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  1. I've got some pictures - one in partic that is fabulous - from our visit to TVH on Sunday, March 29th. Me and the fella are from Philly, and The Violet Hour came highly recommended by our pal Katie Loeb. So, visit we did and we had a lovely lovely time under the friendly care of Troy and Stephen.

    The pictures will come later this week when i get to downloading them.

    In the interim, I will say that our respective Manhattans (me Brooklyn, him Woolworths) were wonderful with a tip to the Woolworth and the root beer bitters. I much preferred that one.

    We moved on to (him) Man's Ruin and me, I wanted to try something fizzy with eggwhites so Stephen suggested the Iron Cross which Troy supplied. I was enamored with the rose water on the ice cube action for the man's ruin. I loved the beautiful presentation of the Iron Cross (i know,i know, this post is worthless without pictures) and I have absolutely no idea what was in it .

    We snacked on the tempura cocktail onions: great! And the mini dogs (two chicago dogs, and the other two had cashews and pickled onions and a mustard that tasted, i dunno, like dill? maybe?)

    It was relatively open at about 6:30 in the evening, but just about full at 10;15 when we left.

    I find the price point of $12 per cocktail astounding.

    I was in love with the mood of the place - hip, lovely, elegant, but not intimidating.

    Thank you Tobey and your gang!

    - julie

  2. just thinking - isn't Cafe de Parc grammatically wrong in French? That is, if he is referring to Rittenhouse park, it is wrong. If he is referring to the condo building (is it named Parc?) then it is still wrong. If he is referring to a first or last name, it can be OK. Right? at one time in my life my french was more than good, less than fluent, and my language skills are used principally, lately, with French speaking African cabbies, but...I think I am right? Anyone ? Either way, I still vote for Cafe du Parc.

  3. I'm by any stretch of the beermagination a beerhound - I go to beer events for the company, the crowd, for my husband, and for the blonder beers. I did attend the event at the Navy Yard last year, during the day, and it was nice, inviting, crowded, and impossible to get to the single food stand/area (with kinda nondescript food anyway). I commented then to the organizers that they have to do something about that (and also texted pals that went to the nighttime session which was even MORE packed...thankfully she brought her own pretzels in the backpack). I also heard on more than one occassion that the beers brought by the breweries were their standards and not something "cool" or their "A game". Again, I wouldn't notice. We were big fans of the school bus transport from the Pattison stop on the BSL . Worked well.

    I've also been to the Brewer's Plate twice and loved it ! I am interested this year particularly by the restaurant line up and the new location! Its a really neat gig.

  4. I have no pictures to document our joyous first, and not last, time at Osteria on Saturday night. The evening began with a pleasant bus ride to St Stephen's, great smiles and service for a pre-Osteria dinner. And then off we went...into the space that is our new favorite in town. Looking back and also at philadinings pictures, i didn't think that the polenta was in fact polenta under the snails (which we had too). Glorious dish. We also had the wood grilled octopus, which has replaced our previous favorite (estia)...the lemon and arugula were great plate partners to this tender and perfectly salted octopus.

    We too shared the candele with wild boar. But we also had the robiolla francobili - mini ravioli with chanterrelles....decadently divine.

    My fella had the baby pig special - we agree that it was the best pork ever, tender, juicy, herby (i sound like a broken record after philadining). I had the roasted rabbit on polenta (which was was more polenta-y than that under the snails). The dark meat was splendid , the white meat off just a teensy bit (dry), and the crisped pancetta cubes on the plate brought me to tears. Great great night.

    Oh we started with two great Makers Mark Manhattans, and then the very nice sommelier steared us to a Rosso DiAltimiso 2006 which we both found a lot of pleasure in (i am not tannin-y, the fella is, so this was a happy meeting place). I add also that we were in the "north room" the tiny little space towards the bathrooms ...it was quiet, and nice, we really like it there.

  5. I was there a few weeks ago, and it was a hard place for a table of 6 (no reservations accepted and if the front tables are full, you are crammed into a booth). The drinks and service were great. Fries were excellent. The Fried cheese was deeeelicious (cheddar, fresh mozzerella and also a gruyere). I was not a fan, at all, of the steak frites - the steak was almost see-thru thin and doused in sauce. The croque madame and monsieur had by two other dining partners were done on brioche rolls which might have been tasty, if not at all authentic (and not visually appealing). I cannot remember all other food items ordered, but the memory of that steak is enough to make me want to go back for wine/beer and the fried cheese.

  6. We were happily seated at the quiet bar last week for dinner and enjoyed the drinks and the bartender skills, not to mention her company. that said, on to othe food:

    Rosemary garlic fries: great thinness, great crisp, really really good aoili. Fried garlic was nice. Fried rosemary wasn't too present in the taste. Nicely salted.

    Shrimp and chorizo skewers: perfectly done, nice sized shrimp and a spicy and pleasant chorizo.

    Fried calamari: great batter/cornmeal, if a bit too salty, great doneness on the squids. and served piping hot. The sundried tomatoe remoulade- - i think it was that - was good, slightly thick to dip into, needed my knife.

    Pan seard scallops with corn, spinach and pancetta: would have been divine, really divine, if it weren't for the salt. Way too heavey handed. But good scallops, again another thing perfectly cooked, and the sort of corn cream sauce was nice but, yep, salty.

    We had no wine (I know, i know, its a wine bar) but we were veyr very very pleased with the Salty Pomeranian, Blood Orange Margarita, and a supersecret floral cocktail made by none other.

    Prices - hmmmm - i think most of the menu comes in around say $7 - $15. Maybe a few items were over.

    Atmosphere - awesome, if you like quiet, dark, tin ceiling and walls, quaint - but not like your gramdother's house quaint. Sorta adult romantic quaint.

    I'm going back.

    (edited too add: its located at 7th and Kater, just south of South)

  7. i have been planning a few happy hours for the numbers you cite , but we don't have any business to chat about, just general whatnot.

    Tir Na Nog is our next stop, after we did the patio at Mexican Post a few weeks ago. Mind you, MexiPost will not reserve you a " quiet corner" of the patio but inside I am confident that you'd have ample space to be by yourself. Its decent...that's about it (margs are from the tap?? huh? I mean they add the tequila later, but really).

    Another option for our gang was Nodding Head - I'm wondering if they could reserve a few tables for you. Would their delicious beer be a draw for some in your crowd?

    The option of Twenty21 is a good one I think esp with the kind courtesy of the previous poster.

    whatever you do...please report back! I need notes to tuck away for future use.

  8. thanks for the all the help. here are the results:

    drive to Annapolis from Philly: fine. nothing eventful, Bay bridge traffic going North/East was murder but we were going in the opp direction

    Mike's : glad we got there at Noon! it filled up quickly. Service was so friendly, crabs (large or medium, we went for large) were meaty and delicious. We sat for about 2 +hrs picking them, looking at the duckings near the dock, and some carp, i think.. Clams casino - too much breading but clams were whole and a bit too much garlic. NIce big piece of bacon. Frozen drinks , eh, not so good. Tiki bar, not really a Tiki but nice enough.

    Courtyard Marriott. friendly, but small rooms.

    Annapolis: we walked around and around, window shopped and stopped into Pusser's for a painkiller. Very delicious, very friendly staff and friendly locals and tourists alike.

    Water taxi to Eastport where we fell in total love with the Boatyard. Getting there at 6 on a Saturday helped us secure a spot at the bar where we ejoyed smoke mahi-mahi (capers, red onion, sourdough bread) and it was delightful as were the rum and cokes. we didn't have much of an appetite for their glorious menu and its worth a trip back!

    thanks all for the recommendations; we did have every intention in fact to make it back to Annapolis after the Boatyard to go to Yin yankee for dinner.....but alas, we were waylayed by rum!

  9. The Bay bridge lands on the west side of Kent island, Kent narrows is the east side.

    Annapolis has lots of good restaurants to offer.  Anything in particular you're looking for?

    Here are two good ones very near to the Marriott courtyard:



    probably looking for things downtown Annapolis, not too touristy, and probably seafood. i guess anything that is on or near the water is a no-no?

  10. eh, its a splurge weekend ( my birthday) so the price per dozen is do-able (plus, since were vacationing, we have no bushel buying option and cooking them at home).

    it now looks like leonardtown may slip out of the equation so we're going straight to annapolis. Mikes for lunch, then in town for nighttime eating and drinking. A 2 hr boat trip on Sunday, then maybe a stop @ Harris' ...and then home to Philly. if you have anything to say about Annapolis, by all means, don't hold your peace!

    What is the Kent Narrows like on Sunday's ? (is that the same as the Bay bridge?)

  11. Thank you Sandy for meticulous organization and fervent applause for this great place. we enjoyed the company, the restuarant, the service, and of course, the cow(s)!

    my first time at an egullet "event" was friendly and inviting.

    my first time in a Brazilian establishment was also very warm and friendly.

    my first time with the Rodizio action was aaawesome. Filet, bacon, skirt steak, top round, and the official "picanha" cut...all done for us as we mostly requested rare to medium rare....simply divine and perfectly seasoned. And let us not forget the great okra and myself, I was a fan of both beans and both styles of rice (topped with a sprinkle of the flour crumble with bacon as advised by manley).

    Price and decor aside, I'd be interested in a comparison tween Picanha and Fogo on the meat. Has anyone been to both?

    oh - and another first time - navigating the Oxford Circle which I think only looks remotely like a circle from birds eye view. NJ is NJ but their circles are more SugarJ friendly. :)

  12. Hey all - we're going to Leonardtown for the day and then heading back north in the afternoon. We're hoping to find a nice town (with accomodations) that offers a fantastic crab shack (with beer and good times) and maybe a neghborhood to walk around and window shop.

    Someone mentioned to me that Chesapeake Beach and North Beach were nice places.

    And then another board recommended, highly, that we keep on going up towards Annapolis and go to Mike's in Riva (the website is drawing me in already...crabs...a tiki bar....but where to stay that is very nearby - oh - and that doesn't have , this time of year, a 2 nite minimum as we just want Saturday night)

    I didn't really want to stay in Annapolis , but would if that is was my search leads me to.

    I am grateful for your recommendations.


    Philly Gulletter...SugarJ

  13. According to Michael Klein..

    Astral Plane owner wants $1.75 million for the place.

    I should buy some of whatever he is smoking.

    In any case that puts it in the realm of real estate development not restaurants.

    Anyone who had $1.75 million to buy a crappy restaurant space would clearly just build a restaurant from scratch.

    I doubt you will be seeing another restaurant there.

    I was certain that my wishful thinking would have necessitated a little fairy dust to make it happen as the price did seem steep (those are some pretty expensive parachute ceiling covers).

  14. and I was never able to have the lamb chops again, well, all my own (instead of having to steal bites from the plate across the table)!!

    I will think good thoughts for the whole M crew that you turn up again - soon - in a local spot to continue to make our tummies, palates, and livers...smile!

    Cheers to you all and thanks for the memories (drat - no pictures of the food from the post-rehearsal dinner...well, we'll never forget!)!


    Jules and Matt

  15. I think FORK would be your best bet, period.

    even though the room seats 40 and the party is for 70?

    70 was a number referred to regarding the size of Tangerine's private room, not the size of the rehearsal dinner party.

    actually the OP put that as the sub-subject.

    My vote is for Positano Coast - they have the space and its really pretty

  16. I am a raw egg-o-phobe

    Try not to think of it as "raw egg". Rather, think of it as "sauce that comes in single serving packages". Mmmmmm... delicious "sauce"...


    oh would that I could! I can only get into the yellowy goodness when it approaches a wet or not-so-wet scramble (and is mixed with the whites too), anything prior to that level of doneness isn't my thing. just my own eggsentricity i guess. (gosh that was a pathetic joke).

  17. katie - the inlaws called Tues for a reservation last night - said it was booked and sort of sloughed of a "i dunno, guest chef, something something something".

    and so we went elsewhere completely incomparable :(

    and lo and behold the guest chef was Shola....man have I been dying to try his stuff AND there wasn't a raw egg (in any of the pictures) for once (there seems always to be one in his beauteous meals (I am a raw egg-o-phobe).

    darn! so sad to have missed this! (and missed the Apamate one).

  18. I am about to rub 8 - 10 lbs of pork spare ribs tonight and then smoke them on Saturday morning in the stovetop smoker (creating a foil cover, and also layering in foil "sticks" to prop up the racks of pork). going by the book, i think its an hour for the first 2 or 3 lbs adn then 15/20 min for every pound after.

    I'll finish them on the grill and sauce em later

    Does anyone have any other tips on length of smoke, type of chip (i think we have cherry, alder, mesquite, and hicokry at home)? many thanks.

  19. Not like the country paté needs a fan club, but I am on the list. We've had it twice now, once wrapped with applewood smoked bacon and the second with proscuitto. Preferred the bacon, but the paté itself, was genius both times (the second purchase of a slice a little over an inch think was about $4.75 AND we got the onions and caper berries AND grainy mustard also).

    Is country paté , by definition, "less livery" ? Is there liver even in the ingredients? Questions from me, the liver fraidy cat.

    On that paté purchase excursion the wonderful chef asked me to taste a sort of potato gratin...that had baked underneath his roasting turkey. the juices/fat from the turk really made his layered potatoe dish extravagant and extraordinary.

    I am just about certain we're getting take out next week (long story - we're not cooking at all next week) so I'll report back. I am just glad that we live a block away!

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