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  1. So I know it's almost over but I'm a newbie to Toronto! http://www.citydine.ca/Markets.asp?mid=2〈=en There's usually some discussion of the City Dine in the west coast thread... are there any good recommendations and any hidden gems (that I might want to try out later)? Thanks!
  2. i think they do better crepes than the crepe cafe.
  3. ooooooooooooo deep fried mars bar... thanks for the tip
  4. Thanks, I was going to make an exception on RL because the one that was in "Vancouver" closed down. Thank you for all your responses. Do you have a name of "Dim Sum on Spadina and in Kensington is always pretty cheap cuisine"? How much is it there?
  5. Hello All! I'm coming into Toronto next weekend (near downtown). I've tried Peartree and Spring Rolls. I would like to try Red Lobster, does anyone know how much their lobster fest is going around for? Also what are some neat places for a student to go to that won't break her wallet?
  6. has anyone tried Korean style Chinese sweet and sour pork? I wonder if the texture of the korean fried chicken is like that also at Han Ah reum.. where is the chicken? is it where they make the pancakes and waffles? edit: cco cco chicken.. http://www.dinehere.ca/restaurant.asp?r=658 i might go and try it.
  7. I live in one of Greater Vancouver's K-town... so I don't go to the ones owned by Chinese. Koreans have been opening sushi restaurants before Korean restaurants were popular here. Korean food by Koreans: Robson near Denman, Kingsway near Metrotown, North Road and Clarke Road by the border of Burnaby and Coquitlam.
  8. the menu on the website is cheaper than the menu at the restaurant (like 3-4 dollars).... and the two menus also have different food.
  9. Does Vancouver really have better Korean food? I really liked the Korean food in Toronto. I know you can get _NICE_ Korean food in Greater Vancouver (like the fancy stuff). I've been to Insadong a few times and they don't disappoint too much (except maybe a bigger hole in a student's pocket). They also serve different types of seafood there. My friends ate raw beef their. It was very interesting. If you want the menu, I took pictures of it, just ask and I shall upload.
  10. UBC has a restaurant on campus Sage, http://www.sage.ubc.ca/ . I have never been there. There's a Japanese garden (Nitobe?) but there's an admission fee as long with the Museum of Anthropology. Some people love it at the garden but I think it's okay. I personally love the Rose Garden right by the Chan center at UBC. I love the view of the water from the tall buildings if you can sneak into one... ... no more comment on that... I don't personally enjoy eating on campus as a student. I've only found that I've enjoyed the pasta at Mahonley's. I did not enjoy going to Cafe Crepe. There's a Japanese restaurant called One More Sushi at the place called the Village on Campus. My friends enjoy it there. So that's only if you are on campus and are hungry. SFU has some really pretty trails there. You can walk to Burnaby Mountain from SFU. I recommend checking out Burnaby Mountain as you can see a lot of Vancouver. At night you can see a lot more stars there. SFU has the better "nicer" restaurant than UBC imo. It's called the Diamond Alumni Center http://www.sfu.ca/dac/. I won't recommend the dessert but the lunch there is awesome.
  11. (I'd like to see some pictures please if possible)
  12. I've bought Korean miso before that's about it Random comment i guess. I think Japanese and Korean miso are different.
  13. ^which place was this Arsenic? I went to Unwine'd tonight... YUM! So my friend and I both ordered the upsize for our entree for $5 more. I had: Beef Carpaccio with fig-infused balsamic vinegar, fresh horse-radish and Hawaiian sea salt Rack of Venison with marscarpone whipped potatoes, seasonal vegetables and a juniper berry reduction Flourless Chocolate Cake with gooseberries and a Zinfandel caramel sauce Friend had the same desert: Butternut Squash Soup with a cinnamon foam Seared Scallop with leek and potato ravioli served with a butter sauce Comments: my appy was a bit spicy at times but had a combo of sweet, crunchy, salty, and spicy.... at times there was a hint of acidity so it was very interesting.. the beef texture was niiiiiiiiiiiiiice My friend like the foam on his soup. Entree: I liked my venision... nicely seared... medium/medium rare? Nice and juicy... had some tough parts near the bone but that was the tendon? and not the cooking. The meat had very little fat but I had a small fatty section and that was yummy. I'm a happy person when I eat good food and this was good food. The sauce was awesome and the juniper berry was a great complement to the potatos. I'm a picky potato eater and I loved these potatos with and without the sauce. The berries had like an outer layer and inner and inner heart kind of like... peppercorn texture... I wasn't wowed with the string beans but... that's okay. I liked the cake (will write more later)
  14. well mine just looks white... like the same color as the mold on the rind and it looks like it spores from the circular thingie from the rind.. we ended up just cutting the cheese part out.. thanks.
  15. I have a cut piece of brie... and now it has started molding on the sides.. Is that okay? What do I do with it? Do I rub off the mold and eat the cheese? Thanks!
  16. I have an important question I don't know if it goes here or not. I have a cut piece of brie... and now it has started molding on the sides.. Is that okay? What do I do with it? Thanks!
  17. okay Chinese girl here who hasn't really have had much experience with Thai food except for some pad thai.. what do you guys recommend at Montri's?
  18. is this the one at the new location?
  19. Hahah hmmmmmmm I love deong jang chigae... sooo I think you used the different type of bean sauce (black bean sauce).. i'm planning to make deong jang chiggae soon.. .like this weekend I think mostly you need tofu, deong jang, some chili powder flakes, anchovie.. and water.. yup^^ I've had it at different places so I'm taking the best of what i like and making it.. haha I want that pot tho..
  20. hahaha! Hahaha! super Hahaha! I used to go there when I was young and just for your information... it's either a Sears outlet, or the bus / skytrain depot now. (I think it's the Sears outlet store)...
  21. so far i've been to a few places. I went to the Carribian place, the service is great, my friends loved the food, my dish had some adjusting to.. meaning i wasn't really into it at first. so friday lunch: brewbakers, pasta yummy (the maple curry chicken) friday dinner: mcginnis? pub... pesto chicken pasta, not good.. just food to me... and they were very busy so i wasn't too happy with it Saturday lunch: farmer's market samosas and chocolate mousse (yum).. the samosa's were okay. Sartuday dinner: Carribian place, shrimp curry. it was different. I wasn't so sure what to do with the apple sauce like sweet potatos but in the end oh you mix it with the curry and that tasted a lot better. (I was hoping for sweet potato fries though...) Sunday lunch: Snooty fox, cedar plank salmon. There's one thing that threw me off was that the fish wasn't scaled. however, probably this doensn't dry out the fish but I really wanted to eat the skin. The salmon was very nice and tender and juicy. The veggies and fries weren't so great. Sunday dinner? hoping for seafood.... Thanks everyone for their help! so that's what i've had so far. Where can I get mouse or fiddleheads?
  22. I'm coming from Vancouver^^. Staying at the Lord Beaverbrook. So lobster isn't a big thing there? Most of the time I hear you can get lobster cheap there, so that's why I want to have lobster. Is the best recommendation, to buy a lobster and cook it yourself? I guess when I say local dishes, like flavours of the martimes? (which I guess would be fish...) I guess you can also say Vancouver is well known for their sushi... but yea that's a side fact...
  23. not really any new information, but a question, do you know where the chef at da Pasta bar has gone? I loved their pasta, and the wonderful smells of the kitchen at the bar. any leads on how I can get some more of that pasta?
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