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  1. My name is Lily and I drink teabag coffee (decaf) AND I'm a recipe hoarder. One time I told someone that a pumpkin roll recipe they asked for was a family secret and I couldn't give it out. Reason? It was a guy I was interested in and wanted to make sure he couldn't make it himself therefore requiring him to need me for something at least. Perfectly reasonable, I'd say. If you're mentally impaired. ;) Another time I made a sun dried tomato dip which I took to a Thanksgiving dinner. When the hostess asked me for the recipe I gave it to her, leaving out the one ingredient that made it su
  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this ChocoKitty! I think I've found my ticket to independent wealth. Course I'll have to spend it all on fat farms, but hey! ;)
  3. OK, I thought the sponge thread was a little wacko, but cleaning your TOOTHBRUSH?? Geez, I thought you were supposed to just throw them away periodically too.
  4. Geez, y'all are lightweights! My name is Lily, and I drink teabag coffee. You know, the kind that comes in teabags. Every morning. And it's decaf. Where's my prize?
  5. Hmm, the Chef at your location must have had a bad day. <vbg> I ate at OG 6 or 8 years ago. One of the guys ordered meatballs and spaghetti. He swore it tasted exactly like dog food smells. We didn't believe him, so it made the rounds of the table. Sure enough we agreed to the last person a can of cheap dog food would taste better. I ordered a pasta with a cream sauce, don't remember which. It was edible, but not good. The bread sticks were stale. The salad was fine. Fat Guy, is someone sending you to the Antarctic or something? I can't imagine a place where OG is the best place
  6. Lily

    Frozen Candy Bars

    Hee hee. Sorry, I just felt like being a little juvenile. I tried freezing minature 3 Muskateer bars just about a month ago (on sale after halloween) and nearly broke a tooth. I do like Snickers frozen though.
  7. Lily

    Drinking Glasses

    Mark, Did one of your friends start the "Friend Raised by Wild Animals" thread on the Not About Food board at chowhound.com? LMAO
  8. Lily


    You just missed it this year, but you MUST write it on your calendar for 2002. What? Why, the Rocky Mountain Oyster Festival in Montana, of course. Almost an entire week of "nutty" fun held each year around the middle or end of September. Food, fun and nudity. How much better can it get?
  9. Lily

    Thanksgiving Day Wines

    2000 Geyser Peak Gewurtztraminer, it's one of the dry ones. Less than บ a bottle.
  10. Her: Pass the berry tea? I didn't order berry tea!!! Very funny Yvonne.
  11. Jesus (I wanna know how to do what he did), Elvis (used to be sexy, nice voice, I'll let y'all know if he's really dead) Louie Anderson (funny, plus I like eating with people who like food) and Kennebunk man (tho I bet he has atrocious table manners. Of course, I'd have to have a month's worth of these dinners to meet everyone I'd like to. (Edited by Lily at 5:17 pm on Oct. 19, 2001)
  12. One could argue that fruit grown during the Renaissance wasn't nearly as sweet as the fruit we get today. Many of the hybridizations, etc. have been made specifically to get a sweeter fruit. I'm one who detests sweet stuff with my meat. I was beginning to think I had bad taste, because virtually every upscale restaurant serves it sweet. Glad to see that some of the "experts" in this discussion agree with my taste buds.
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