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  1. Re: local 188 Make sure you park on the street or directly behind the 188 building. I parked in the next lot to Local 188 last Saturday night and got my car towed.
  2. Its down about 1-2 miles from Marden's and Lowe's, on the same side of the road in house and easy to miss.
  3. The following restaurants are excellent in Portsmouth: Black Trumpet Pesce Blue Restaurant Massimo In Kittery Maine Anneke Jans Chauncey Creek In Ogunquit these are also excellent: The Ogunquit Lobster Pound 98 Provence MC Perkins Good Luch and enjoy
  4. Jakob: log onto Chowhounds.com and you will find excellent dining in the Camden -- Rockland area...... Namely Primo is one of the top rated restaurants in New England and I see another chef coming up in Camden. I think it Francines... Enjoy and report back
  5. Euphemia Haye has not gone out of business. The two best things on the menu are the duck and peppered steak, as well as his ceazer salad. Otherwise, everything else is just ok including his desserts. They look better then they taste.
  6. Spikemom: how did you make out in Sarasota ? We would love to hear from you.............
  7. 5-1-6 6 of us was there last week. Very poor service. Waiter forgot to order my wife's meal. Food just OK. Not sure they will be around in 6-months. Owner needs to be trained on how to run a restaurant, and not hire kids as waiters.
  8. I would like to add my 2 cents worth living here in Sarasota, and eating out regularly, I find the following: Derek"s--good food but very very noisy. Very hard to hear across the table. The Table--excellent and one of the best in Sarasota Michaels On East--Don't bother--have gone way down hill, with attitudes Bijou--One of the best in the city. Everything is excellent Esca: On Main St. New restaurant but very very good Deja Vu--husband and wife team really doing a wonderful job Euphemia Faye--Best duck you have ever had
  10. We ate at 555 Congress Street last night and the food as well as the service was excellent, but my 3-chop rack of lamb was extremely small for $32.95. I guess I need to take my business back to Fore Street where the prices are less, quantity is more, and the food is just as good.
  11. It seems Bar Lola has a learning curve to accomplish before they formally open. Its seems always closed, no information in the window, no menu posted, and no-one answers the phone.
  12. Leverocks is out of business...... Salty Dog is terrible. Columbia is very dirty... Phillippi is where my friends got sick from the clams. Try the following: New Pass Grill = for the best hamburgers Zoria = for excellent food and service Divino = for very good italian Dometrio's = for the best Pizza Cafe on the Bay = for the best potato crusted grouper Blue Dolphin = wow-for breakfast Flemings = wow-the best steaks and pork chops Ivo's = the best dover sole Bijou = the best Rack of Lamb Yoders = "a must any meal plus the best pies-everything is homemade Cafe Epicure = low keyed italian and very good Enjoy-you now know the best there is offered
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