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  1. I can't say I have 5 "must make" things that I have never made before BUT I sure would like to use one of the 2 beautiful tangines that I have never yet used. Do not want to buy another cookbook....I already own way too many. Any suggestions or recipes? Sooo #1 tangine I've made potato/leek soup, cauliflower, and 2 quiches from Thomas Keller's Bouchon cookbook. All were great. Would love to do some more recipes from this cookbook. Sooo #2 more recipes from Bouchon Ice cream. Yea....Ice cream. I love ice cream and have 2 ice cream makers. Have done vanilla. Time for other flavors, textures? Sooo #3 ice cream Will work on the other 2. I did make braised lamb shanks for the first time (but that was in December, 2009 so does not count). They were fabulous! Making new things is a good thing!!!!
  2. eldereno

    Tomato Soup

    All of these soups sound so yummy. I think I'll have to copy the entire thread to my recipe file!!!!
  3. Though there is the "almost famous Primanti Brothers restaurants". I remember going to the original in the early '70s. So much fun and interesting things to eat. I have moved on since then....but have fond memories!
  4. Sorry....I went to Pitt too many years ago that all of restaurants must have changed or are different.......makes me sad!
  5. Works great for baked on stuff in casserole dishes as well. Been using this trick since I was a wee child!
  6. I got the same peeler as a BD gift (6 days after Christmas). I also got Amazon gift certificates that I used to get Julia's MTAOFC volumes I and II, Larousse Gastronomique, and Michael Symon's Live to Cook: Recipes and Techniques to Rock Your Kitchen. I got a really cool little mandoline type thing as well, and a TOP CHEF apron. I have a tendency to buy most food and kitchen related things that I want for myself....so not too many choices left for my friends and family! I had bought the Pioneer Woman's book when it first was out. I have enjoyed reading it. Now I really want those giant tweezers, though!
  7. There are tons of "blender salsa" recipes on the web that use canned whole tomatoes, fresh hot peppers, fresh cilantro, onions, spices, lime juice that are tasty and easy. I like to add roasted poblamos and some finely diced habanero...sometimes garlic. Good tomato based salsa! I do a killer one with fresh tomatoes in the summer, though.
  8. Since I last posted.....probably 6 new cookbooks!!!
  9. The menu for Thanksgiving tends to remain pretty traditional around here. My MIL makes corn pudding, my friend makes a sweet potato casserole, my SIL roasts a turkey (so she can be assured of lots of leftovers) and brings pies. This year we have a friend bringing a broccoli casserole, another bringing "something green," and another bringing turkey gravy. I have an electric deep fryer and am thinking about deep frying one small turkey and roasting another. I will also do the potatoes, dressing, and rolls. Thinking about a beet salad and one homemade dessert (the pies my SIL brings will be bought). AND need a starter....probably a crudite platter (need something crunchie with all of these baked items) with a blue cheese dressing. Ideas for make ahead potatoes and something for a starter would be welcome. Since there will be primarily pies brought for dessert, I was thinking about this. Last Thanksgiving, I also made a lot of do ahead things, which was a really good thing because my large oven broke! Had to send friends who lived nearby to their homes to bake things in their ovens and bring back. Worked out okay, I guess. I now have the oven repaired and a new fridge. Hopefully, I am ready!
  10. eldereno

    Dinner! 2009

    That salad looks like really something tasty to eat!
  11. My go to recipe was developed by my friend, Amy. It is more of a bloody caesar since we always use Clamato juice. The ingredients are added in the order of amounts used. I usually rim the glass with lemon juice and Chesapeake Bay seasoning mix. Ice is placed in the glass. Tabasco, then Lemon Juice, then Worcestershire Sauce, then Vodka, then Clamato Juice. Horseradish is added. I like adding some more Chesapeake Bay seasoning, celery seed, lemon pepper seasoning. Mix together then squeeze a wedge of lemon on the top so that you get that nice fresh lemon aroma first when brought to your nose. Love garnishes, too! A staple on Sunday mornings (esp. when I have company!!). I have deviated some from the recipe by adding just a touch of V8 juice just to thicken the drink a bit. I've also used straight tomato juice for my family that do not think they like Clamato juice but use everything else in the same proportions. Yummy!
  12. eldereno

    Dinner! 2009

    I would eat either of those plates with extreme pleasure!!!!!
  13. What about something like a Vietnamese single coffee filter that you just put over your coffee cup?
  14. I, also, received mine today. Beautiful. I have both the Bouchon and the TFL. I have cooked from the Bouchon book, not yet from the TFL. I think I have found some recipes I may try from this book. Just have to wait until my new fridge arrives!!!!!!
  15. I ordered mine on Amazon and it is going to be delivered tomorrow.
  16. That looks sooooo good. I have copied the recipe into my file and plan on making these very soon! Got to get my new fridge first.
  17. What is this with no new episode tonight????
  18. It appeared that Robyn knew the shrimp were bad before the judges told her so. In the time allowed, there was no opportunity to redo it. You are correct, sir. However, my recollection is that she said that she only tasted the dish after she served the judges, but before Judges Table. Thus, she would've known how bad it was before facing the firing squad. Am I remembering this correctly? Anyone else care to verify? I remember it the same. She only tasted the shrimp after her plate was given to the judges. She knew by judges table that the shrimp tasted really BAD!
  19. I actually just ordered "The Way to Cook" by Julia from Amazon.com. I have a cookbook from her "Baking with Julia" series but have the 1st and 2nd volumes of her "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" on my wish list. Glad to see a renewed interest!!!!
  20. eldereno

    Pasta alternatives

    I was on a low carb diet 5 years ago and lost 50 lbs. in a year. During the diet, I started adding in some carbs and when I wanted pasta, I always used Dreamfields. It really is pretty good. I still use it when I can, it is not always easy to find these days. It is my dried pasta of choice.
  21. I recently made sangria as the primary beverage at a summer party/birthday party. There were about 20 people there. Some tried the sangria but drank other things (mostly beer). I made a white sangria with pear brandy and assorted fruit and a red sangria with Southern Comfort and assorted fruits. The white I made with 2 bottles of a Spanish white table wine and the red with 5 bottles of a Rioja. Had lots left over. A few days later, I strained out the fruit and enjoyed the leftover sangrias with dinner over the next week or so. No one but me had more than two or three servings at the party. Folks here are just not as into it as I am!!!!!
  22. Bella S. F. Once you get to the page, click on "salad" and it is the one on the bottom. "Watermellon, Lime, Red Onion, and Avocado Salad with Cilantro"
  23. My SIL has had one since I've known her (19 years). She uses it regularly to do sausage gravy at large family breakfasts. She recently got a new one as a present from her husband and I got her old one. I don't usually do sausage gravy but do find it useful for the few times I've made my husband pancakes (something I know he wished I did more often). Once you find the temp you want....works great!
  24. Made this for 20 people on July 5th morning. Had some positive feedback. Side salad was mesclun greens, orange segments, pickled red onion slices, strawberry slices, crumbled mild blue cheese, sugared, spiced pecans and a vinegrette of dijon mustard, OJ, white wine vinegar, S&P, and EVOO. Made me happy.
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