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  1. I was there at 10:30 (not for the opening) and the parking lot was nearly empty. I didn't see a line.
  2. gia

    Smoking Ban

    I would think non-smoking tables would turn over faster. On the flip side, smokers at bars may stay and drink more.
  3. They can be purchased on the street in Brooklyn (Flatbush) according to what I've read. Have you done an internet search? I would contact people like this: http://www.kreyolkitchen.com/ and maybe they will sell you some. good luck!
  4. sounds great! reminds me of a place that used to be on bloomfield ave in montclair a while back.
  5. He hit the nail on the head with Aunt Sandy!
  6. Thanks for the info John. Rte 19 has easy access to 80W from Clifton.
  7. Well, it may be a "red sauce" place, but I like La Riviera in Clifton. Never eat red sauce there though. Thanks for mentioning Fortunato. I've heard good things about it, but haven't gotten there yet.
  8. I make my own. Doesn't take long, and we like the crust thin and crisp, so that's how I make it. To me, any pie put into a box and allowed to "steam" tastes yucky!
  9. Timing is everything. Yesterday, I received a coupon, 30% off, for the LC outlet. ugh!
  10. QVC has some Staub at great prices. I think it's comparable to LC.
  11. Home Goods did at one time, but I haven't seen any in quite a while. The LC outlet was a big disappointment. No bargains there any more either
  12. I'm going to the LC outlet tomorrow. Now that there are no more bargains on ebay, I'll resort to the outlet.
  13. amazing! I didn't have enough time this trip to take it all in; it's a bit overwhelming. It could be the "Wegmans" of essex county I suppose. Huge selections, especially meats and seafood. Can't wait to return!
  14. gia


    Thanks for the great reviews! Haven't been to either...yet!
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