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  1. The OP's query is: why does the HB egg get a green ring after a few days... not how to HB an egg. I have the same question. I already know how to boil the perfect egg....
  2. Today, at my local Costco, Vita-Mix is doing the demo, selling only the basic outfit for $394.99. This is the same $449 outfit from Vita-Mix.
  3. Stephen - Just get the Vita-Mix at Costco - you can always return it if you're dissatisfied. I'll bet you keep it and won't look back.
  4. When I can find really fresh young ginger, I buy a lot. Scrape w/ spoon, and puree in Vita-mix w/ a just enough water to get it going. Vacuum seal in mason jar (hole/electrical tape on lid) and refrigerate. Keeps for months and is ready to go for all those Asian recipes. Unfortunately, this trick does not work for garlic.
  5. I'm in Santa Cruz, which is a few towns away from Gilroy. At Costco, the tubs of Christopher Ranch peeled garlic are organically grown. Someday, if I ever find a need for several lbs. of garlic,....
  6. I nibble on it also, in the same spirit as beef jerky or tater chips. (what would I do without Costco's Kirkland...)
  7. After my experience with their customer service policies, I have vowed to never purchase anything from them again.
  8. I always have a wok lid handy whenever cooking with a wok, to put out potential fires. I've had it happen indoors on a stove... scary.
  9. London Broil (round steak) Sushi Grade tuna (?)
  10. Be sure your homeowner's fire insurance is up to date.
  11. I've been wanting to try this ever since I saw the tubs of organic garlic at Costco, but always wondered about the bots/storage thing. Is there a disadvantage to doing this on the stovetop instead of in the oven?
  12. The Sitram Catering frypans do have shallow and steep sides, so are not good if you're flipping omelettes. Their advantage is there is more cooking area in relation to the overall pan size.
  13. I'm amazed at how much All-Clad goes for nowadays, and that people are willing to pay for it. I owned A-C back in the day before it became popular - it wasn't available in consumer stores then, and I got mine at a restaurant supply house. There were a few things that irritated me - I don't like rivets inside, and the rims were not made for pouring. I gave them away and replaced them with Sitram's Catering Line, most of which I also got at a restaurant supply house when it went out of business. I've never had a problem with warping, but then I never use high heat with AC or Sitram. High heat is reserved for the wok, Bourgeat black steel, and cast iron. I do have a few non-stick pans, but avoid them when possible. (I now use the a Bourgeat black steel pan for omelettes.) So, for me All-Clad is waste of money - not because it's not good, but because it's now way overpriced. For less money, I'll take Sitram's Catering line, or Bourgeat's Excellence line anytime.
  14. The rondeau is great for carnitas and ossobucco in the oven. I see that the 34cm Sitram Catering Line rondeau that I have is no longer listed on the Sitram website. Seems pricey today - I got mine from Amazon in 2000 for $90.
  15. mr.baconhead


    Yes, you should steam them first. (I feel boiling them leaches out too much of the flavor.) - Lop off the top 1/4, and trim the pokey parts off the remaining leaves w/ scissors. - Spread the leaves and rinse well. - Steam upside-down 'till al dente (if you're going to grill them); split in half and remove choke. - Oil, salt, and grill. I'm fortunate to live in the Monterey Bay area, near Castroville. My local farmers' market sells artichokes that can be the size of cantaloupes; unfortunately, I think those giant globes have very little flavor. Bigger isn't always better.
  16. I was thinking of doing this in quantity - can they be frozen successfully? And should the garlic be drained, or packed in the oil?
  17. If you're considering the Rocky, I highly recommend the Lelit instead: http://www.1st-line.com/machines/home_mod/lelit/PL53.htm Keep in mind that I've only used mine for espresso, and haven't tried spices. If you do go for a burr grinder, you'll have to figure out how to deal with large items like cinnamon sticks.
  18. Butcher & Packer: 40# hickory sawdust - $25.75 http://www.butcher-packer.com/index.php?ma...ex&cPath=31_132 Shipping is $9.75 for orders up to $49.99, so you might as well order some hog casings and pink salt while you're at it.
  19. Have your mother post a video of her recipe, then we can offer suggestions on improving it.
  20. The last few batches of bacon that I've made have been extremely lean, and because I hot smoke them to 140 deg., they are fully cooked. My favorite way to eat it has been to wait until Thur. night, slice off a few pieces and eat them as-is while watching "My Name Is Earl"....
  21. Abra - I'd guess that they were overcooked - the fat renders at about 160+ deg. Next time try for internal finished temp of 150 deg.
  22. I want to buy a meat grinder to replace the new KitchenAid system that I now have, and I've read some of the comments regarding the Northern Tool meat grinder: http://www.northerntool.com/webapp/wcs/sto...340586&R=340586 My query is to owners who have had the Northern Tool for a while - do you have any further thoughts about it, and would you still recommend it, or do you have reservations? And yes, I'm selling the KitchenAid attachments (food grinder + sausage stuffer + pasta) - if anyone is interested, please PM me off list.
  23. Chad - thanks for the cleaver info. OT, I just received my EdgePro Apex, and the instructions caution against sharpening kitchen knives at 15 deg. because the edge would be too delicate. It suggests 18 deg.... Another OT - out of curiosity, I just measured the angles on the Japanese knives that I bought 20 yrs. ago, made by Aritsugu. The sashimi measures 11 1/2 deg., and the deba measures 18 1/2 deg. As these are single bevel blades, does this really translate as 5+ and 9+ degs. per side if they were double bevel blades? Phil
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