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  1. Thanks for that David - very helpful - it is a cuisine that I have eaten plenty of having had Polish grand parents, but that sadly I have never known what the actual names for most of the dishes are so it is all alien to me!
  2. Will do Gary - should be in the next month or two!! Sam and Scott were great actually - without them, her CV and my referance would have never made it to Anthony, so I know Emma and I for that matter owe them a huge thanks!
  3. Have booked Maze for my 50th birthday lunch a month today. Haven't been for about fifteen months. Do more recent visitors think it is on top form, or would I be better off elsewhere in the area - Texture? Le Gavroche? Pizza Hut? ← A colleague went there yesterday and said he had a fantastic meal - I would imaging jason will look after you Robert!
  4. I was really pleased to hear that our former junior restaurant manager who left us earlier this year to go back to her home city of Leeds has now been made restaurant manger there. Well deserved as she was superb and had a fantastic wine knowledge. I will have to get myself back up there for a meal at some point soon. Will be interested to hear your review Oli
  5. It has had slightly mixecd reviews recently, though. ← Since this seems to be the one everyone is recommending above others, I think I will take a punt on it! I will write back with a review when I get back (my first in a long time!). Any other culinary delights I need to look out for?
  6. Thanks for this David, I will add that to my list - it's amazing how difficult it can be finding the real gastronomic delights in places where gastronomy is perhaps more hidden below the surface than in cities like London or Paris. Most of the review sites such as trip advisor have recommendations, but they are ususally from people who are not really no epicurians!
  7. Hi all, I am calling to you all for some help - albeit rather late in the day, but I am off to Krakow on Thursday with my wife for our wedding anniversary and so far we have failed to highlight anything that might even begin to resemble fine dining restaurants in and around the city. Whilst we will be throwing ourselves into the Pierogi's and so on in the milk bars and other Polish joints around the city, we would like something a little more refined for our actual anniversary night and so far have only managed to locate restaurants which to all intents and purposes have the same menu, starti
  8. Much to my shame, having been unable to spend much time on blogs over the past few months, I am incredibly tardy at posting a couple of reviews. To add to my shame, these are not really just normal review, but they are in fact reviews of two of the best meals that I was lucky enough to have last year! An annual visit to Le Champignon Sauvage has become something of religious pilgrimage for me - one that really needs to occur more than once a year, as once is never enough, usually leaving me with a serious case of cold chicken afterwards - even as I write, I am having pangs of desire to put o
  9. Hi Adam, As stated we are big fans hence the frequent journeys to pay homage. I guess that I hit a nerve,and she went on the defensive,its a real shame,but sometimes these things happen. ← That would be a real shame if that was the case, but from my experiences of both David and Helen, I would be very suprised indeed if this was due to any comments you made about the food. Helen (and David for that matter) have always been the consummate professionals and incredibly charming every time I have been. I certainly wouldn't let it stop you from going again, there is more than likely a very ho
  10. I will be getting me a copy of that then - Essence is still one of the best books I have come across being both inspirational and with recipes that work. You can also take individual components of any dish and work them into your menu. I am soooo overdue writing up one of the best meals I had last year which was, of course, at LCS. Will aim to get it up this weekend finally!
  11. You are in for an absolute treat!!
  12. Thanks for that Erica - will make sure our secretary know to look out for any scams like that!
  13. Champignon Sauvage every time - I will write up my review shortly but I had an absolutely incredible meal there on Saturday. David is an exceptional chef and the food we had was easily 3 star Michelin. Go, go, go, go!!!!
  14. I don't think anyone is implying the appocolipse is coming, but for sure this is an unprecedented time and businesses both good and bad are being severly afffected. Life will of course go on, business will return and those damaged will pick up the pieces and carry on. It is, however, very reassuring to be able to let off a bit of steam and to engage with other people at times like for interesting discussion!
  15. I guess a lot of what happens next depends very much on the outcome of the creditors meeting that is due to happen in the next week or so. Will keep all posted!
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