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  1. I cant see why I should be mad if a customer have a special request, thats what I love to do. Maybe I can learn something new and thats what's matter. And why should we care about tips, if i give the customer the best cocktail he ever tasted thats enough for me. If you can't do that, maybe you should think about another job?
  2. I tried out one drink last night, 1 tomato, some basel, black pepper, vodka i used stoli gold, fill up with soda water. Try it its actually very nice... I also tried it with some dark rum, metusalem 10 years, both were very good...
  3. Thanks for all the good replys, I enjoyed reading everything. For blending I´m thinking of using smirnof black, because we get a great deal from our dealer. Not that I like smirnof. For straight vodka drinks I use of course belvedere... My favourit brand. Gin i'm gonna use tanquray for every gin drink... At this point I belive i'm getting very spoiled... For rum Ron Anejo Pampero especial and another for pure rum drinks... It's very good, tasted the whole line yesterday. For tequila i'm gonna use josé cuervo especial and josé cuervo reserva de la familia. Whiskey is rather divided between the different areas of scotland, but i'm gonna have one bottle of Johnnie Walker blue label. Tried it yesterday to, and i learnd a very good way to drink it, first you drink some cold ice water to chill your mouth, keep it in for 7 seconds, then swallow, then drink the whiskey and you will experience the taste comming from inside your mouth and outwards. TRY IT. Thats pretty much the base spirits i'm gonna have in my bar, still very unclear of the cocktail card, so keep it up and if you have a home made cocktail send it to me and I will try it out. Ps. can anybody explain what Orgeat Syrup is? Havent heard of it before.... And Maraschino?
  4. I like the idea of mixing strawberry with balsamic and blackpepper... Have a herb garden outside of the hotel so can get some good fresh herbs... Like to have the classic mai thai, i heard a recipie with 2 parts rum, 2 parts cointreau, 2 parts amaretto, lime juice and maybe there was more but i'm not sure. Garnice with some fresh mint.
  5. i have very good limitations of what i can use. I'm pretty free on that area, i have room for 40 different bottles. And the kitchen can provide fresh fruits and etc. Also wants some new cocktails to the list not just only the classic ones.
  6. I'm a bartender who is working in a small hotel bar and i'm the one who's got responsibility to up the bar with some top quality cocktails. I'm really into the old ones from the 1920- and up. Not all the fancy cocktails, but the best. Made with the best spirits and best fresh fruits, finest juices.. I need some ideas for the bar and what kind of spirits I should use. Vodka i clear, there i will use Belvedere vodka and Heavy Water... And my favorite cocktails, like dry martini, vodkatini, negroni, cosmopolitan, lemon drop etc. Give some inspiration for a norwegian bar...
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