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  1. I really think you're making quite a meal of this.........
  2. Also got a good review in Time Out last week.
  3. Sounds interesting. Has anyone been yet?
  4. Meat pies and pavlova! Or does it have to contain cheese???????????????
  5. Actually I think that's on the menu at Juniper! ← Nice one.
  6. Definitely check it out - am slightly biased as the family who own it are friends of mine. Weather is supposed to be good this weekend and they have a large terrace outside as well.
  7. Or is it Glorious? To be honest have not eaten at either Yang Sing for a long time but have always believed them to be over-rated. Do not altogether trust English critics and their palates when reviewing Chinese restaurants. Having said that, might give it a go next time I'm up and am happy to have my opinion changed, As a second generation Chinese brought up in the restaurant biz in Manchester, still have to say that I was v impressed with Glamorous/Glorious/Gorgeous. Far superior yum cha than down here in London.
  8. Isn't it called Glamourous? In my view it's better than any of the Yang Sings - a couple of hundred Chinese clamouring to get in on a Sunday can't be wrong.
  9. How about Luciano? It's one of the restaurants under the MPW banner. Had dinner there about a month ago - good, clean flavours, simple Italian food although I found the service to be pretty arsey.
  10. This is the recipe from Otto Ristorante, Sydney. A friend worked there and gleaned this recipe. Double grease about 10 dariole moulds and line with a disc of ggp. Melt 250g butter and 250g chocolate. In another bowl whisk 125g caster sugar with 8 yolks and 5 eggs. Combine the chocolate mixture with the sugar and egg mixture and fold in 65g SR flour. Cook at 180 celcius for about 12 minutes or until just set. These can be kept in the fridge uncooked or even frozen. If frozen, alter the cooking time slightly.
  11. I was once a guest at an Australia Day lunch, in London, hosted by a Swedish company. We had crocodile, kangaroo and an enormous pavlova, supposedly made with an ostrich egg. However, because the chef was Swedish, everything (apart from dessert) was flavoured with huge amounts of dill! Not highly recommended.
  12. Has anyone tried La Collina yet, in Primrose Hill? It seems to be getting really good reviews.
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