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  1. Whoa, hey, don't scare us like that. I saw this old topic get bumped and thought she was back on the air. Now I'm relieved.
  2. The British version is far better. I started off watching the British last year, and I think I've seen them all by now (they're not making any more of those, I take it?) The American version is somewhat watered down. The British one is certainly more colorful.
  3. Tony buying that shirt was very disturbing; contrast this to the Laos episode--what would that Laotian family think if they saw that? I still watch his show, but I view him very differently now. ← Why should it be so disturbing? ← I just thought it was the antithesis of all the stuff he espouses. I wouldn't have expected him to spend thousands of dollars on, of all things, a Hawaiian shirt.
  4. Yeah, I think the concept is there. They seriously need someone to breathe life and vivacity into the show. Dave Attell has done a little traveling, someone like him would lighten it up a little for the average viewer. That guy talking about cocoa nibs was just PAINFUL to listen to.
  5. ...and I believe the answer would be a resounding "NO, F'ING WAY!." That show last night was the kind of thing he was making fun of just a short while ago.
  6. I've been following Bourdain for nearly ten years now, and I love nearly everything he's done, but this "talk show" is setting off my pretentiousness meter already. I hate to say it, but I think all the money he's made has changed him for the worse. Remember the episode of No Reservations where he bought a vintage Hawaiian shirt for several thousand dollars? I don't want to see him with a table of, well, frankly, wannabe celebrities, talking about subjects like "Is it morally wrong to spend $1800 on sushi?" This is the question the king asks the pauper only to get a blank stare, when he knew it was going to be the response in the first place. (Note: If you've got the money, by all means, spend what it sells for, I'm a capitalist. Just expect people to look funny when you tell them about it.)
  7. Batali and Morimoto are the only ones I actually respect on that show.
  8. Yeah, he went to Lin Heung. Lucky you were able to visit there.
  9. I think you've got the wrong impression of Anthony. He really cares about indigenous cultures, and off-the-beaten-path foods. If he even seems to be acting pompous, he's just joking. He doesn't take himself seriously. He's an old school punk with a sense of humor.
  10. I liked the HK episode. I wish there was a dim sum restaurant around here. The freaky chef's restaurant looked great, too.
  11. Clearly I was referring to the people who said the concept was bad, as I said nothing about Andrew Zimmern. I'm not talking to you or anyone else who was referring to the host. At least three people had a problem with the idea of the show calling anything bizarre. That's what I made a comment about. Anything else you need pointed out?
  12. As you can see, we don't have a problem with the show format. We have a problem with the show host. ← Several people had a problem with the entire concept of the show, I was responding to them, specifically. Did you actually read all the posts?
  13. I honestly don't see what the travesty is over this show. It's an American show. The foods he eats are bizarre to the vast majority of Americans, and Europeans and most other westerners, for that matter. It's in no way insulting to any culture. The guy clearly has a love and respect for foods most people wouldn't consider eating, just like Bourdain. I wouldn't be insulted if an Asian show were to come to the United States and call something I was eating bizarre, I'd accept it as an interesting cultural difference.
  14. BSmith

    Rachael Ray

    I haven't been able to buy Triscuits or Wheat Thins in WEEKS, because of her Jokeresque grimace on the boxes. I can't claim to be a foodie, but she just plain annoys me. ← I wouldn't call myself a "foodie" either (in fact, I hate the word, too snobby.) Funny you mention Wheat Thins, I've actually got some at home brought from a Christmas party, complete with her troll mug on the back, smiling. I contemplated drawing a moustache on her, then decided she's just not worth my time.
  15. BSmith

    Rachael Ray

    I'm very happy this thread exists. On a "foodie" level, she's a joke, of course. For people like my mom, (i.e. Oprah watchers,) she's entertaining. Anthony Bourdain had a few great quips about her. She annoys me. Little troll, she is.
  16. I've tried a couple of things from Amy's: http://www.amys.com/products/category_view...rod_category=18 Found them at Publix in Florida. The Samosa wraps were quite decent. I couldn't bring myself to finish the Palak Paneer. Not listed on their website for some reason, but they also have Tikka Masala, which was good. They're not cheap, is my only complaint. They were, if I recall, $3, now they're almost $5 a piece. Decent, but not really worth it.
  17. A very fun to read report on a remarkable restaurant. I will pass this to some friends.
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