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  1. sooosj

    El Bulli 2006 reports

    I just finished a stage at Mugaritz, and rumor from many of the other stagiers was that El Bulli might be closing its doors in three years. Has anyone else heard of this or are we all just very misinformed?
  2. Have you thought about Extebarri? It doesn't have any stars, but most people/chefs in the area will tell you it's one of the best.
  3. sooosj

    Avant-garde Dream Stage

    Cantu at MOTO doesn't allow stages. You have to commit to a minimum one year contract.
  4. sooosj

    Setting up a stage in France

    Getting in with Herme is going to be a very difficult task. There is literally a line of people wanting to stage at his places. Last year, a couple of my friends did two month stints at Herme. I don't want to discourage, because I would love to stage there too. But they told me they didn't get to do much. And a shock to them, many of the processes were automated. Paris has many great pasty and chocolate shops. Go to a place and see and taste the work they do. Talk with the person behind the counter. Ask to talk with the patissier. You never know what could happen. I personally think you can learn much more at a smaller shop. There are less employees which means more duties spread to less people.