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  1. Food is no more art than paint is. It's what you cook that counts. For most people, "art" is associated with imagination, creativity and stimulation. It's about making something new, which is regarded by others as invigorating. I'm not sure how much of my food fits the bill. But is eating sport?
  2. For some people, positive social and economic circumstances of the production of coffee can also add to the positive experience of drinking it. Sorry that sounds very worthy but you know what I mean.
  3. Seaweed! In Wales we make patties with laver and oatmeal, fry in bacon fat and eat with cockles.
  4. Indeed. This way madness lies. Unfortunately, literally.
  5. davebrown


    Poach it, shred it, mix with strips of roasted peppers (capiscum) and capers, dress with oil and lemon, serve cold.
  6. I thought that the "wild boar" sold in the UK was usually a wild / domestic pig cross.
  7. The Clytha Arms (near Monmouth / Abergavenny) is a long way (2 hours plus) from Aberystwyth.
  8. You could try asking in the Japanese food shop on Woodville Road in Cardiff.
  9. Steam asparagus spears. Soft boil eggs. Dip asparagus into the runny yolks and eat. As the yolks go down, top up the eggs with melted butter.
  10. You are right - it is not surprising that people talk about meals in London. But it's also worth remarking how many talked about meals from the UK and Ireland are eaten in London.
  11. Not only does Tebay Services have a decent (but pricey) farm shop, but the people who work there can also tell you the provenance of all of the produce they use is their excellent (and cheapish) cafes. And I understand that it is doing very well.
  12. Mr Picky is wondering about the palatability of the "leak" and onion mix, not to say whose leak it was.
  13. Jane Grigson has an onion soup recipe in her Vegetable Book that follows similar principles.
  14. When you have found them and cooked them, try them with malt vinegar or mint sauce (UK specific reference there I guess).
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