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    Roast poultry porn

    When I first saw this topic, I first thought of this book. Yes, it reads just like the book it is parodying. I bought it, great recipes, and lots of fun reading. https://www.amazon.com/Fifty-Shades-Chicken-Parody-Cookbook/dp/0385345224/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2HJFV0SQASISM&keywords=fifty+shades+of+chicken+cookbook&qid=1564237902&s=gateway&sprefix=fifty+shades+of+ch%2Caps%2C156&sr=8-1
  2. I'm considering ordering it from the website, it's a good price. Any thoughts about it?
  3. After dental work, I always craved my special dinner. It might sound unappetizing. I craved mashed potatoes and creamed corn. Mixed together. Something if feeling ambitious, I sauteed an onion and crumbled turkey burger. Mixed that in. It tasted delicious, or at least to me.
  4. Definitely Morimoto's! The food is so lovely and delish. I hope to go in early May.
  5. vloglady

    Oreo Cookies

    I have already tried them. Delish, very peep-like.
  6. My friend who was born in Bar Harbor, Maine had this to say. Many problems: 1) THEY BOILED IT!!! (STEAM IT, DAMN IT!!!) 2) In plain tap water, not sea water preferably, or at least salted water (35 grams per liter of water) 3) Shocked it in plain water yet again! 4 Cooked it too long in the two "Experiments"! We have never done this but they should research it on Food Network, or some other site. Tail meat is tougher than claw meat, no matter how it is cooked, but I would guess it gets tougher the longer it is cooked.
  7. How about a Rachel Ray themed basket? Include one of her signature garbage bowls, some small orange knives, bottle of hot sauce and I think she has RR stock and some other named food items. And I know she has a RR kid's cookbook.
  8. I know of a website that has a hundred or so cheesecake recipes. It has a recipe for an Olive Garden type cheesecake with chocolate chip cookies baked in the middle. You got one of those tubes from the store of refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough. Nestle, Pillsbury, whatever. Make your favorite cheesecake batter, prepare the crust. On the crust in the pan, put in about half of the cheesecake batter. Now slice the tube of cookie dough in big chunks, maybe ten big chunks. Put them around the perimeter of the prepared cake pan. Put one or two in the middle. Then put the rest
  9. On Cook's Country TV show, they had this topic. they said the secret is.....and I always do it, is to get the sheet pan really hot. I put some oil on the pan and put it in the oven. Maybe 400 degrees for a few minutes. cut the potatoes into cubes and season it however you like. I usually put some garlic powder, salt and pepper, dried parsley, cayenne pepper. and when the pan is hot, dump the potatoes on the pan. You should hear a sizzle. Make sure the spuds are in one layer. That will get the sides crispy. Bake for a bit, then turn them over, so the other sides get crispy.
  10. I remember in 2001 we went to a restaurant in London, "Just Around the Corner." Finchley Road. It has since closed. There were four of us, the two ladies each got a long stemmed rose. We each had an appetizer, entree, dessert. glass of wine. We each paid 10 pounds and the owner was happy. Nice place.
  11. vloglady

    Smoked Salmon

    We always made sort of a Eggs Benedict with it. Eggs Salmondine. Instead of the bacon, use slices of salmon. English muffin, slice of salmon, poached egg, hollandaise sauce. It sort of covers up some of the taste of the salmon, if you don't care for it. Or cut it in bits and mix it in a dip. use it in scrambled eggs. Or send it to me! LOL
  12. I remember years ago, maybe 7, they had this promotion. My friend and I drove around in our neighborhood to all the 7-Elevens. We got a Slurpee at each one, maybe 5 of them. Boy, did we have brain freeze! We still laugh about it to this day. We had a stack of cups in the car.
  13. Any new neuroses in the past few years? I miss the updates.
  14. I've been Googling it all day. every receipe is either with 1 1/2 cup brown sugar or it says to, "start with a box of Kraft sugar free pudding." Anyone have a recipe for a low-sugar/sugar free butterscotch pudding? I've searched even the diabetic website, no luck. Thansk. Susan
  15. My friend wants to find a source for GOOD quality fresh roasted coffee beans in NYC. We've tried Fairway. He likes the Kona blends. any suggestions? thanks. susan
  16. I don't know where you are, but large cities sometimes have British stores. there is a good one in NYC. And Stop and Shop markets have good UK sections. I know it's sort of expensive, but I'd get Drumgray or Heather Creame. liquors that can only be bought in UK.
  17. We went out for sushi tonight. And it dawned on me... Has anyone ever seen a female sushi chef? We've seen many different cultures represented besides Japanese. But never a lady sushi chef.
  18. Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where one of the NY Yankees eats a candy bar with a knife and fork. George decides to eat it that way too.
  19. We were in Benihana this past week. With the meal, you get salad, soup, three shrimp plus your meal. The lady next to me with hubby and sister also had a sushi appetizer. Ate, soup, ate salad, ate shrimp, ate sushi, ate some veggies with the hibachi meal. By the time here entree of chicken came, she was full. The hibachi chef put it in a nice little bowl and placed it at her place. She didn't eat it. The server offered a box to take it home. I was already taking most of my entree home, so there were a stack of boxes on the table. The lady refused, so the server took it away and presumable tos
  20. There is a place on the west side. 66 West 70th Street http://www.sensuousbean.com/
  21. Check out: http://www.oldtimecandy.com/ Susan
  22. My friend is a pizza master. He loves the high gluten flour for pizzas. But he moved to florida, he used to buy it by the 50 pound sacks and give me a container. But how do I get it now? I can't buy 50 pound sacks. Where in NY can I buy high gluten in 5 or 10 pound sacks?
  23. My friend and I, both in our late 40's, were traveling to Howe Caverns in NY. It had been a long traveling day, from Albany to the Caverns and we were tired, but wanted to see it. We walked up to the admissions desk, and I said, "Two seniors, please." and laughed, saying it had been a long day and we felt like seniors. the cashier smiled and rang us up as two seniors!
  24. Years ago, I was watching Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa on TV. I just happen to tape the show. It was the show where she was making snacks for her bridge club. One of the things she made was vegetable sushi. I watched the show several times, she explained it and demonstrated it. It seemed simple enough, so my friend and I went to the local gigantic asian market and bought the stuff. We watched the video, stopped it and did the steps, one by one. At the end, we had two platters of fairly delicious sushi. We've expanded our repertoire, went to a sushi class at a local restaurant store, gotte
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