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  1. Only 2 bottles of barbecue sauce? You've been away from KC for too long. My friends and family know I like to 'cue, so I get gift sets of 4 bottles at a single pop. The garage fridge is full of 'em. Of course, most aren't very good but I can't throw them away. Plus my wife and kids rarely look in the fridge to see if there's an open bottle of ketchup so I have several open bottles at any time. Good thing I'm a ketchup bottle half full kind of guy.
  2. Yes, "Lunch" was called "Dinner" and the evening meal was supper. Dinner was served about 5:30 or so.
  3. I grew up in Kansas City and still live here. I spent a lot of time at my grandparents while my parents worked during the day. Dinner was at 11:30 Supper was at 5:30
  4. Barbecue has less to do with the rub/marinade than it does with the time/temp in the smoker. You want cook at 225 to 250 for a long time using charcoal and/or wood. I like hickory for ribs but apple works very well too. Spares will take about 6 hours, baby backs 4 or 5. For my rub, I use a mixture of 1 part kosher salt to 1 part white sugar, add 1/2 part brown sugar, then add chile powder, paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, red, white and black pepper, and whatever spices look good. I peel the membrane from the concave side. Sprinkle generously with rub, wrap and let sit over night in the fridge. Next morning I fire up the smoker and cook at 250 for about 5-6 hours. They're done when tender but not falling off the bone.
  5. chileheadmike

    Dinner! 2007

    Cholesterol shmolesterol. I didn't spend all summer growing maters to not have BLT's. Back on the "Healthy Lifestyle" tomorrow.
  6. chileheadmike

    Dinner! 2007

    Doc said I gotta cut down on the cholesterol, so I'm eating much healthier now. Grilled fish tacos for one. Cod pan seared in olive oil with Cumin, Mexican Oregano and a little chile powder. Really good corn tortillas topped with the shredded fish, raw cabbage, and a mixture of onion and cilantro. Side View
  7. Cross Country Nurseries has the plants for $3.00ea. I've been getting chile plants from there for years although I haven't tried this one. http://www.chileplants.com/search.asp?ProductCode=CHIBHJ
  8. Careful what you ask for.... ← OK, Scoville-Boy, you were once a cook at what was then the best restaurant in Lawrence . . . perhaps you can find time between snide remarks to illuminate Dinger? ← Ok Ok, sorry. I just couldn't help myself. We don't get back to Larryville nearly often enough but here's my list of where we go when we do. Unfortunately my favorites (Cornucopia, Tin Pan Ally, and Paradise and Lunch have all closed) Bambino's: I had to take Brianne there because its the site of the old Cornucopia. Not quite the same. Decent pasta served by nice hippies. Free State Brewery: Obvious choice but I've always had good food and beer there. There's a couple of Mexican places we like. One on New Hampshire between 7th and 8th, and one at 23 & Iowa. Both decent but not in the same league as the finer places in KCK. There's a Thai Restaurant where Paradise used to be (I think) where I had the hottest Pad Thai of my life. Wow, at the top of my heat level. Really good, Brianne had a milder version that she really liked.
  9. Ahh summer is here and the chiles are coming in. I roast some Anahiems, Poblanos, and Jalapenos on the grill till the skin is black then peel and dice. I then saute some onin and garlic in olive oil, add the diced chiles, some cumin and Mexican Oregano and maybe a little chicken stock. Let it cook down a bit. Grill the burger till medium rare, top with green chile mixture and some good cheddar. Oh man, I love summer.
  10. Jerry, I'm proud of you. A whole rant and not one meniton of JoCo. Bo Ling's for dim sum and AB's for megasupersize sammiches in the same day? Are you working up for another taco crawl?
  11. I was a cook for a long time. I wanted to get out of the biz and get a day job. I got a job as a waiter and started back to school. One night the owner of the place came up to me and said, "I seated a table in section 11, I want you to take care of them". Section 11 was 4 tables by the fire exit, no one's first choice to sit, and we only used it when we had to. We weren't busy that night so I knew something was strange. I got to the table, Mom, Dad, 2 boys probably 8 and 10. I noticed that there were only two settings of silver, I apologized and said I'd bring two more with their drinks. They said, "No, we don't allow them to use silverware" motioning to the boys. OK. Parents ordered entres, nothing expensive, and ordered a side of pasta with marinara for each of the boys. OK. I brought the food and again offered silverware to the boys and was again politely told no. I came back 2 minutes later to ask if the food was OK, they said they were done and wanted the check. The boys, the table, their clothes, everything was covered with the tomato sauce. I offered napkins and was politely refused. I dropped off the check, came back to pick up the money. They were gone. They left some money, about enough to cover half of the check. I'm now freakin' out cuz we carried our own banks and I'm thinking I'm going to have to make up the difference. I go to the owner and tell him the story. He said not to worry about it, keep it to yourself. Strangest table I ever waited on.
  12. Did pulled pork last weekend. Got a 9 pound butt, did it in my Weber Smokey Mountain. Rubbed and ready to go. Rub is equal parts salt and sugar with a half part brown sugar, then chile powder, paprika, pepper, cumin and secret stuff. Let the pork sit overnight in the fridge. Bring out before firing up the Weber to come to room temp. Firing up the Weber. Hickory chunks, unsoaked. Hot! Guard Cat Grill Cam Well seasoned WSM Bone pulls clean Porky Goodness That's it. Not bad if I do say so myself. Served with green beans fresh from the city market and some new potatoes sauteed in olive oil with onion, garlic, and rosemary.
  13. My Mom's German Potato Salad. Only boiled potatoes, hard cooked eggs, a ton of bacon, onions added to the crisp bacon, cider vinegar added to the bacon/bacon fat/onion. S&P. That's it, no sugar/brown sugar/anything sweet of any kind. Hashbrowns from the local diner, must be the vintage kaola gold. Fries from Gates and Sons in KC. Not everyone likes their BBQ but I still say they have the best fries in town.
  14. OK, I am NOT going to say I took one for the team on this. But I did take my daughters here for a late lunch today. I got out of the car and started looking around, I smelled BBQ, real BBQ, really good BBQ. I asked Brianne if she saw a BBQ restaurant around. Nope. Went in and noticed the half rack Father's Day special. Well, well, well, some promise here. Not feeling like ribs, I had a Cuban sandwich with Las Cruses Potatoes. There are no fries here. Sandwich was great, grilled pork with a spicy jerk rub with lettuce and tomato on a soft hogie type bun. Wasn't pressed. The pork was really good and it and the sauce provided a lot of flavor. Really good. The potatoes were a little disappointing. Sliced potatoes with the skin still on, sauteed with chile verde and topped with jack cheese. Not bad but not great either. Brianne had a chicken fajita sandwich. Same bread, grilled chicken with onions and peppers and cheese. She really like it. Again she said that it had a ton of flavor and wasn't dumbed down for us delicate JoCo folks. She had pasta salad that she only picked at, it had black olives in it and she won't eat 'em. Meghan had the kiddie pizza, i got a slice. Pretty good, crisp crust, ok sauce, and plenty of cheese. The pizza here would be a good option. Overall this is very good stuff and I would definitely go back. The Wednesday special looks good, 10 oz KC Strip, LC Potatoes, and a salad for $10.95.
  15. These are the other two offerings that had gotten my interest. ← Somehow, I knew. Now if they only had stinky gorgonzola
  16. Hello? Kansas City eGullters! Has the warmer weather caught us - asleep? Silence is deafening. So, I've become aware that Taco Nazo has some offerings of interest to me. For starters, the lengua burrito Zeemanb mentions sounds wonderful. By chance, do they offer lengua in other dishes/forms? Tacos? u.e. ← I think you can get it in a variety of forms, including tacos. They also have cabeza and cesos. Hopefully, I'm spelling everything correctly.
  17. OK, Resurrecting this thread. Zeemanb and I ditched work this afternoon. It was a nice sunny Friday and we couldn't think of anything better to do than play hooky from work and kill our stomachs. He starts to IM me about leaving early and heading to Don Chilito's Fine Mexican Cuisine. I think he's kidding and say, "I will if you will". I didn't think they could really be as bad as I remember, they've been in business since I was a kid, they must be doing something right, right? We walk in and notice the place is clean with new paint even, but there's an odor. Not a Mexican food odor though. I'm thinking, "Get a couple of tacos and get out". Z says, "I'm getting the Juarez Platter, and if you don't get a platter you're a wuss." I get the Combo Platter, a taco, tostada, cheese enchilada, chile relleno, rice and beans. Plus you get free sopapillas and all the chips and salsa you can eat at the help yourself bar. This is all served cafeteria style, you walk up, place your order and watch them assemble it. Chile relleno is taken from the reach-in and put on a plate, as is the enchilada. Its then put into one of the 6 or 7 industrial microwaves for no more than a minute. The cheese is all melted and the food is steaming when it exits the 'wave. The whole mess is slid onto a hot platter and handed to me. The taco was fine, pre-fab fried corn tortilla stuffed with ground beef, lettuce and cheese. The tostada was the same thing only flat and had beans on it. The chile relleno was weird. It was a small burrito thingie with a strip of canned green chile and some white cheese in it. I ate it all. We laughed throughout the whole ordeal at the true horrible-ness of the food. I was ready to go. Z said we had to eat the sopapillas. These things had been sitting around since the Carter Administration. How do you eff up fried bread? Oh man. Easily the worst part of a truly bad meal. Odd thing (well one of them), was that the place was busy at 3:00pm on a weekday. Lots of to-go orders and several people at tables. Normal looking people. The kind that should know better. This place is an anomaly that I will never understand. I just have to eat there every decade or so. I have to go now, I'm not feeling well. Rick Bayless, you have nothing to worry about from Don.
  18. Oh man, Chicken Fried Bacon. That has to be awesome. Does it come with gravy?
  19. Cool thread. What about the BLT? My personal favorite. I only eat these during the summer when my garden is producing truly great tomatoes. I use a good white bread, sometimes sourdough, always toasted. I then add , Hellman's (cold), iceburg lettuce (also cold), bacon (hot), and tomato (room temp). Its all pretty much room temp by the time i eat it. Bud during the season, I can put away 3 or 4 at a sitting. Come on Mid-July
  20. For anyone who likes the super sweet molasses/brown sugar style of BBQ sauce (note I'm not saying KANSAS CITY STYLE BBQ SAUCE....), I highly recommend Blues Hog. I don't think it contains HFCS, and the folks who produce it are "real" bbq people who travel the competition circuit. Its good stuff, we use it often. It is sweet. I believe the first ingredient listed is brown sugar. My go to sauce however is Gates although I wouldn't use it in a competition.
  21. I worked at a Mexican place for a while, back in the early 80's. We had this hot shot know it all dishwasher a-hole. HSKIADWA decides he's hungry about the time we're closing up. He gets the floor sweepins burrito. It looked really nice coming out of the oven with all that homemade enchilada sauce and cheese on it. Luckily for him we fished out the toothpicks. He ate every bit. A couple weeks later we sold HSKIADWA a nice fat bag of oregano, we took the proceeds and bought a whole boatload of beer. Dude had no taste. Edited for spelling
  22. The "sanditto" looks "interesting". I'm generally not a fan of cheese with 'Cue. But blue cheese, and aioli mayo stuff with 'Cue just doesn't sound right at all. Maybe I'm just too curmudgeonly.
  23. I'm not a huge fan of Jack's Stack. Just not a lot of good smoke BBQ flavor. It seems that every time its mentioned, the cheesy corn bake gets raved about. I can open a couple cans of corn and throw in some cheese. I agree, why go to a BBQ place for sides? Nice onion rings though. I like OK Joe's, and I know I'm not the only fan of Gate's because they are always packed, (yeah I know, so is Applebees) but I do like their beef on a bun and I think they have the best fries in town (sides again). I like their burnt ends as well, nothing wrong with a little fat on the brisket. Back to making this on topic, her review and points did seem to match up better. I just don't agree with either this time.
  24. Reading that review made me long for the Kosmo Deli - my favorite "Korean Restaurant" in A2. ← LOL!! Well, we won't tell Lauren, she won't know the difference. Seriously, though, Chapin's descriptions of the food were textbook... just not much passion either way about it. ← I just today drove past Royal Korean on Shawnee Mission Parkway just West of Metcalf. There was a Japanese restaurant and a Chinese grocery store in the same strip mall so I plan on heading back soon to check it all out. So there must be two in town. I ate at Choga once, my one and only time for Korean. I was by myself and the service was not very good. I got their version of a bento box with some stir fried beef in one hole, rice and veggies in others. I asked if they could make it extra spicy for me and was told "it's already spicy". Well it wasn't. I asked someone familiar with the cuisine if it is hot. they indicated not all of it. My response was "some if it is. isn't it?" Hey UE likes ice cream and stinky cheese, I like hot. Back to Choga, I got the feeling that the meat was pre-cooked and warmed when ordered. Nothing I had was really very good. I see raves about Korean all the time and would like to try some good, and hot, Korean. Maybe a trip to Royal Korean is in my near future.
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