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  1. I had no idea they had snickerdoodles!!! If Lofthouse cookies aren't the single best mass produced cookie then I don't know what is. They are damn near addicting!.
  2. Thank you! I will be check that out!
  3. I just discovered the joy that is Pocky and now I am addicted! Can anyone recommend a good place in NYC to pick up some of the more interesting types? I know that several places were listed up thread but those posts are several years old so I wanted to double check the suggestions. Thanks!
  4. Shameless self plug: Gigi Reviews Please read as it gives me the excuse to eat things that I probably shouldn't!
  5. Thank you both I appreciate your suggestions.
  6. I just enrolled in a bartending school and start next week. My question to those of you already in the field is; Was there anything that you wished they had covered in basic training? - or any other advice you would be kind enough to pass on. Thanks in advance!
  7. I do love my vodka... 1. Effen 2. Kettle One 3. Grey Goose 4. Finlandia 5. Stoli
  8. Katie, I know this is somewhat OT but I would love to know your thoughts on Effen Vodka
  9. Having done the cross country move via U-Haul on several occasions and having each one of them be a 'beat the clock' type of exsperince there is some truely scary food lining the highways and byways. I didn't have the luxery of time to venture too far off the road so meals were planned by highway signs. The best lessions I learned are: Cracker Barrels in the south are about the best thing you could ask for. The Rainbow trout is extremly good (and not fried!) and the bacon is so good it is worth the trip alone. HOWEVER theCracker Barrels in the North, East and the West tend to be vile, but if you are in a pinch in the very least you can get a good BLT at any of them. Flying J Truckstops. They are huge, the bathrooms are always clean and they have a fairly well stocked convenience store. They normally have hot food coutners with pizza and chicken- either of which I have never tried. They also have sit down resteruants. Don't expect anything fancy but it is possible to get a decent burger, breakfast items and a surprisingly good chicken fried steak. The prices are also in line with Denny's and it's ilk. I admit that I stay away from the family places on trips like this. Mostly because I have never once had a good meal at one of them. At least with a Cracker Berrel or even a Denny's I know what to expect.
  10. I wouldn't dream of doing it without the filters/cartridges the water in that building is vile. I love the thoughts of getting all six containers because I could fill one of them with a nice dark roast. mmmmmmmm!
  11. Thank you for the Bunn Airport suggestion. I think from what you have said and my own additonal research that it may be our best option. The best we can tell from watching and talking to other auction houses is that we can expect to go through roughly 100 servings per auction of regular (that's counting refills) and less then half of that for decaf. With 2 auctions a month we'll be overly generious and say 400 cups a month (I am sure the staff would drink some while prepping/closing as we are all coffee drinkers).
  12. I have thought about seceding from the STATE- but I keep getting out voted by other's this would effect!. It would actually almost be easier to open a full service resturant then it is going to be to open a "snack bar"- in reality "snack bar" is an overly ambitous title because we are not allowed to serve anything that is not prepackaged. If not for the fact that serving coffee is practically a requirement for auction houses we would just skip it entirely and go with water/soft drinks (thank you Coca-Cola)
  13. I am in high hopes that you fine folks will be able to help me out. We are opening an auction house. Per our counties health codes for us to sell coffee it has to be vended from a machine where we have no contact with the brewing process. I was hoping to get a Starbucks Icup Star but alas Starbucks told me there is no way we will do enough volume to make it an option. Other coffee services have turned me down for the same reason. So we are going to have to purchase a machine of some sort. All we want is something that brews back reg/decaf. I am completely lost and to be honest the Starbucks rep had no suggestions for me. Does anyone have any idea what I should be looking for and where?. Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer.
  14. Chris, I just got a chance to watch the final episode of "Feasting" that you were on. Between the two of you I was laughing throughout the whole thing. I personally would have paid for dinner if I could have just been a fly on the wall listening to you and Alton while you were in Atlanta. If you make your way back down here give Alton a call and dinners on me!
  15. I have and it is GOOOOOD. I would go as far to say that it is better then the Mayan Chocolate. Not too sweet, just enough spice to keep it from being cloying. I would like there to be more chunks of cake- but there is a pretty fair amount in there. If this becomes part of the normal line I would be very happy.
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