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  1. The no-stick surface on my current pans is starting to go (lifetime guarantee my a$$!) I am also interested in starting to pick up some better quality stuff, and the Sitram professerie series seems to fall in my price range. However, I have lately seen some interesting pots and pans at the local TJMax called "Aubecq". Not much on Google, but their website, www.aubecq.fr reveals that it is the Sonate line. I don't know French, but it appears to be stainless with some sort of Teflon Platinum? The pans didn't look non-stick. They appear to be 18/10 stainless steel, and appear to have a separate disk on the bottom, but I'm not sure what metal it is. The pans have weight to them; my wife almost dropped one when I handed it to her! They seem to run $18-35, which seems like a great price. Bearing in mind that many times "you get what you pay for", has anyone had any experience with this stuff? Or does anyone have any better info? Their site isn't very helpful at all.

  2. For anyone who is wondering, the Bodo's on the Corner finally opened, around summer of 2005! The bagels are pretty good, although I don't care for all the fancy cream cheeses - just give me plain!

    Unfortunately, one of my favorite restaurants here, Rivanna Grill recently closed. They had a nice menu with quality ingredients. Couldn't really afford it, but it was great! I guess it was just in an unfortunate location (and name - one wouldn't guess it was an upscale restaurant!)

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