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  1. thanks for the link, teepee. that stuff is not as bad as the crap my mom used to give me when I was little. I was always complaining about being cold so she made me drink this god awful brown liquid. It had a ton of herbs in it and it had some deer antlers and I think some kind of product made from a seal. However after I finished drinking the stuff I could go to the store and get some candy. I had to drink it while holding my nose and I could still taste it. I think I was 11 at the time. Damn the chinese for making the sick eat/drink horrible stuff. I'm not really damning the chinese (its a joke), they do make delicious eats after all! ps this thread is not meant to offend anyone, except for my mom
  2. I am SOOOOOO jealous of hiroyuki's pear. I bet when you slice it up and bite into a piece the juice drips down your chin, wahhh I am making myself sad. All the asian pears I have seen this year have a more green colour to them and are incredibly small. Then again I am looking in the chinese stores. I can eat a whole box (12) of those pears in a few days. do your pears come in styrofoam netting? My boyfriend calls those "fruit socks"
  3. thanks domestic goddess, I always wondered what all that other offal was. Sometimes I like it more than the soondae. I loved the steamed liver, it imparts a great livery taste which I love. Also I think I eat the stomach, because it's sliced into rings. That has a great texture and chewiness, I love chewiness in my meats. ETA: I am very jealous that you live in korea, I love the smell of steaming soondae in those huge metal bowls with the plastic wrap on top I think a lot of people are put off by the smell, but I think its positively divine
  4. I can't handle chinese chopsticks for picking up small items, like the korean banchan dish of seasoned black beans. They are just not narrow enough on the bottom. However, they are great for cooking with, because they are really really long. I like them for flipping over bacon. Japanese chopsticks are nice because they taper down at the bottom, but there is something about putting plastic or wood in my mouth that I dont like. This is similar to eating ja jang myun with disposable wooden chopsticks. by the time I am done eating, the chopsticks are completely black. Seeing as how I've been using korean chopsticks my entire life, they are obviously my favorite. I can't believe they impart a metallic taste to some of you egulleters...I have never noticed this. I bet I am going to look for this metallic taste when I eat dinner tonight, and I will be forever turned off JUST KIDDING Has anyone mastered the art of picking up acorn jelly with korean chopsticks? It takes me 3 or 4 tries to pick up one jelly.
  5. Oh I forgot, a great way to use turkey leftovers: My mother takes the turkey carcass after it has been stripped of its meat and makes a lovely stock. Then she throws in some potatos, turkey meat, onions, and then puts in some karl gook soo noodles. These are delicious doughy noodles that literally translate to "knife" and gook soo just means soup. Anyways, you garnish this soup with some green onion and some soy sauce with chiles in it. Or instead of using the noodles my mother mixes some flour and water together and hand pulls dumplings into the soup. I have no clue if the hand pulled dumplings are korean, but I might like that better than the karl gook soo. she also uses the turkey stock for man doo gook on new years day. THats just rice cake soup I also like to take the leftover turkey and put into a dinner roll with some smeared mashed potatos acting as the "mayonaise". Sometimes I throw a few green beans in there as well.
  6. basil oil! although you probably wouldn't use alot of it and it would only be used as a garnish. unless you can use it for salad dressing, yum yum
  7. thanks chris! I guess I will pm you around that time to see where it is at. chocolate in boston, eh? Usually that costs ALOT of money temper chocolates Richart or perhaps Burdick chocolates in Harvard square? I have never been there, but I hear their hot chocolate is out of this world oh and everyone, if you haven't seen the atlanta episode, please note when chris bites into the fried chicken at the last 6 mins or so of the episode. It sounds like he bit into a plate or something and broke it off. Sorry, that's the best analogy I could come up with
  8. I mean, if you are going to cut their fins off to make soup that is okay, but at least use the rest of the body. As my parents always say: "it's a sin to waste food" I'm sure you can eat that species of shark, correct? Or you can make alot of wasabi graters
  9. im sorry, but what is pak chan soup? I even did a search for it and I still don't know what it is or what's in it? great blog by the way (: I love the malaysian/european mix
  10. if you are sitting in a curry bath containing turmeric, do you come out bright yellow? When I cook with turmeric it stains my hands for days
  11. hopefully nobody is reading chowhound, because I made the same post on the boston board....... I am wondering, has anyone actually made this delicious street snack by hand? I am REALLY craving this stuff now and the steamed offal that goes with it. I still don 't know what the hell I am eating when I am eating that offal. I know I'm eating liver, but what are the other meats? Does anyone else enjoy this or is it an acquired taste? Oh and soon dae guk is deliciuos as well, with those little black seeds floating in the soup (what are they?)
  12. I knew that this would eventually happen, but I didn't think it would be this soon. At least I'll be sorta close to death when this happens. I eat fish every day, except for the weekends. What happens when there are no delicious fishies to eat? I will feel very sorry for the Japanese and the Koreans (more so for the japanese) crap I forgot about farm raised fish - ew gross. Just kidding, I will eat anything. So what fish can you farm raise and which fish can't be farm raised? I'm assuming that it would be difficult (and costly) to farm raise some sharks.
  13. where are you shooting it? unfortunately I have class, unless you are shooting at night?
  14. chris, my boyfriend and I jumped out of our chairs when we were watching the atlanta show yesterday (we recorded it on our dvr). We jumped out of our chairs because of the last restaurant you were at. As soon as you bit into that fried chicken, we heard the loudest crunch ever. Please tell me that was real and that it was really that delicious and crunchy ps: when are you coming to boston to refilm?
  15. milagai, I just pmed you, but I missed the question about the orange yes, the seeds are taken out. I think she uses a seedless orange or just pokes the seeds out
  16. thats my favorite kind of kimchi, sparkly kimchi or refreshing kimchi
  17. i notice that alot of people don't like sweet potatos. my dad eats ANYTHING (I am not kidding, he even had monkey and enjoyed it) and he really does not like sweet potatos. I have never had them with the marshmallows, but if I did...it just seems kind of weird to me. I really enjoy the way my grandmother cooks them. She cuts them into large chunks and simmers then in kink corn syrup, butter, and maple syrup. I'm sure you think thats alot of "sweet things", but the sweet potatos don't come out sickingly sweet. There was this great recipe in Bon Appetit (thanksgiving issue) from 2002 or 2003 for sweet potatos. The recipe involved roasting large pieces of sweet potato and then tossing them with a coriander and (I think) lemon infused butter. It was heavenly
  18. Im a big fan of hog maw for christmas or new year's dinner. It's a pennsylvania dutch dish that consists of a pig's stomach stuffed with sausage, potatos, onions, cabbage, & various spices. It's then baked in the oven for a while and basted with it's own juices. Oh my god it is so good. Also for new year's I like eating rice cake soup - Ddeok Gook. I think it's supposed to be eaten on chinese new year's day, but my family and I eat it on January 1st. thats all I can think of for now oh wait, my mom does a fabulous fresh cranberry sauce. She takes fresh cranberries (not from a can of course) and puts them into a food processer with: walnuts and a whole orange - peel included. Its almost like a relish, but is eaten as a side dish. It's uncooked and really fresh and tart.
  19. the more stinky it is, the better it is. If its refridgerated and doesn't get moldy, it can keep for over a year in some cases
  20. I would post this in the european forums if I were you, or even on chowhound.com
  21. yeah, cutting them into slivers is nice. But if you want to keep them whole, you can cut your pajeon with scissors like they do in korea.
  22. I said it before and I will say it again - butter face see, I'm still keeping my comments food related
  23. this has nothing to do with japan, but if you like "meat flavours" try irish potato chip brand "tayto" they do a prawn, beef, chicken, and pickled onion flavor
  24. the fried chicken snack is fantastic, glorified rice I used to get it in korea and I loved the little drumstick shaped snacks. Americans should make more "meat flavoured" snacks
  25. I only laughed because it sounds like something my mother would say,its cute
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