelette stuffed with cheese, corned beef and french fries served by some of the most enthusiastic waitstaff in the city is not a bad way to start the day. I agree about Cafe du Monde at night... For events and music check out The Gambit and La Fete News for the most recent listings. Have a great trip!
  8. Sarabeth

    Rosh Hashana

    On another board I saw mention (and a glorious picture) of a bienenstich kuchen: a bee sting cake. I am having a horrible time trying to find a recipe. I make a honey pound cake that is very good, but I'd like to add this to the honey-cakes-that-work file! L'shanah tovah!
  9. I'm so glad that you made it to Parkway. It's around the corner from my house and and so it's my de facto poboy joint. While I am also partial to the 50/50, I love their corned beef. Glad you enjoyed it!
  10. That drink, by that man, is one of my favorite reasons for living in this town. Nice picture of it, too!
  11. If you get this today.... go by the Freret Market and buy a jar of sweet/hot bread and butter pickles from Ms. Constant. They are so good I might just start growing cucumbers to give to her so she'll can batches just for me! (I agree with you on the tomatoes... the only good ones I had all season were golden ones at Cafe Minh.)
  12. We went to The Country Club with Chef Chris DeBarr (formerly of the Delachaise) and Chef Miles Prescott. Drinks were by Jeff "Beachbum" Berry and Wayne Curtis and it was, as billed, Tiki-licious!! I had intended to take lots of pictures, but somehow that didn't happen. I'm going to to chalk it up to the liquor. Here's how it rolled: The welcoming cocktail was "The Ginger Grant": citrus, honey, rum, bitters, and (I think one of the sponsors) Domaine de Canton, which is a ginger liquor. At the end of the night we all got little bottles of it to take home. A very nice touch, I thought. First came the canapes: A trio of variations on the theme of poke and sashimi. Although good, this was the weakest moment of the night. Tiki Ceviche-- hake, with cloudy sake & rambutan puree, coconut vinegar, lime juice, and tropical fruit (the presentation could have been nicer, but it tasted good) The Green Hornet-- cucumber rounds with marinated mackerel and Hendrick's Gin-cucumber-red chile granita (this was my favorite! It rocked! I could have had a dozen!) Lafcadio's Sushi-- rose petal rice with furikake and Lake Pontchartrain flounder (For my taste, the texture was off) Tamarindo Surf & Turf: Tamarind Jumbo Shrimp on Seaweed Rice Cracker Java Beef Satay, marinated with many flavors, including tamarind (These were absolutely delicious little teases.) Finally, to close the rounds of canapes: Crab & Corn Johnnycakes with avocado, romesco, and wasabi caviar (My husband begged for a second.) The drink for the canapes was a Tonga Zombie. Any drink that flies a pirate flag is fine with me. Next up, appetizers: If appetizers are the true mettle of a chef, as some claim, then Chef Chris is rock star and we should make sure he never EVER leaves New Orleans. Grilled Endive "Outrigger Canoes" with crab and jackfruit, umeboshi plum sauce Phnom Penh Pork Belly featuring Kurobuta pork braised in star anise caramel sauce, with "forbidden" black sticky rice and bamboo shoots (The best pork belly I have ever had. It melted in my mouth and the sauce wasn't overpowering or cloying. The rice was perfect. It was the best dish of the evening, which is saying a whole lot.) Wahine Shrimp-- jumbo LA. shrimp roasted "in a grass skirt" of ketaifi with grilled pineapple and a lemony New Orleans barbecue sauce Black Bean & Banana Blossom Pupusa, with salsa verde, Salvadoran slaw The drink for the appetizers was a "Pamplemousse Punch" and our favorite of the night: grapefruit, Rhum Clement Creole Shrubb, Old NO Cajun Rum, and as they said, "secret stuff"... which I weedled out was bitters and Pernod. Again, my husband asked for a second. This time they said yes. Uh oh. Ok, on to the "Big Kahuna Plates". I am getting full again just reliving this. The good news is that most of these dishes were shared. The Green Zebra goes to Oz: macadamia-crusted green tomato in a bush tomato profiterole, with tomato chutney, blue cheese, durian and wattleseed mole. (One of our friends actually swooned.) Buddha's Jade Serenity Scallops: togarishi seared sea scallops on a bed of green tea jasmine rice with home made dashi and crisp kombu seaweed in eel sauce and fried lotus root chips. Cochon de Lait Wearing Hawiian Sunglasses: Kahlua pork wrapped in banana leaves with roasted sweet potatoes and Hawaiian sea salt (My husband is the pork guy and he had to admit that this was beautifully done.) "The Old-Fashioned" Gulf Fish Menuiere: based on the classic cocktail, with a brown butter of bourbon, tangerine/satsuma juice, Luxardo Marischino Cherry Liqueur and Fee Bros Whisky Barrel Bitters, over parsnip mash, with sea beans and edamame (I'm not sure the last time I had a fish so well cooked.) The drink for this course was the Big Kahune Cocktail. Yes, it was served in a coconut. Yes, I have pictures. No, I will not share. They served it with a straw and a spoon so you could eat the young coconut flesh. There was much innuendo at my table. We are, finally, to dessert. The staff turned off the lights and paraded in several flaming "Baked Hawaiis", which were Tiki-carved meringues hiding macadamia nut and Hawaiian honey ice cream and roasted pineapple ginger cake. It was my birthday and it beat the hell out of anything with a candle. The final drink was a Bandicoot: Trader Vic's Macadamia Nut Liquor, Kahlua and coconut milk. Think really good chocolate milk for grownups. We rolled into the taxi sometime after midnight. It was so much fun and the food was outstanding. I looked at so many menus before deciding which dinner to book and I'm sure they were all good, but our experience was great... it looked like the staff was having as much fun as the diners, the drinks were fun and delicious, and the food was, well, pretty amazing stuff. Long live Tales of the Cocktail!
  13. I second Parkway Bakery... they are my favorite shrimp poboy in the city. I did have the bbq shrimp poboy at Liuzza's By The Track for lunch today though... I admit that I asked for extra bread to soak up the gravy. Guilty as charged. For the Friday dinner, I would recommend Petite Grocery or Ralphs on the Park. Grocery is a classy room with excellent food and service. Their steak tartare was great, as was the rest of the meal the last time I was there. Ralph's is in my neighborhood and also one of my favorite standbys in the city. The food is always good and beautifully presented. The view of City Park is pretty and the bar is a great place to start or end a meal.
  14. And just to toss my two cents into the ring... We celebrated my husband's birthday last month at Brigtsen's. It was fabulous in every possible way: champagne brought out to the hallway while we waited for our table, wonderfully friendly but not intrusive service, and of course, amazing food in a beautiful setting. They even sprinkled birthday confetti on the table. It was a wonderful evening: elegant but not pretentious. I would also include Ralph's On The Park for beautiful setting and excellent locally inspired food.
  15. Thanks for the compliment. He's having fun and is now experimenting with smoked crawfish. We did some for ourselves this weekend and they are definitely a different taste. I'm not sure they'll be ready to go for the Oak St. BBQ Festival, so he'll probably just stick to the Boston Butt. I've heard of Walker, but we haven't been yet. I think you're right on about the operations offering good barbecue. I wonder if it doesn't have something to do with the amount of time it takes to smoke meat well... from figuring out how long the meat has to smoke, to what kind of wood, to what kind of seasoning, etc. to then actually taking the time to smoke it! When I think of good 'cue around the country it almost always seems to be from places that ONLY do 'cue and maybe a side or two.
  16. Have you had the pulled pork with the creole mustard bbq sauce from Pull My Pork? He was at the last Freret Market and the Broadmoor Festival. I like the Cue Truck (love those boudin balls), but I'm a little partial to this guy... he's my husband. We're getting good feedback (would love more!), but barbecue is pretty personal. And speaking of barbecue, the lamb at the Greek Festival today was amazing, as always.
  17. I always thought The Highland Tap (in Virginia-Highlands) had a very good steak.
  18. Myhusband and I ate at Cochon for the first time (unexcusable, really, since we live here) two weeks ago. He proclaimed the ham hock a religious experience and every meal since has included a recap of that dish.
  19. Thank you for reminding me that the best recipes are usually the simplest.
  20. I have 4 satsumas on my tree. One is starting to change color, but the other three are still green. When is the best time to pick and harvest? This is my first experience with the fruit.. anyone have great recipes for 1-4 satsumas?
  21. Well, we're that much closer to moving... although we still haven't settled on a place yet. We have to be in by Aug. 1, so we're getting down to the wire. Does anyone have any opinions about butchers? In particular I'm looking for a butcher that will carry briskets with the point and flank intact... Whole Foods usually doesn't, unless I remember to call in advance. Also, and I posted this on Chowhound, but didn't get any response: Does anyone know the name of the concessions stand at the Superdome that made the barbecue-stuffed baked potatoes? I remember that they were really good and I was wondering if they sold them outside of the Dome. Thanks and we can't wait to be there! (BrodeurR: Welcome to the Quarter! Enjoy a drink at Fahy's for me! I hope we'll see you there.)
  22. Thanks for the ideas. We've been looking Uptown, but had sorta forgotten Mid-City... which is odd since we love the track. There's been an excellent "New Orleans Journal" in the New Yorker for the last few months. His post about buying turtles to make soup... and the man he bought them from... is fantastic (as are most of his posts), but his post today about crime has us a little nervous. Regardless, we'll be in town this weekend to look at places and be sure to hit some old favorites and some new additions. I read the article about Gabrielle in the T-P today. Shame. I hope they reopen somewhere soon.
  23. We're moving to New Orleans later this summer and are very excited. As we look for a place to live, we'd really like to be within walking distance to a variety of (good) restaurants and bars. Obviously, there is the French Quarter, and we're looking at a few places around Toulouse and Burgandy (close to Fehy's... which makes the best Colorado Bulldog in the country or Three Legged Dog's gumbo sandwich), but I thought I'd see what other suggestions were out there. I like to think that I know my restaurant scene down there, but I'm sure that I'm unaware of the only-for-locals neighborhood haunts. Thanks in advance for the help and we can't wait to be there! Sara
  24. Oh no, oh no! I feel like I have to put down a really good book, and I don't want to! Hopefully (selfishly) there will be more entries before next Friday when I head to Peru myself. Have a fun week eating!
  25. Smart idea, I'd say. Also, I meant to ask if you or your family had any problem with the altitude in Cusco. It's my one big concern for our trip since we won't have a lot of time to acclimate. Once again, the photos are great. I love the perspective of the Uros island with the mountains in the background.
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