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  1. There's some good recipes Here for Taiyaki, Tomoeyaki or Imagawayaki, Takoyaki, and Onigiri. I'm going to try them myself !
  2. Well, jmillar & Chris-s. thank you both for your opinion. Thank you to jmillar for saying that I am unlearned. I'm obviously an uneducated buffoon who is just making up a whole heap of malignant rubbish just for the sake of it. I'm really trying to bring down the whole ajinomoto empire single handedly. Either that, or I'm speaking from personal experience, which in MY CASE is that I get real, genuine, and absolutely non-faked heart palpitations and dry cotton-wool mouth, which no amount of water will fix. These symptoms can continue for some hours after eating the offending substance (which is usually 621, 635, 639 or hydrolysed vegetable protein). This is a real problem for me, as it prevents me from sleeping, decreases my enjoyment of eating out, and costs me time and money, because I have to make a lot of sauces, stocks and condiments myself from scratch to avoid unpleasant side-effects. I also don't see why most companies go out of their way (not to mention added expense) to print "No Added MSG" on their packaging and menus - I suppose it's to placate the half dozen or so "conspiracy theorists" that exist in the world. Real learned people don't need such shallow assurances. Oh, but that's right, just because jeffrey steingarten writes a book, all opponants of his view are wrong, aren't they? Don't bother replying to me, I'm avoiding this thread from now on. Schoolyard name-calling should be left in the schoolyard.
  3. Thanks for the tip TFOS - I've now subscribed to that one as well. Hiroyuki - THAT's the reason. I will look for this in my japanese supermarket when I'm there next. In the meantime I'll have to substitute the ao negi instead.
  4. No, not as an ingredient !! Has anyone watched the "Cooking With Dog" series on Youtube, starring Francis, the cute gray poodle? They've got some really great recipes and I find it really helpful to be able to see the dishes being made and follow along. The latest one is Tai Chazuke and it looks really tasty. I thought I'd share it here, because I'm sure a lot of you would enjoy it. PS: That's the first time I've ever seen green onion (that's Negi, isn't it?) sliced like that with the yellow core removed. Our Negi in Australia isn't sold in the large size like that, it's generally only as thick as a pencil. Cheers, Rob.
  5. I was reading the recipe for furofuki daikon and I was wondering: they list the sauce that goes with the simmered daikon as: 50 ml White Miso Paste 50 ml Mirin 1 Tbls Sugar When cooked, it looks silky and savoury/sweet and I thought it might go well with other foods. Has anyone used it on anything else other than Daikon? I tried it on Sweet Potato and it went together really nicely.
  6. Helen, thanks for the Seasoning recipe, and the link - you may remember I get terrible reaction to MSG, so this really helps a lot. I note the Taste N0 5 media page doesn't list the ingredients, so there's no way for me to tell if it has the dreaded 621 in it or not. PS: Do you keep the seasoning pre-mixed in the fridge and use as required, or is it OK to keep unrefrigerated (my Mirin bottle says to store in the fridge)
  7. I found that the yuzu juice I got in the USA was very salty. It was years ago so I don't have the bottle any more.
  8. It was dry to the touch, so I assume it's some kind of dry glaze, or maybe powdered flavouring. It was very definately honey flavour, though ! Bears LOVE honey. I also had a pot of the Honey Icecream sold bertween Pooh and It's A Small World Very yum also.
  9. Queueing up for a hour for Honey Popcorn?? Who'd do such a crazy thing ?!?!
  10. Today I was looking through my souvenirs from my last trip to Japan and I found the blue plastic clamshell from Tokyo Disneysea that once contained Sea Salt Icecream. Do they still sell this in the parks? I found this recipe out there for it: Sea Salt Icecream It seems that it's made popular in the Kingdom Hearts II game. I remember the salty-sweet flavour was really surprising. Also: What other Amusement Park treats do you like? I had to have one of the famous Gyoza Rolls in Tokyo Disneysea from the little cart in Mysterious Island. Oishii, desu ne?
  11. While enjoying a read through this thread, I saw this and had to comment: Totally Kawaii !!! I am going to have to make these on the weekend. What a fun treat. I LOVE this forum.
  12. [singing to tune of Gracie Fields] "Whale Meat again.... don't know where.... don't know when..." I came across these photos just today, so I thought I'd post them here. Still not sure if I'd try it or not, but I've got just over 20 months to decide. I DO have an obsession with bacon, hence the grin. I thought it was a bit pricey, and I'd love if someone could read the label and tell me what part of the whale it was (I'm expecting blubber...)
  13. Kuma


    I've found a small glass lid that's just the right size. Yay. ...and thanks for the heads-up about the temperature.
  14. Kuma


    Darn it ! well, I might see if I can make it using the wrong pan ! That's what happens when you don't look closely at the pictures on the label
  15. Kuma


    I just bought a pan today today so I can make Oyakodon or Tanindon. Now I need someone to tell me their favourite recipe so I can make it properly ! Our local Hot Dollar shops are now getting a wide variety of stuff which looks like it's straight from the 100 Yen shop! Pics below of the booty !
  16. Hiroyuki-San, This sanbaizu made with Mirin sounds like something I'd enjoy - to evaporate the Mirin, how long would you suggest? I also expect you need to use a little more volume to bring the evaporated amount of mirin down to that which is required? (I will be making the first batch with 1/4 cup measures, just to see how it comes out.)
  17. Ah... That explains a lot - thanks, Hiroyuki!! So a slice of rolled omelet should work in place of the chunk of tako? A really rich version might be using a salted duck egg yolk instead (or maybe a quarter of one, those things are strong....
  18. and that video led to this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSDg72oVMdQ - the Automatic Takoyaki Machine.....
  19. Hi all, I just watched this video: - now, I thought Tamagoyaki was the rolled omelet you make in the square pan. Now I'm confused.Do these Tamagoyaki contain the egg yolk only, or a slice of rolled omelet ?
  20. Kuma


    I made Oyakodon for dinner tonight - I made the [extremely] westernised Japanese version, and used a KFC Zinger fillet for the Chicken portion..... It was embarassingly good. No pic unfortunately, but I might make this version again (just so I can photograph it, mind)
  21. Bruce is right, you won't get the Kewpie seasoning right without MSG (sadly)
  22. Mmm.. I'd still eat the collapsed one
  23. The recipe I use (I think I got it here somewhere?): 5 eggs 3/4 cup sugar 1/4 cup Honey 1/2 cup sifted flour 2 tablespoons pure Icing sugar Preheat oven 175c Beat Eggs, sugar & honey until thick and creamy. Fold in flour and beat well. pour batter into greased 23cm X 30cm rectangle tin Bake 15 mins Stir mix with a spoon Bake 15 mins Stir with a spoon Bake 15 mins Allow cake to cool in pan Dust with icing sugar, slice & serve This one always works for me. ETA: I think the stirring twice while baking means you don't need to press it to get that lovely dense crumb texture. Yummy !
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