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  1. Had a bunch of burgers to do today outside. Super steamed them at 150 and then seared them over super hot coals in short time.
  2. Sure, there are different ways to skin a cat. Ive recently started smoking whole clods (18lbs) and foiling at higher temps is the safest way to avoid drying them out sue to the long temp stall. I used to be a traditional low slow 230f type smoker until i wasted a whole clod doing that.
  3. Foiling is the answer, as mentioned in an early post many bbq smokers are using foil and higher temps to cut times and moisture loss.
  4. I am going to have a small rack made to go on the floor to hold pan for meat drippings, this way chicken will be more suspended mid air and not need to be flipped.
  5. I think a higher temp than 300 would be more applicable for crisper skin.
  6. Chicken came out excellent, 450 for 45mins. Sorry for cellphone pics. Satisfied, will try some veggies next.
  7. got mine today, just put a bird in it, 450 for 45
  8. Just pulled trigger on order after seeing the results, they don't appear to make the small hooks anymore.
  9. Welcome to the world of smoking, the WSM is without question a fine piece of equipment people win competitions with it. I suggest ribs to start with, get the hang of running it for 4-5 hours before you go on to longer 12 hours cooks for brisket etc. It is highly recommended you install a thermometer in it, you just drill a hole in the top and put one there.
  10. I don't know if it is because I live in the hot tropics but when I used the whisk the bowl temp was a lot higher than when using the paddle hence the soupyness. I would guess that there is a lot more friction with the whisk which causes more heat. IMBC does freeze well but when I pipe a previously frozen bag it tends to spread a little clumpy.
  11. I did them over for an extra 30mins and firmed up a bit, much better. Very good texture. Yes it would look good with something in the centre dripping over.
  12. the 1:20 at 176f was not long enough, they came out a little sloppy, gonna try at least 2:00 next time, probably use 3 bags and pull at 2:00, 2:30, 3:00 very smooth though I might try rebagging some of these and doing over. I tried painting the interior of a silicone cannele mold with choc ganache but it didn't coat nicely.
  13. Ok, the consistency and smoothness looks very good so far whilst its chilling. I was just hoping that I could get them smoothly shaped like canneles and maybe coat them with choc ganache after freezing them. It would be a good exercise to know how much time affects how much it thickens after reaching a custard setting temp. I also have some I did in oven with waterbath to compare.
  14. Was yours very thick after 3 hours ? I just did a bag at 176f for about 1:20 it was just about getting thick, I piped them into a silicone cannele molds but may have started to set/clump and I don't think they will be cleanly set in the molds but will see after I freeze them.
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