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  1. I honestly don't know of any place with wandering entertainment. With a bunch of young children, I would probably head to Dave & Buster's in the Palisades Mall. I am in Morris County, very close to 287 in Riverdale. It takes us about 25 minutes to get there and you can always keep the kids calm during dinner by letting them know if they behave, they can go into the huge game room afterwards!! Another place the kids seem to love is Mt. Fuji - heading in the same direction but getting onto 87 N rather than South and probably about 10 minutes closer in distance. They will love the show put on by the hibachi chef as he prepares your dinner! (I think you can sit 10 to a hibachi table in most cases) and the place is pretty loud, we always see large families in there. They will most probably have an early reservation available, since most people like to go out a little bit later on New Years. Good Luck!
  2. I'm wondering if anyone has tried this place out yet. They opened in the beginning of September and are located (if you are headed northbound on 23) right where the Spindletop Diner and then later, Northstar Diner used to be located. Just before the Rt 23 / Packanack Lake Road intersection.
  3. For my Uncle's 70th, they had the food catered from Forte. I had, possibly, the best chicken that had been sitting for a few hours that I ever had in my life. Chicken Savoy, I think, it was boneless and when I look up recipes most of it is done with whole chicken. We don't dine out too often but I'd love to try this place out next time we do.
  4. Wow, this place was around before I was. I worked there briefly years ago. I'm surprised at this news! It's one of those places that you took for granted that it would always be around. I wonder why they closed.
  5. I've never heard of this place. I just printed out the menu to look over - Thanks!! It's also close enough to get to and from in an hour.
  6. I had my first "Rutt's Hutt" experience on Sunday, on the way home from the city. I didn't think I was going to like the hot dog but it was delicious!!! Also, it was not what I expected. I figured it was going to be like a "Hot Grill" - bunch of people on line and a lot of yelling going on but we sat in a dining area and were waited on. I'd love to go back and try some of the other food as well.
  7. Honestly, I can't comment on the regular meals served here - they had what I thought was a fantastic salad, where you choose the base salad (Romaine or Mixed Greens) and then pick from a variety of toppings, including roasted chicken. They put it all together and mixed it up for you. By far, my favorite place for a salad within a reasonable distance from work. I drove over yesterday, after only having been there last week, and there was a sign "Closed - Lost our Lease" I guess I should have realized when the only selection for the base salad last week was ICEBERG BUMMER!! Suggestions for a good salad in the W/O - Caldwell area? (I know there is a salad thread somewhere but I can't really hunt for it now)
  8. Oh yes, I sit there every morning (for what seems like an hour) with the new Whole Foods site to the right of me, so I get a bird's eye view and I only noticed the brick this morning! I can't wait! I've never been to a WF before, but a few of my co-workers go to the Montclair location for salads.
  9. Hi, Thanks, Beth! I work in W.O. and do my banking right across the street from that strip mall. I pass it once a week and wish I could stop in but the parking is usually limited around lunch hour. I had no idea there was an ice cream place in here and now I might just venture in and hope for the best regarding the parking lot I got an e-mail that we are having an ice cream sundae party tomorrow afternoon in the office so I'll have to inquire as to where the ice cream came from. Take Care! Chris
  10. Regarding the "Reverse Salad Bar", I dug up this thread because I forgot all about one I used to frequent - Linda's Flame Roasted Chicken in West Caldwell. I used to work down the street until we moved and have recently discovered that with a few back roads, I can still get there and back to the office in a reasonable amount of time. As was mentioned, you choose either the romaine or mixed green salad, and then choose from all of the toppings available. The chicken is delicious (choice of grilled or roasted) and there are so many different items to go along with it, as well as a choice of probably 10 different dressings. This place also has BBQ Ribs, Turkey, Chicken, etc. with every fattening, delicious carb side you can imagine (or a side salad if you prefer) I just stopped in yesterday and my salad was $5.49 and very filling.
  11. I am ashamed to say, I have never been to Pal's and I work across the street. They own the restaurant/sandwich place downstairs in our building (Pal's Crystal Lake) and if the burgers are HORRIBLE - I would think that they make them differently then they do in the actual restaurant across the street. Every day we have two soups - the mushroom soup is there every day and the other soup depends on the day of the week. Nice Salad bar, and different specials each day. I will have to head across the street one of these days and try the burgers there. I LOVE burgers but not those things they have downstairs every Thursday. Everything else is great, including the staff.
  12. Check with some locals about the Jolly Onion located on Pine Island in Warwick. I ate here years ago but spent much of the time running in and out of the place with my son who was a baby at the time. My parents love it.
  13. We made it over to AHD yesterday! I missed those burgers and fries. My co-worker had an Amazing w/fried onions. I will get a hotdog next time since I've been there three times since the original opening and haven't yet tried one! I swiped a stack of menus from the table and brought them back to the office & put them in the kitchen area, since several people were curious about AHD when I told my co-worker you were back up and running. Cheers!
  14. I was raised in a home where the term "Supper" was used quite frequently. As I grew older, the word made me cringe when I heard it. I don't think I've used the word "Supper" in 25 years. It reminds me of a farm family gathered around picnic table with Ma shoveling out scrambled eggs from a huge cast iron skillet, while Auntie Em rings the dinner bell "Come get yooooor supper!"
  15. I was here for the first time about 10 years ago, I'm guessing. Some friends who travel all week and live in restaurants were in town so remembering how good it was last time, I suggested it. It was just as good, a pretty good menu selection, and the service was nothing short of fantastic. They were impressed and complimented my choice over and over again. I was pretty damn pleased considering that I can be satisfied with a good burger or slice of pizza!! I believe someone already posted the website but since this hasn't been active since 2004, I'll post it again - www.goodfellasnj.com You can find their menu online, prices included! I had the pollo francese and my fellow diners had seafood dishes, of which they loved. Give it a try if you are in the area, unless of course they snubbed you - hell, I wouldn't go back either!!
  16. Great News! I have to confess, I come in for the burgers because I am a burgerholic, and I think they are fantastic at AHD. See You Soon! Chris
  17. I would love one here in Pequannock, but there is a Falls View Grill right down the road. These are springing up all over the place if you haven't noticed. How about Rt. 23 in Wayne? I guess I should be thankful you have a location by work Anonymouze turned me on to AHD because she knows I work right up the street (across from Pal's) and my friends and I have been there a few times - great stuff!! I hope the fire recovery is going well and I can not wait for you to reopen. Please keep us updated on your website! I come down Prospect and cross over Bloomfield onto Rt. 23/Pompton Ave. to get home so AHD is *just* out of eyeshot for me!! I think I found a discussion on the new "Whole Foods" too, so I'm going to find that :-) Happy Passover & Easter to all. Chris
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