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  1. Zeppelin Hall is a new Beer Garden in the area. Haven't been there yet, but sounds like a nice place to grab a bite (outside if the weather is nice) and realx.. Looks like it's very close to Liberty State Park... http://www.zeppelinhall.com/
  2. jon777


    Really too bad -- great place, but challenging location and obviously tough economic times. Although the note on the website isn't specific about why they closed, am assuming it was a financial decision... Should have gone back more often when I had the chance. Enjoyed the place. Hopefully the owners will find another new (successful) venture in the area...
  3. That's too bad -- very sad for them. I was planning on going the end of August for my b'day, and figured tomatoes would be a big highlight... I'd imagine they'll still source great ones from other local farms to compensate, but probably won't be the same. Wondering if I should reconsider now...
  4. Since you've already been to Cucharamama (my usual recommendation), would recommend Anthony David's (web site) Very solid Italian influenced fare, nice atmosphere, BYOB. Only downside would be no reservations -- if you go before 7 PM, shouldn't be an issue. After 7 you run the risk of a wait... I've brought many friends/out of towners here and never a dissapontment Other possibilities would be Zafra (same chef-owner as Cucharamama). Food isn't as refined, but still very good. Also BYOB and no-reservations. Amanda's. Hoboken institution -- solid new-American food, beautiful setting, nice service. Nothing mind-blowing or innovative, but consistently good, especially if you are dining with non-adventurous diners... Court Street -- similar to Amanda's -- more varied menu, and solid but not spectacular. More casual then Amandas at a softer price. Wine list is outstanding with much smaller markups than typical. Elysian Cafe -- smaller, sister restaurant (Bistro) to Amandas. Dino and Harry's (formerly Frankie and Johnnies) -- nice steakhouse -- I haven't been in several years, but your basic upscale steakhouse. Bin 14. New Wine Bar / small plates from owner of Anthony David's. I don't think the food is as good as Anthony David's, not bad, but expensive for what you get. Wine selection is interesting, with (in memory serves) 30-50 wines by the glass available in multiple sizes. Reservations needed. Hope that helps...
  5. Thanks for the review -- have been very interested in this since hearing about it. The menu looks great! Two quick questions: 1) With the sturgeon the "Horseradish Confit" caught my eye. Can you describe it, and how was it? 2) I assume the wine pairings were in addition to the $150 price point? If so, do you recall how much they charged?
  6. Garden of Eden in Hoboken (2nd and Washington) has Prime, Dry-Aged beef. Haven't actually purchased from there, so can't speak to the actual level of quality. Is on the pricey side (as you'd expect) $15-20 / lb depending on the cut if memory serves.
  7. jon777


    Had dinner here on Saturday night. Called on Friday night and they had no availability (at a time we could do), left my name/number in case of a cancellation and was pleasant surprised when they called back on Saturday afternoon with a 6:45 cancellation. Restuarant was a little more than half full when we arrived, with a few people at the bar -- by 7:30, all the tables were full, and by 8 PM the bar area was pretty packed as well. As was pointed out upthread, when full this place is loud -- not a place for quiet conversation. Food was excellent. Signature Oxtail appetizer (served off the bone), over polenta, was almost like a shredded Osso-Buco esque appetizer (interestingly Osso Buco was the special that night) with a Shallot Jam and Parsley sauce. Bigos -- "Pork Belly, Kielbasa, Kurabuta Pork Cheeks, Porcini Mushroom Jus, Rye Toast & House Made Kraut" was good, although was barely enough Pork Belly for everyone to get a taste. Entrees were a Miso Glazed Monkifsh, an Scallop and Cockle Stew and Flat Iron Steak. All were excellent -- I think the Monkfish stood out the most, meaty, well cooked and just the right amount of sweetness. Wine list was small, but with interesting selections , both by the glass and bottle -- most under $40. For dessert a Nuttella tart was delicious, although tasted more of chocolate then the strong Hazelnut essence you'd expect with Nuttella in the title. An Apple/Walnut "Focaccia" was tasty, but the Marscapone Gelato that accompanied it took it up 2 levels -- I would have bought a 1/2 gallon :-) Prices very reasonable, with entrees in the low 20s. A great addition for Hudson County.
  8. Bump: Maricel Presilla of Cucharamama in Hoboken was just nominated for a James Beard award for Best Chef: Mid-Atlantic. BEST CHEF: MID-ATLANTIC (DC, DE, MD, NJ, PA, VA) Cathal Armstrong Restaurant Eve Alexandria, VA Jose Garces Amada Philadelphia Maricel Presilla Cucharamama Hoboken, NJ Cindy Wolf Charleston Baltimore Eric Ziebold CityZen Washington, DC
  9. Also of note, Maricel Presilla of Cucharamama (mentioned several times upthread) in Hoboken was just nominated for a James Beard award for Best Chef: Mid-Atlantic. BEST CHEF: MID-ATLANTIC (DC, DE, MD, NJ, PA, VA) Cathal Armstrong Restaurant Eve Alexandria, VA Jose Garces Amada Philadelphia Maricel Presilla Cucharamama Hoboken, NJ Cindy Wolf Charleston Baltimore Eric Ziebold CityZen Washington, DC
  10. Well, given you're looking at mid-April for a big party, I'd doubt you'd be able to get into Luger's w/o going at an off time. If you can get in, you can definitely be loud there and it's the best (Porterhouse) steak in town. As long as you don't mind spending part of your night in Williamsburgh away from (what I imagine) is the rest of the nights festivities. Sparks is a good choice -- loud, macho, good steaks, and definitely home to many a bachelor party. Robert's (in case you haven't figured it out yet), is in the Penthouse Club, and received a solid review from the Times http://events.nytimes.com/2007/02/28/dinin...se+steak&st=nyt Review is particularly amusing given the reviews lack of appreciation of the "scenery"
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    Sunday's NJ section of the NY Times gave Ox in Jersey City an "Excellent" http://events.nytimes.com/2008/03/02/nyreg...sey+city&st=nyt Anybody been?
  12. Well that settles it! Will check it out before heading to MSG for Clapton/Winwood on 2/28! Thanks for the tip!!!
  13. Good to know. Since I'm periodically (as many others are -- I remember a few threads) looking for places to eat before heading to MSG. I wonder if they do a good burger.
  14. Just for accuracy, I believe you mean East Hanover, not East Rutherford -- don't want to see a bunch of egulleters driving around the Meadowlands looking for Jimmy Buff's. FYI, anyone interested in seeing White Manna burgers in action, can do so on a current ep of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Network: http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/show_dv/ep...6_55174,00.html
  15. Batard -- they were open on Saturday -- barely. I went into the retail side at noon -- was the only one there. There was a meager display of fish and they were working on the restaurant side on putting in a wood burning stove (I believe for heat / ambiance, not for cooking). I believe they were working on some improvements (maybe why it has been closed) and revamping the menu. Honestly, I wasn't paying close attention, as once I saw the fish selection, I had no intentions of coming back... It's a really weird location, and I had to drive around the block twice to figure out where to park.
  16. Popped in here on Saturday on my way home from Costco in Clifton. Was looking for some Wild Salmon for dinner and stopped in to Deep Sea Fishery with no luck. http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showto...0entry1525310 So I figured, given the raves above, was worth a shot and another 5 minute detour. Agree with the above posts, solid produce, very inexpensive and a nice store. Boar's Head products in the Deli Counter and a pretty decent Fish selection. Whole Fish looked fresh, clear eyes and bright. Everything was kept wrapped and on ice. No fishy smell. Prices were reasonable for quality fish (I payed $14.99/lb for very nice Wild Salmon). Counter help was very nice -- cut exactly to order. Probably not a special trip worthy for me, but as a 5 minute detour off of Rte 3, worth knowing about.
  17. Stopped by on Saturday looking for some Salmon and basically they had almost nothing for Retail sale. He (the owner) said that he generally gets to the market on Thursdays, and by Friday evening they are pretty much sold out. Very dissapointing. Restaurant looked very casual / low key. Menu looked nice, but I probably wouldn't make a special trip. Was hoping this would be a good quick stop off of Rte 3 to pick up fish on my way back home from other places, but given no selection on a Saturday, won't be returning. Oh well. Had better luck at the Riverside Farmers Market: http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=106087
  18. jon777


    Helmers reopened back in August. I haven't gone there since the reopening, but the reviews on Hoboken411, have been from mixed to unkind. Keep in mind that this is a local board (non foodie), and there are plenty of posters that do nothing but stir up trouble. But what I have taken away is that: - Ownership has changed to another part of the family (and not necessarily for the better) - Prices are up - Beer selection is still good. You can peruse some of the comments and photos here: http://hoboken411.com/archives/47 I really should go (as I live in town), but the feedback on the reopening put me off, and to be honest, I don't think about that place (or German food), when figuring out where we want to go for dinner.
  19. Are their any outstanding Sushi places in Edgewater? Given the proximity of Matsuwa the large Japanese population and people coming through, I'd think their would be, but have never heard consensus on great Sushi in that area...
  20. New Jersey! (oh wait, that's a different thread)
  21. Pearl Oyster Bar is of course, best known for their Lobster Roll, not Oysters. Usually only 1 (maybe two) types of Oysters available, so not what I'd call an Oyster Bar. Although I do love their Fried Oysters, crispy on the outside, and still mostly raw in the middle.
  22. We (LPShanet and I) called on Sunday night requesting 4 for November 29th. Booked until Jan 17th (which we took). A couple of notes -- (1) you'll need to give them a credit card to confirm the reservation. I believe they charge the card the week of your reservation. (2) 48 hour cancellation policy for a full refund (3) $85 + tax + 20% gratuity Really looking forward to it -- wish it was before January, but at least something fun to look forward to after New Years! Not surprising that it's booked up so fast, given only 6 seats per week!
  23. Hoboken is really easy and quick to get to from Port Authority. But I guess it's close to the PATH station than to Washington Av.? How do you get there from the station (or the bus)? Their menu looks great! ← Cucharamama is on the corner of 3rd and Clinton. You could get there just as easily by Bus (Port Authority) or by PATH. For the bus, take the 126 from PA Gate 204 ($2.55). Bus stops every 2 blocks along Wash St. Get off at 4th and walk over to Clinton and down to 3rd. Less than 5 minute walk. About a 8-10 minute walk from the PATH station.
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