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  1. We are staying at the Tides in South Beach. 3 ladies in late forties on a girls weekend. I don't knwo South beach at all. I find there are not as many resources to follow for dining as say new york, so for help so I am relying on my fellow chow hounds. Thursday night (we want casual, fun fine food): Michaels Genuine: Is this close to South Beach or an expensive cab ride? Friday Lunch (we are going out later that night so we want a 2p.m. or so fun, festive lunch with either people watching or water view) : Bistro One in the Ritz Carlton or Il Dido in the same (this seems weak, so a better idea would be appreciated) Fri Eve Clubbing: Setai bar or the Shore Club Saturday Dinner: Vix Sunday Dinner: a casual Cuban place: please name a good one Monday lunch: Joe's Crab Stone House How am I doing. Thanks to all.
  2. Loved it. Loved Mostly Martha too. Does not have to be an either or sort of thing.
  3. thanks all for your help. I in the end did get a fairly firm and tasty caramel. Now to try a chocolate caramel. I do think the above is true- slow cook, less stirring and emptying the bowl. Thanks for the advice and encouragement. Will keeping them in the fridge affect the texture if they are individually wrapped and then in a plastic sealed container.
  4. thank you- they are beautiful... and the picture really helps me see what they should be like ....I will re-attempt tonight to achieve that
  5. I could cut them into squares- but they were still pliable- hm...maybe I need to go to a chocolatier and buy a caramel- maybe I am expecting them to be something they are not- more solid like a kraft caramel- is that the texture - or are they supposed to be more unctious (sp.) still I do believe you maybe right the fat may have separated out.
  6. I made Alain Ducasse's salty caramels- I had to re-cook them to 255- but although they firmed up - they were greasy. The Epicurious recipe calls for slightly different ingredients Could someone please point me to the best recipe-they should not be oily should they?
  7. I cooked to almost 255 - they hardend some- however they were oily- should they be oily?
  8. Thanks- I had planned to check my thermometer last week and then forgot- and then I just went ahead and made the caramels. I will check tonight. At sea level.
  9. cocoagirl

    Bah humbug

    me too with the to soft caramels... I reheated to 250...still to soft. I am going to try again..should I do 255 or 260 to be sure? The come out of the pan to re-heat pretty well. Luckily my cookies for our swap today did come out pretty well- it was a pecan recipe from Martha Stewarts Every Day Food Cookie Book. However, I needed 36 cookies..and I was able to eke out 36 cookies of nice uniform size... but I spent all weekend wishing I had been able to get at least 37- I wanted to eat one so bad.
  10. I am sorry if this question has already been discussed. I am making Alain Ducasse's salty caramels- at 248 I poured and cooled. To sticky. I re-melted to 250. Cooled and still to sticky to form into caramels. Is their any point to re-melting to 255 or 260. Or has all the chemistry happened already and the caramel won't change texture at this point. This was a practice run.
  11. for those with Ilan crushes- he claims in his MySpace page to love the women...however I have never been on MySpace- this was a quote from the Televisonwithoutpity website.
  12. As my girlfriend said last night, "I'd do Ilan, but I'm not sure he swings my way." While it's relatively easy to come up with cool ideas, executing them for the first time, without outside help or research, for a group of highly discerning judges can be intimidating. I know I wouldn't be able to come up with a recipe for sweet potato madelines off the top of my head, and terrines are so prone to failure if you're not confident in your technique. Still, I agree the food was disappointing. ←
  13. I re-did my kitchen in my condo with Ikea cabinets 7 years ago. They are beautiful and sturdy with great hardware. The guy who did my kitchen said they were a piece of work to put together though.
  14. I just spent some time in mid Maine. This is an area where there are many tiny towns hooked together by a somewhat larger town. In one case the town was about 1/2 hour away from a skiing area. What I found that while there seemed to be some fairly decent breakfasts (hearty), lunch and especially dinner were poor. And yet this is where the locals eat and they are used to. So ask a local and........I adjusted accordingly
  15. And for your next trip, I recommend this book: Traveling New England with a dog. ← Great. Thanks for the link. I may head to the book store on the way home.
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