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  1. Funny, we need to be in East Rutherford in a couple weeks so we will certainly try them out then. I think they would enjoy the dinner menu a bit better (as terms of selection). The only thing that would concern me, is the post about the butter. But, I guess, its something to ask about before ordering. If there is a place similar to this a bit closer for this week during lunch/early dinner, we could probably go for it. Thanks.
  2. Curlz, I took a look at the website and it sounds great, but it may be a bit too far (distance) to drive. But I will certainly keep it on the list for a weekend dining spot. Thanks for your support.
  3. You know, I was checking out the responses last night and I re-read my own post, requesting a "non-gourmet" quality dining experience. I then began to think about the wording and that could send a lot of mixed messages. So, in addition to "non-gourmet"...lets also add "casual", which may attribute to a few more posts. The outing is to celebrate a birthday for someone who should be "dining" on the healthier side. So, if you know of any establishments who focus on "healthy" eating (doesn't need to be vegetarian, but can be) or has a section of the menu that has some good quality choices, please
  4. Hello Cook456, Thanks for taking an interest in my post. Lets start with the vicinity of Union/Essex/Middlesex/Somerset/Morris Counties. Possibly as far as Bergen and Monmouth. I know, I know, it's not limited, but if you need more of a specific area, I will do my best. Thanks for you help. What location in NJ are you interested in knowing about? ←
  5. Seeking your suggestions and references for a non-gourmet quality dining experience that has a focus on heart healthy eating to celebrate a birthday for later in the week. We would prefer a location for lunch, but dinner would also do, if its a "must have." Thanks.
  6. Looking for recommendations on quality brands/sources/products that are low/no fat and/or low/no salt. (another words healthy.) It seems that some of the products I have stumbled upon in the market that are low fat, are very high in sodium and/or sugar to make up for the "missing" ingredient(s). Please advise. I am looking for anything from the "frozen-pre-made meals" to "snacks" to "fresh ingredients." Thanks. (To forum editor, if this is in the wrong forum, please feel free to move, in order to receive highest response.)
  7. Do you know of any tortilleria's that grind thier own masa and/or produce thier own fresh tortilla's or chips for sale? Thanks.
  8. Looking for markets that specialize in authentic Mexican groceries? Thanks.
  9. Well, it looks like I sparked a great discussion. IJust as a clarification, I guess I am looking for the ones that you would find in diners, anyone have any good one's lately? Thanks.
  10. It's an urge for some great chicken croquettes and other comfort food menu items in central and northern, NJ. Suggestions. Thanks.
  11. I like the added cheese idea, it woud certainly give it a certainly unexpected texture. I love Julia Child's recipe for green beans..blanched for 7 minutes, then shocked. Pan dried. Sautee w/ butter and fresh parsley and s&p to taste. yum ←
  12. what type of beans are you using. What other spices could be added besides the garlic? Thanks.
  13. Would be a great "light" dessert, but don't know if time will work work. We have pumpkin pie(s) on the list, so I will try this for the next holiday. Or maybe I could get one of the family members to give it a whirl tonight.
  14. Thanks, Looks as if the raspberry fool is a no brainer for tonight or early AM, and the "icebox cake" seems good to go as well. Just need some ingredients including the lady fingers.
  15. Itr sounds wonderful...and looks very professional. I don't know if there will be time to complete for tomorrow, but I will try my best. If not, Friday AM, sounds like a go.
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