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  1. Hi Kerry Thanks for your post; most helpful. In the UK (where I am) pre-Covid the Thermomix seems to have been sold only at physical meetings-up of would be purchasers, but they now seem to be selling to individual members of the public, without the need to attend a "sales session". Petrus
  2. I am considering buying a Thermomix TM6. The main kitchen gadget I have is an ice cream machine. Our domestic kitchen is short on storage space, so it might replace a blender. I should like to ask how often new TM models are released? Does anyone know if a TM7 is about to be announced? Regards Petrus
  3. Marcus Wareing was the "examiner" for the North-West round this week. He has a mild manner but had some pointed and well-observed comments. He seemed, though, to slag off the complex desserts on offer but then I remembered that he won his place in an earlier round of the competition with a (simple) custard tart with nutmeg. Petrus
  4. Unless I have missed them, the menus don't seem to have any prices to drool over. Petrus
  5. I don't think the Fox and Grapes has gone down very well with the locals; the beer there has gone up in price and I supsect they don't welcome muddy walkers, rugby players and golfers. Having said that, Wimbledon is a bit of a culinary dessert; for a good meal you have to go to Trinity in Clapham or into the West End. Regards Petrus
  6. Oh dear; my apologies to Mr Atherton Petrus
  7. AA Gill in the Sunday Times to-day did not enthuse over it. Apparently tbe loo and the kitchen share the same stairecase. (I don't understand why Atherton seems to have gone for an Italian-style cuisine) Petrus
  8. I am wondering if Gastroflex moulds conduct heat was well as Flexiplan or metal ones? I have just baked some madelines and, though cooked through, the ribbed undersides had a nice sheen but were very pale. Might have been the recipe, though it was one of Gordon Ramsay's. Petrus
  9. Thanks for this. I will have another look at Nisbets; I had a look round their new shop in Shaftesbury Avenue the other day and couldn't see any. I will also try Divertimenti. Petrus
  10. Thanks for your efforts, Chef. The secrecy is frustrating; I am rather hoping that Trinity in Clapham gets a star. Petrus
  11. I believe this school recently opened and is in the Finchley Road The 'classes' seem pretty pricey (I think it coss £100 to learn how to make macaroons). I wonder if anyone who has attended would care to post their opinion of the venture. Regards Petrus
  12. I am looking to purchase some cannelle moulds (having tasted the product in the Wimbledon branch of Paul's patisserie and thinking I could probably do better) Nisbets used to sell the copper moulds, but I do not think they now have them in stock. I have seen flexipan "mini-moulds" on offer, but not full-sized ones. Any help would be appreciated. Petrus
  13. Thanks for these replies, and apologies for the delay in responding to them (I think I have now enabled "watch this topic" ), I will experiment further in three weeks, when I am back in the UK. Regards Petrus
  14. Hi I am looking at the Adria chapter in The Cooks Book, and trying to understand some of the general principles, before I use up too many cartridges Starting with a very basic foam (e.g. the one using coconut milk), does the chilling of the machine aid the aearation or simply cool the mixture? Is it important to shake the machine several times before use? I have experimented with a double (heavy) cream mixture with not very satisfactory results. If I were to first whip it, it would be difficult to get the mixture into the ISI machine. I am sorry if these questions sound daft, but I would like to understand the basics before using gelatine and agar-agra. Regards Petrus
  15. Thanks; I believe Edward J probably has the answer. I think the apples were sliced on a mandolin and then thin segments cut off the circumference (showing a lot of skin on one side) and these were then treated in the way suggested. I didn't know Raymond had broken his leg, poor bloke. I will visit his blog (and maybe ask him why some of the recipes for his Kitchen Secrets series are not available on the BBC website Regards Petrus
  16. I think you might be right about the caramelised apple; it would fit with the rest of the dish. I had thought of trying to scan in the page but there would be copyright issues. Regards Peter
  17. I visit Hokkaido from the UK on average once a year and, much as I love Japanese food and culture, would be interested in any recommendations for French-style or similar restaurants in or around Sapporo. Regards Petrus
  18. In his book "Blanc Mange" (BBC Books 1994) Raymond Blanc has a photo of an apple mousse. The top of the mousse is garnished with what look like folded strips of vanilla pod or maybe bits of apple [perhaps sliced very thinly] and then glazed. The whole effect is very attractive but the text makes no reference to the garnish. Has anyone a technique for making this sort of garnish? Petrus
  19. Thanks very much for these replies. I will probably go for a Thermo Whip but will have another look round before purchasing. Regards Petrus
  20. I am looking to make a fondant and orange cream dessert by John Campbell. The recipe calls for an espuma gun. Am I right in thinking that an ISI Thermo Whipper from Nibsets would be adequate (or is there a better item?). Regards Petrus
  21. Gordon Ramsay's chefs don't seem to shine at this type of competition; think of Angela Hartnett a year or so back. Petrus
  22. For the last year or so supermarkets in the UK have been selling leaf gelatine in quite small packets (individual 'leafs' are about half the size they were). Does anyjone know if gelataine sold to the catering industry has also been reduced in size (so I will know what a modern cook book means by "2 leaves of gelatine")? Petrus
  23. let's play the game of "If Gregg was a vegetable, what sort of vegetable would he be?" ← The real point of interest in this series if the background of the competitors. Some of the dishes are so strange (e.g. one of the omelettes in to-night's programme, a previous pastry dish where the pastry "bateau" was served on top of the fruit) that I cannot believe that some of the participants have even been to an (inadquate?) catering college. I think Michel Roux brings a real feeling of precision to the programme, but maybe the competitors don't actually know who he is and revere him because he is the oldest guy in the studio Petrus
  24. petrus


    Does anyone know where I can get a pacojet for less than £2000? Petrus
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