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  1. I have the answer for what you need. Great BBQ, don't go to Whitt's, it is a chain. You need to go to a little place called West Side Ribs in Franklin, TN just south of nashville about 20 min on old Highway 96. You could take the Natchez Trace from Bellevue (which is west Nashville).
  2. I deffinately have to disagree! Yes, Seeger's is a great restaurant but, the best? It seem that many people in Atlanta (especially Buckhead) all have common palates! When I say this I mean that they always want to go to these hip trendy establishments that want nothing to do but make an ass pile of money in 3-5 years and move on. Closing a restaurant in 4 years after clearing 2 to 3 mill. doesn't hurt the business at all because in a year or so they will open another restaurant change the chef and the name but, the music and food will stay the same. Loud after barely meager to say the most. Peace I am Out
  3. One thing that has always been a hit at work for me is a Dilled Shrimp and Crab Salad. Mayonaise, Sour Cream, 41-60 Count Shrimp, Crab Meat, Fresh Dill, S and P, a little lemon juice, Finely Diced English Cucumbers, and a little Dry Mustard for a little kick.
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