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  1. Oh man, I LOVE sweetbreads. The last ones I had that were out of this world were at Avalon. Well, so much for that recommendation. While I prefer them breaded and crisp-fried, the ones I had that night were poached, yet oh so awesome!
  2. Thank you kindly for the heads-up on further reading. I've been out of the loop. I look forward to these!
  3. A fascinating read. More please?
  4. Aw, Bob Blumer's really a very sweet man. I'd be happy to go for a spin and a cold beer in his big silly toaster any time.
  5. Melianne


    Why bother killing something that's really not worth the effort? Chances are you'll have to create the death of about 24 creatures to sate your hunger, only to conclude, "Feh. We shoulda just gone to Hooters." Nobody swoons over frog.
  6. Do the staff still do all that annoying singing like they're some sort of chain gang trained by the Up With People folk? It's been a long, long time since I actually stepped inside a Lick's restaurant, but I would have to say their frozen patties one can buy at the supermarket and grill at home are far superior to the hamburgers served at their outlets. Not a veggie myself, but the veggie burgers actually rock!
  7. Me, I'm partial to Rain. It's not cheap, but I always enjoy going there for the fresh cocktails, the waterwall, the friendly waitstaff, the pretty food, and the cool decor. I know others, however, who really don't like the place, but I always have fun when I'm there.
  8. A friend was there last week as part of "Summerlicious". The night before, he visited another participating restaurant, taking advantage of the bargain-priced menu and not expecting a full-on dining experience at the low-low prices, and still came away saying it was one of the best meals he'd had all year. Lobby was a different story. My friend's not a "foodie", and he has no axe to grind of any sort, but he, reluctantly, described the food as "vile". He was served a wild mushroom risotto ("tasted like dirt") with a lavender foam ("tasted like soap"). Curious, I checked out their menu on-line to see that they had listed for one of their courses several "artesian cheeses". I know I'm a picky-pants when it comes to proper spelling and terminology, but "artesian cheeses"? Man, if you're going to be all snootified, you gotta learn the vocabulary!
  9. On several occasions I've made a "risotto" using steel-cut oats and the usual additions of chicken stock, butter, parmesan, what-have-you. (An "Irish-oat-o", I guess you could call it.)
  10. Derek, that looks wonderful -- extremely haggi-licious. Well done!
  11. Melianne

    Just Baked

    Hi Justin, First of all, thank you for dropping the order off at the office the day before our patio party. Leaving the goods in the freezer overnight was taking a bit of a risk, but a hand-drawn skull & crossbones on the box appeared to be a deterrent and all was still intact the following afternoon. Anyway, the Swiss chocolate was, once again, an enormous hit. (Hint: Next time you're in the neighbourhood, please drop off some more business cards.) The Swiss chocolate and Linzer I took up north this past weekend and the drunken mob went crazy for it, turning the fine Muskoka air a deep shade of azure with profanity-laced praise. Thanks again, Justin, and all the best, Melissa
  12. Melianne


    Many years ago, as a teenager, I had the opportunity to dine at Sans Souci in Toronto. I don't remember the entree, but I remember it was accompanied by a single potato that was unadorned and about the size of a large marble. It was just slightly sweet, tasted quite a bit like good clean dirt, and was one of the most magical things - potato-wise or otherwise - I've ever speared with a fork. I've never forgotten that moment, and I've never eaten such a lovely potato-y potato since. Thank you for making me remindful of it.
  13. Wow, that's great news! You must be soooo excited - congratulations!
  14. Melianne

    Just Baked

    Tried the Swiss chocolate and coconut on the weekend. Awesome. There was a great deal of swearing and cursing during Saturday's dessert course. Swearing and cursing such as "@#!&, this @#!&ing amazing!" And "Holy %&$#, this is the best *#@!ing thing ever!" I apologize for my potty-mouthed pals, but they really fell in love with your tarts, Justin. I'm sure they'll be showing up on your doorstep on numerous occasions throughout the summer as they drop in on their way to the cottage. Your fanbase is increasing!
  15. Earl Grey's got that sort of lemony thing going on with it. Does that inspire? Probably not lemons themselves - too pungent, perhaps - but maybe something soft and fresh and herby, like a lemon balm syrup? Or maybe a gentle ginger syrup?
  16. Melianne


    I absolutely loved this - what a great piece of work. Thank you so much.
  17. Definitely chicken salad. No can do. If I were on Fear Factor and one of the challenges meant having to partake of chicken salad that had not been prepared by Yours Truly, I would have to walk away from the $50k right then and there.
  18. When I get a craving for sushi or dim sum, I have to leave the house. I've also been known to order liver when dining out (I just can't do it justice at home - and damn, I miss Toronto's Orso; that liver was so fine!) and if there are sweetbreads on the menu, I will always have them (jeez, now I'm getting all misty about Avalon...)
  19. Melianne


    I think I'll give this a try some time this week, Endy'. I'm a shameless cevichephiliac, and you've piqued my interest. I haven't visited a Jamie Kennedy anything since I was severely underwhelmed (on several occasions) during his ROM days. Should I reconsider? Colour me curious.
  20. This one was just cited by "The Morning News": http://tastingmenu.com It's very nice.
  21. I get irked by fancy pants establishments that don't know how to spell the items on their menus. I do like unusual ways of presenting the menu, however - cool papers, nice layout, that kind of thing. Wandering musicians scare me stupid. I really dislike being served with a wet wine glass. You know what I mean? Being greeted with a warm smile always puts me in a great mood, no matter what. I love being greeted as if they're glad to see me, even if it's my first time, even if they're fully loaded and I've failed to make a reservation. It's never any fun showing up at a restaurant and being approached as if I'm an intrusion.
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