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  1. chopped tomatoes, feta cheese. lemon peel and cilantro all mixed together make a yummy topping for grilled pizza
  2. Yahoo Hubby and I are going to See Saw tonight based on all the fantastic reviews and beautiful pictures. We will be eating the Chef's special do his own thang meal. Thank-you to all who have posted
  3. I just found out about a CSA program at one of our local colleges in N. AZ. You can pick up a box for 17 bucks a week with no commitments. I'm going to give it a try this week. Some one I know bought one last week and they got beets, potatoes sweet and white, turnips and greens of course. And there are farmers there selling eggs, honey and goat cheese and butter. I usually have my own garden growing these things but hubby had a triple by-pass about 8 months ago and things have not been the norm around here. I did get my garlic planted in the fall so there is something green in my garden. And I have some chicks laying me beautiful eggs. I love those little feathered girls
  4. O MY I have a new flavor to add to the mix. I added some cocoa powder, mini chocolate chips and dried bing cherries plus a Tbls or 2 of sugar. This was made with my sourdough starter. Delish inspiration came from a loaf I had years ago at La Brea Bakery in LA
  5. You could add them when you do the fold. Pat out your dough sprinkle with raisins and fold. That will keep them in the middle you may not get as many raisins per loaf but they should be safe from burning.
  6. Teya9

    Toast toppings

    MMMMM Fruit butters, apple, prune, quince any flavor will do
  7. I baked my first sourdough loaf. I added 1/3 cup of starter to the water and no additional yeast. I used a combo of white, rye, semolina and wheat. I then threw in some dehydrated minced veggies and herbs. When I folded the dough I added some shredded cheese. MMMMMM. I did get my starter from Eric at breadtopia but it does sound fun to capture my own wild yeasties. This NK technique is turning me into a bread baking junkie and my co-workers love it. [Moderator's note: This topic continues here: Minimalist No-Knead Bread Technique (Part 2)]
  8. Hey sourdough peeps I notice some of you add the 1/4 tsp yeast PLUS sourdough starter. I'm going to bake my first sourdough loaf this week and I'm looking for some input. Proofing times, amount of starter to use...? Any tips you might have after working with this NK technique for awhile. TIA
  9. cauliflower and garlic browned in butter and olive oil, sun-dried tomatoes and toasted pine nuts with penne. Lots of Parm on top.
  10. Does the milk make a softer crust? I've been throwing in a tsp or 2 of sugar or honey too. Supposed to make the yeast happy right
  11. I can't speak for anyone else but I can say with certainty that I'm not confused about not liking the taste/smell and I haven't managed to brainwash myself into disliking mixes because of any superiority complex, either. I just don't like it. You like it, you eat it. I don't care. Then again, I also think actual cheese tastes better than the powdered orange stuff that comes in the kraft dinner box, but I'm just crazy like that. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to get F O O D S N O B tattooed across my knuckles. ← AMEN
  12. This bread is so fun. My last 2 loaves have been totally differant. One I put roasted garlic cloves and fresh rosemary with a mix of bread flour, wwflour and semolina. The second loaf I made a crazy mix of bread flour, wheat, rye and a 9-grain cereal plus walnuts and dried cranberries. It was very dense and made great toast. We had a deep freeze here a couple of weeks ago and I had some broken water pipe issues. I went and stayed with my Aunt and Uncle till the drama was over. I took my LC and baked them several loaves while I was there. Now they are hooked and ordering the clay Cloche and the instant yeast from Breadtopia. So add 2 more people to the no Knead craze
  13. For the second rise I coated the bowl with sunflower seeds so when I dumped the dough into the LC they were on top no burning just yummy toasted seeds
  14. Dang I was going to order the meat toppers for pencils but they seem to be out;( These would make a great secret Santa gift
  15. After my success with the Sullivan St. Bakery recipe I've got the bread baking bug. I'm very happy with this bread BUT I'm also interested in enriched type doughs too. This has lead me to Charles Van Over's book the Best Bread Ever. His doughs are all made in the food processor and are a little fussier with temps and such. I've also seen mentioned the book No Knead to Knead. Just wanted to put a shout out to all you bread makers that may have used either of these books and what your successes have been with them.
  16. I second that shout out. I haven't baked bread in years. Now I have my third loaf in 2 weeks in the oven. This was the wettest dough yet so I'm curiuos about the differance it will make. I really like this idea of saving some dough back and putting it in with the water. What a great reason to start loaf number 4
  17. It's being served right away. I figured out an easy chocolate one. I had one of those DUH moments. I just made a glaze with cocoa powder, water , powdered sugar and threw in some corn syrup for good measure as that is the first ingredient in the smuckers thang. now for a caramel one or maybe white chocolate. 3 colors are plenty. I'm just using these for little swirls and hearts on the plates, designs like that
  18. Grand Marnier, Cointreau, Godiva, and Chambord all work for chocolate. I imagine others work as well. Also try Kirschwasser and white chocolate. ← Yes those all sound divine BUT Without sounding like a complete kitchen dud I'm looking for ratios of chocolate to whatever. Not too thick to squeeze out and not too thin that no design can be made and it should be workable right out of the fridge. Does that make sense?
  19. I want to make a chocolate sauce that will be thin enough to squirt out of a bottle and make designs on the plate. I need to be able to keep it for a week or more in the fridge. I bought one of those already bottled one by Smuckers and the ingredients are enough to make you want to gag. Corn syrup is the first ingredient and I'm fine with that being in the mix but I'm pretty sure I should be able to make something better. Most the recipes I'm finding seem like they will be too thick and pretty perishable with cream and all. I would love to have a caramel flavored one too. I made a raspberry one but that was a no brainer so any help on the other 2 flavors would be most appreciated.
  20. These were my favorite Christmas cookies from granny which is saying alot cause there is no chocolate in site. Lemon Hazelnut Cookies 2 cups butter 2 cups sugar 2 eggs 1 cup ground hazelnuts 4 cups flour Cream butter and sugar. Beat in eggs then nuts. Stir in flour. Roll dough out on floured surface thin but not super thin maybe 1/4-inch and cut into 3-inch circles. Bake 350 10 to 15 minutes till lite golden. Cool and frost. Frosting Mix powder sugar and juice of 1 lemon till spreadable I haven't made these in a couple of years so I don't remember if you chill the dough. Probably with all that butter. It's funny there were 14 of us grandkids and we all loved them. Just doesn't seem like a kid type of cookie go figure.
  21. No walls here! I think it's a great idea thanks for sharing. I don't always have parchment so I've just been dumping the dough in a floured bowl for it's second rise and that's working great for me.
  22. I'm using my LC in a 450 oven with no problems. Can't say about any higher. some have mentioned to wrap the handle in foil
  23. I made the apple turnovers for hubby. Seems like I had to add a little extra sour cream to the dough but I live in high desert country and my flour may be extra dry? Then after I had them all shaped and sugared I realized I forgot to dot the filling with butter, baked 'em up anyway and the missing butter was no big deal cause the pastry is so rich and flaky. These were so delish I thought we would eat them all at one sitting. Very dangerous gems to have around. An extra treat for us were the apples were from my friends organic trees. Guess I should make her a batch too With the extra dough I made a small tart and filed it with apple butter. MMMMM
  24. Thank-you for the pics. My Uncle and I made a pact that we would try making strudel this December. I had the pleasure of eating strudels that my great grandma made. Hope some of her magic is in my DNA
  25. Just thought I'd add what I've done to the mix. First loaf was pretty much true to the recipe except I just floured the bowl it had it's 18 hour rise in instead of using towels. The thought of gunky towels was just too much. Second loaf I added 1/2 cup of ww flour, golden raisins and fennel seeds. And again just floured the bowl. Not sure if oil would change the crust and I like it so much I don't want to fool with that. Never been much of a bread baker till now. I'm so jazzed I talk about it at work till people's eyes glaze over. People either want the recipe or just say bake me a loaf please The olive bread sounds divine. I'm also going to try a roasted garlic loaf with whole cloves of garlic folded in. I grow about 75 plants of garlic every year so I have plenty to play with.
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