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  1. This is true. R.I.P. Porcella and good luck Kelly.
  2. Thanks Malarkey. I actually just took over the Specialty department of WF Bellevue so I can be found lurking amongst the cheese and wine, I'm liking it so far.
  3. I'm currently punching the clock at Whole Paycheck so I can spend some more time with my family. I loved my time at Porcella but it was hard for me to find a work and life balance. I do have some Venison Salami hanging in my garage right now but none for sale Thanks for the kind words.
  4. Hey folks, I'm looking for a solid line cook if any qualified types are reading.
  5. I saw several including the member that started this thread, congrats everyone.
  6. You guys are crazy. Sounds like a great trip.
  7. Has anyone tried this place recently ? How was it ?
  8. Just an FYI, we haven't sold a single spot for the Ethan Stowell class this Sunday. Any one know of a Union thread to post this on?
  9. Just a heads up, I'm looking for a new Sous Chef if any qualified cooks are reading this thread.
  10. Ling, right now Wednesday and Sunday are our class days and I have my son on Weds. so for the next year or so Sunday is my only open day for classes. Kelly has been doing dinners and classes on weekdays though, maybe he'll do one that works for your schedule.
  11. Or go across the street to Porcella
  12. LindaSEANYC, I get the case switched out everyday before lunch gets rolling and I'm sure the counter person knew that I hadnt pulled and replaced everything yet so she didnt want you to buy something you would be unhappy with, but you are right it shouldnt have been in the case if it wasnt ready for purchase. Please come try us out again. Noah
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