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  1. I can't wait for it to get colder so I can spend $40 on 2 boxes of 12 apples and 12 korean pears. I also can't wait for persimmon season. I love buying those japanese persimmons and letting them sit in my kitchen for a few weeks until they start to get mushy. When they get to that stage, I scoop out the insides with a spoon. I thought concord grapes were sweet? They taste sweet until you bite into that tart skin
  2. thats one of my favorite korean dishes!!! My mom made the soy sauce one especially for me when I went to visit my parents a few months ago. you are making me homesick The only think I won't eat/drink is milk. Its fine mixed in with deserts and icecream and such but I can't drink it straight. Its so thick and it smells HORRIBLE. My mother used to force me to drink the stuff when I was little. It took me over an hour to finish an 8 oz glass...I was holding my nose the entire time. Milk is nothing but pus!
  3. best thing ever!!!!!!! Everything smells funny on a plane, although I heard that your sense of smell and taste is diminished when you are airborne. I usually eat kimbop on the plane and it consists of: seaweed, sushi rice, carrot, omelette, and takuan. You wouldn't think that it would smell, but it always reeks. Oh well, I still eat it.
  4. I think the parmagiano is milder than the pecorino romano because the romano is a sheep's milk cheese. The romano has more of a "bite" to it.
  5. thats one of the great things about growing up part Korean is that you tend to eat way more fruit than your american friends. My mother never made pies, cakes, or cookies for dessert but instead served us cut up fruits. I didn't notice that Koreans and Japanese peel and cut their fruit all the time, but now that I think about it....I still think its amazing to watch my mother peel an apple or a korean pear perfectly without wasting any flesh. Me, I just peel the korean pear with a vegetable peeler and get juice all over me. Also, I hate those Korean grapes with the seeds and the skin. They taste so good....but its so labor intensive. Anyone buy a $30 watermelon in korea lately?
  6. It was either kraft parmesan or a slice of processed, yellow, american cheese on my plate of overcooked spaghetti as a kid. I loved the latter Now when I think of this combination I want to hurl.
  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't really like crabcakes. I think its because most of the ones I've had have been overcooked and had lots of shells in them. That's still better than an imitation crab cake chappie, you are right about the old bay...there is WAY too much of it on the crabs that my parents usually get (and they always say "light" seasoning). Most of the time before I eat a crab I run it under the faucet to wash all the seasoning off. Also, nothing is worse than cutting your finger on the crab's claw and then getting old bay smeared into the open wound, or just eating crabs with paper cuts.
  8. oh whoops...so you say "yakult" and koreans say "yo gu ru tu" same thing, just different names/pronunciations
  9. this is not japanese, but has anyone tried milkis? I believe that is a milk (or yogurt) based drink that is carbonated. Very tasty I really love yogurt flavored candy...preferably chewy candys. Do they have yakult in japan?
  10. I dont know if any of you read the dig, but they got a pretty good write up in their this week btw, if you wan't to have a bottle of cristal with your tuna melt, you can
  11. oh you mean produce from the reject bin? I always look at the reject bin and sometimes I find a good bargain and sometimes I dont. I tend to buy fruit/veggies that will last at least 4-5 days. If it has to be used within a day I dont buy it. $0.99 for 3 lbs decent eggplants is a steal though!
  12. i have a few plates and bowls from them, most notably the square plates with the sloping sides. I don't have a dishwasher so I have to handwash these and they still manage to chip and crack. "Crack" means that their are deep grey lines throughout my white plates and bowls...this doesn't mean that they are splitting or separating all over the place. Its not very pretty I heard their knives were pretty decent though?
  13. I bought some yesterday although it was labeled "yam cake" I bought "white" and "seaweed" flavor. It smelled pretty gross coming out of the package. I thought it contained alot of fiber? on the nutrition label it had 0% dietary fiber...where did it all go? That was one of the main reasons I wanted to buy it do any of you marinate it? I feel that that definitely helps with the flavor. I marinated some overnight in shoyu and lime juice (because I was too cheap to buy ponzu)
  14. -when you skip class to read old posts on egullet(I did this today and I skipped a marketing class). -when you scope out everyone at a restaurant/grocery store/market/bar to see if you might recognize anyone from egullet (too bad I dont know anyone...and I dont think I would recognize anyone because barely anyone has their own pics in their avatars/profiles)
  15. oh yeah I eat that too, the crab meat I mean. I dont put it on my bread though, I like it plain or smeared "accidently" with the mustard
  16. yes I open crabs with my fingers only. I even open the claw by ripping the pinchers or biting into the claw. The latter is not so good for my teeth. the mustard is fat, I think. I have never had the lays crab flavored chips. Utz makes a crab flavored one but they call it crab flavored because of the old bay, there is no actual crab flavor in it ): also dipping crab into the mustard and eating the mustard by itself with a spoon is delicious. I think next summer I will try dipping french fries into the mustard I bet the eggs would be delicious over a bowl of hot rice. YUM
  17. anyone else like to eat the "mustard" out of blue crabs? I am originally from Maryland so when I visit my parents in the summer we always get a few dozen crabs. I make them get females though because I LOVE the eggs. I like to spread the "mustard" and eggs on sourdough white bread. This makes a nice messy side dish while I'm eating crabs. Of course my fingers are liberally covered in old bay, so that gets added to the mix. any other good ways to use the mustard and eggs? Do other species of crab have equally tasty body parts? dungeness? rock crab?
  18. does anyone have a tasty pickled beets & eggs recipes? Nothing more appetizing to me than a purple pickled egg
  19. that looks like some old school toaster from the victorian era...does it "press" the sandwiches like a conventional panini press does? I have the cuisinart griddler and I LOVE it. I also have a hello kitty sandwich press that makes cute hello kitty faces on the bread
  20. SheenaGreena

    Sweeter Beers

    hitachino lacto stout is pretty sweet ...I can't drink more than one of these for that reason alone. try some pilsners...I find that they have a slight sweetness to them, especially the german style ones. you can always go with a lambic
  21. SheenaGreena


    you can do a steamed egg dish. i like to take soy sauce & sesame oil to taste and throw in about a tablespoon or two to water to 2 eggs, mix it all up and then throw it into a bowl and steam it. I am lazy though so I just throw it in the microwave and garnish with some green onions. I call this "Sheena's half ass version of mom's delicious steamed egg" very easy to make and tastes great with fresh rice
  22. if you want something with a nice heavy handle go for the victorinox. I have the higher end chef's knife 8'' and I have no clue what its official name is. Its alot more than the victorinoxs with the plastic handles. Its a little harder to find than a wustoff, henckels, globe, etc. Their pairing knives and steak knives are also great, because their handles are alot bigger/longer than similar knives making it much easier to hold.
  23. my mom has those little jars of jam in her kitchen as decoration (when I lived at home we were not allowed to use them). DECORATION ONLY. I was in manhattan 3 weeks ago and my boyfriend and I stayed at a hotel there. They had gourmet tea next to the coffee pot and I tried to take every tea bag home with me. My boyfriend said I should only take one of each kind. What's the big deal?
  24. sorry, I just had to bump this up. I was reading an old thread on natto and somehow I was directed to this...funny how egullet works. so are shiritaki noodles the same thing as konnyaku? After reading this read, I noticed that you can't eat too much. What, in your opinion is too much for one person? I don't want to eat alot of this stuff and then have to be rolled to the restroom. Also, is it hard to find in the us? Here in Boston we have a pretty asian supermarket chain (which carries shiritaki) but it caters mainly to chinese & vietnamese. There is also a japanese grocery store but it is very small compared to the chinese/vietnamese one, hopefully they carry it
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