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  1. lefti_99

    The Sazerac Cocktail

    Hi all, Not sure if we covered this already, but how did the ritual of throwing the glass up in the air shouting "sazerac" come to be? Was it purely showmanship, or were there other factors? Cheers....
  2. lefti_99

    The Aviation

    does anyone know why the Luxardo Maraschino bottle is wrapped in straw? I suspect that it was originally intended to protect the bottle whilst travelling long distances, is that correct?
  3. lefti_99

    Tequila Cocktails

    Hi all, Here in London we have a drink called the Treacle, created by Dick Bradsell which is kind of a modern day rum old fashioned with a splash of apple juice added. Out of curiosity, has this drink made it across the Atlantic? Anyway, Kevin of the Match Bar Group here in London has a tequila twist of the drink which is well worth a look. Recipe would be something similar to the following, and the drink would be made like an old fashioned. 5ml agave syrup angostura (to taste) 50ml 100% agave tequila splash of apple juice Oh, and for added benefit, it's been said that agave syrup is the new honey, ie a so-called "super-food" so you can reap the benefits while you kick back with this drink! Cheers, Lefti