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  1. More on high altitude, I have been making caramel etc here in Colorado for about 5 years and while at the beginning I was trying to do the math and subtract grades etc. I soon realized that it wasn't necessary and actually I had to stick with the same temperatures of the recipes (sometimes a bit more). Baking though all another story!
  2. I am not sure if this can be one of the reasons, are we talking about recipes that are I cups or grams? I think there was a similar thread with a bread issue and why they use baker's. % etc. I think recipes that are in cups are very hard to halve, I am used to grams and usually easier to halve. This is my experience though.
  3. I was wondering, if I want to use two different alcohol with two different proof, should I add the two proof and calculate form the sum of the two? Like one is 40 the other is, say, 30, should I calculate them as 70? I hope I am making sense here LOL!
  4. Maybe an extra coating of cocoa butter inside the shells? I don't know if this is possible or practical, it will probably give a little bit more of shelf life. I haven't done booze chocolates in a while I might get my hands in it after Valentine's craziness!
  5. Haha! Technicolor! LOL, I need to use my mask as well, I bougth it used once and keep spraying all that cocoa butter in my nose, sometimes the spray goes directly inside my nose from the mold!
  6. Mark, I wish you the best, I hope you can find what you need at the new location. Keep us posted.
  7. I have an order for some caramel marshmallows, I started my production as usual, then I had to stop because was baby time ( he is a month old ) anyway, I knew I was supposed to keep going, so I thought well I can finish later. Got too tired was too late went to bed to wake up in the morning with a major caramel collapse ( sp?) Aiuto!!! Well I kept my cool this time ( kinda unusual for me :-P ) anyway I used the marshmallows for a nice dark chocolate bark, cut it into pieces and made a bark as usual, its kinda nice with pieces of marshmallows and caramel. Hubby loved it ( he usually isnt much of a sweets lover ).
  8. I did some chocolates for Valentine's day and I did use some piped chocolate into the molds then airbrushed etc. By mistake I scraped some of the chocolate piping out and left a nice neat line into the colored part, now my shells were of the same chocolate so it didnt make any difference, but if you like you could simply leave the gap that the chocolate piping created so whatever chocolate you use will show thru the gap. Forgot to say that after you spray the color on the piped chocolate, it does creat a little bit of build up around the edges of the piping, it is kinda neat.
  9. Yes in a pot straight on the fire on low heat.
  10. I think the best way to softner harder caramel is to remelted ( I usually do it on low heat ) with little bit of water, no adding extra fat, I think there is a topic somewhere here about using water and no extra butter or cream. The caramel might be too saturated with fat?
  11. I agree with the fat contenent too high for the Gran Saman El Rey, maybe you want to adjust the cream/chocolate ratio to balance the fat.
  12. I think is the same as using textured sheets, just these ones seems homemade, like mint leaf and some sorth of shell type imprint, you can make your own with just about anything you can think, just put the imprint when the chocolate is still fresh.
  13. I dont have a shop and dont plan to have one for awhile ( or maybe never ) but like many other here I use a commercial kitchen, so no much experience here. Just my idea, I wouldnt probably buy and enrober or a Selmi ( even though I would LOVE to ), I think it all depend on the amount of chocolates you are planning to turn out. I can easily make 1000 pcs. with no equippment whatsoever ( no enrober, no vibrating table, no tempering machine etc ) only one 6 kg melter, a knife and a plastic fork ( yeah yeah plastic fork ) in 2 days of production. Now I know that it will be alot more work but you can definatelly turn a nice production without all the fancy equipment at the beginning. As far as setting it up I think there is another thread and someone posted their lab pictures to show us, to get an idea for the best setting etc. Since you are going to do everything from scratch in your lab, having the inspectors there right away will help you to make this easier, since they like to know everything is up to code and their liking, they can be very helpfull in this part. I wish you the best of luck! And keep us update we love to see how things turn out
  14. There's less variety in the natural colors, and no shimmery jewels. And, they are about twice the price. I have one bottle of natural red now, and may switch to the others as I run out of things - but at my current pace of use, that's probably not for another 3 years. A little goes a long way. ← Yes I think the reason why I havent try them yet unfortunatelly I am addicted to metal colors ( in all my arts not only in chocolates ) maybe I will order one next time to check it out, as you said the are more expensive as well.
  15. After long reserch I found a really good recipe for cinnamon rolls, I mean they are nice soft and what I wanted. I found the recipe online so I' ll post the link http://www.recipezaar.com/Copycat-Cinnabon...ith-Icing-17359 Also this one was very good dough http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/recipes/re...6_37125,00.html I have watched the show that day and I went to look for the recipe, very good brioche dough, I didnt make sticky buns but regular cinnamon rolls, they were Huge!
  16. Also they have the organic line of colors, I havent try them my self yet, maybe when I get some more business I will try them out. I remember we talked about luster dust on another thread , maybe was the chocolate with showroom finish etc, about some kind of colors be less safe than other or something like that. I usually get the luster dust that have the non toxic label, usually no greens or blues, but again they are for decoration only so should be used in moderations.
  17. Desiderio


    Oh noo, I wanted just make sure I got the point , you know sometimes I totally miss it ,I did buy some of the Barry gianduja as well when I fist started , its good stuff indeed and you can still make some good chocolates or confection with it. I wish you luck for the Holidays experiments and confections
  18. Desiderio


    Maybe I missed completely what you were asking, but I thought you wanted to make gianduja right? WHy didnt you order some pure hazelnut paste instead then you can make the gianduja the way you want, If I had a commercial grade food processor or a "raffinatrice" to grind the hazelnuts to a paste I wou;d make my own but for now I get the hazelnut paste then you can make gianduja with different chocolates etc.
  19. As mentioned in the posts above, you can use it in gianduja (low moisture) or straight chocolate, maybe with the addition of nust ect, in any other recipes that have moisture ( like cream etc ) the paillette will sog.
  20. OUCH! I am sorry I hope you will feel better soon Lost on of my cap several time due my caramel addiction in the past
  21. Desiderio


    Yes I would probably wait for the next trip to Italy, I have just ordered some stuff from chocolat chocolat, they do have nice new molds and the exchange with the Canadian dollar is very nice now. Its funny because most of the molds are Italian LOL!
  22. Beautiful! We used to make "Salame Dolce" at home one of my favorite treats .I might make some these holidays hehe it sure is good.
  23. Well he could always make different designs like different handles etc, they would be so pretty. Chocolate covered almond isnt a bad price
  24. Desiderio


    97 euro to ship to the USA. Nice Molds
  25. what a great idea! Nice job, he might start a side business
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