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  1. hey folks, need a little help

    one of my staff members threw out the cleaning instructions for my smoking gun

    i would appreciate any information

    even a copy sent to me somehow

    thanks in advance

    oh, and pollyscience web page has been down for two days!!


  2. noche bueno is common around xmas time here in puerto vallarta

    there is still some in the stres

    if you would like me to buy you a 6 pack and have a friend bring it back to vancouvefr i will

    private message me with your adress and phone number with your name and ill see what i can d

    bruce byng

    teatro limon puerto vallarta

  3. howdy from puerto vallarta folks

    im trying to learn recipes for making hand made noodles

    udon and everything else

    in particular im very interested in learning the shanghai style tecniques

    where you spin and pull

    if anyone has any dough recipes it would be a great start

    thank you so much

    bruce byng

    chef owner tetro limon puerto vallarta

  4. ok friends im taking on a few new challenges in puerto valarta mexico and i am tryin to find a suplier of the products of el bulli or another similar product suplier

    even a kit or something to get me started

    ive tried twice to have products shipped out of the states and both times product was returned and not refunded :angry:

    please help if you can

    or even better if you know someonethat is comming down here a mule would be great

    ive got a great meal free for the person who brings it to me

    kind regards

    bruce allan byng

    teatro limon restaraunt puerto vallarta

  5. howdy folks from mexico

    im looking at purchasing a combi oven here in guadalajara and would like to hear from combi oven users regarding a few tips and recipes

    the oven im looking at is made by a mexican outfit called san-son

    they do have a good reputation

    im extremly interested in any help whatsoever

    kind regards

    bruce byng

    chef and owner of teatro limon puerto vallarta

  6. ok where did my laptop go hey TUMMY give me back my computer

    i just about ate my screen looking at that good ol bacon

    on a serious note i just got off the phone with a nice texas lady that told me frank would be there in the morning

    im going to ask him for permission to use his original recipe for my new place here in puerto vallarta mexico

    so much for the healthy eatin

    ill let you guys no if he gives it to me

    of course ill name it after them in a great honor


  7. Most restaurants would kill to have 15,000 potential new customers a day delivered just five minutes away!

    Even if you lose half your customer base, you only need to attract one percent of the new ones to increase your business by 25%.  Then you'll be able to raise wages.

    Why not find a good advertising/marketing consultant and see if you can turn this situation to your advantage?

    First contact the Council for Independent Restaurants of America. They might be able to help you organize your own Originals group. Check out the website.

    These groups share advertising, purchasing power, sometimes staff and support.

    Until then advertise. advertise, advertise.

    just a little heads up

    statistics tell me that when a big money casino opens up , they usually get a big name chef.


    they all look at the bottom line

    dont worry about your neighbor keep focused with posite obtainable goals and youll be just a little better off

    big money doesnt mean crap and im proof of that

    we have a big money place where i live

    pueto vallarta that has students working all the time

    funny things are happening to me because im not worried about my neighbor

    what is this you might ask?

    success in smaller numbers

    but it is still succesfull

    keep you head high and never get confrontational

    if you need help you have a member based community that will always give you some of the very best advice

    THE EGULLET SOCIETY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thats why we are here not just for the money

    we all know that if you get into the business for the money you might as well pack it up lol

    take care my friend message me if you need to



  8. hi everyone

    i just got back from belgium and had the experience of a lifetime

    3 days in the kitchen at comme chez soirre

    im a specialist with beef here in puerto vallarta mexico

    if yoou would like to watch a neat video go to my web page


    and watch the video

    when im cooking the new york youll notice the coca cola dont be surprised the sugars and acid help the meat out quite a bit

    go take a look and try not to eat your monitor lol


  9. as a chef that lives and operates a casual fine dining steakhouse here in puerto vallarta, i would like to thank all of you for your contributions.

    many people from the society have dropped into my restaraunt ( Bruce's back alley bistro ) and have really had some great conversation , diner and wine

    i like the conversation part lol

    there was a man name mark ( cant remember his nick name ) i went so far as to have him in my kitchen with me one afternoon, tyhis mans passion for food as a customer was unbelievable it sure was nice talking to him.

    if any of you folks would like to drop in and say hello i would be honored



  10. arugula has a refined peppery definition in flavour

    so in my opinion i wouldnt use it as a substitute

    kale is just a pain in the arse for a lack of better words

    acelgas is the absolute stone cold best substitute as far as im conccerned

    indigenous to mexico, acelgas has a very neat texture and a wonderfull flavour

    it holds it form well once it has been steamed and maintains i vibrant green colour

    try looking for it your local grocery store even better ask your grocer or wholesaler to bring it in for you if they can

    note !!!

    it 20 % percent of the price of spinach and stays in the fridge a hell of a lot longer

    let me know how it works out please


    chef pelon

  11. i would like to personally thank you tony for taking the time to explain principle and matter when it comes to plating

    as a restaurant owner and chef ,im always looking for a little something refreshing

    i was just in the middle of teaching a new cook in my place when i seen the course

    i would like to show you a dish that this NEW cook came up with as anddition to the platting structure we use in my place

    im particularirly proud of this young man because the poor guy dont speek any english ( i live in puerto vallarta ), and he took the time to actually use a online translation site to make use of your course

    anyway here you are with a pic ok

    after all this will someone please give me instructions on how to post the photo!!!!!

    thank you


    chef pelon

  12. mark is a personal friend of mine,i really love the integrity this man brings to the table in his business

    i just cut and pasted the burger on mark menu for all of you to enjoy

    remember, the best burger is not allways the best

    i remember when i was a young boy growing up in regent park we used to visit the root&burger

    nick and his 2 sons with his wife hellen used to make a dandy

    anyway here is marks burger at his new venue BYMARK

    Bymark Burger 8 oz. U.S.D.A Prime Beef With Brie de Meaux, Grilled Porcini, Shaved Summer Truffles & Crisp Onion Rings


    adios amigos ybuenos tardes

    chef pelon

  13. hello folks

    bruce here from bruces back alley bistro in puerto vallarta

    in my opinion the best beef to use for this dish is flank steak

    the dish in discussion originates from veracruz

    however the beef they use is from sonora

    feel free to ask me any question regarding mexican food or what we have available to us here in mexico



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