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  1. I guess there is nowhere good to eat in Franklin Lakes due to the overwhelming response here Did you find a nice place?
  2. If this is the place I think it is, George is Gus Andy's brother who owns La Mer and many other properties in Cape May. Is it on Beach across from Uncle Bills? This is the greatest place for a cheap and well prepared breakfast. Forget about the other upscale yupie places for breakfast, this is the place locals go on and off season. ← Yes George's is right across the street from Bills Pancake, we loved it.. for years we said we were going to try and we always ended up somewhere else, now we know better!
  3. Hubbie and I went this year in early June during the strawberry festival, which was great this year, more vendors, more food, yummy strawberries... We went to George's which is a small greek diner and it was AMAZING, the food was so fresh and so simply prepared, we loved it and the price was outstanding for Cape May, we will be back many more times. And the people who own/work there are just great, you feel like you are visting family. We went to the Blue Pig also and it was good, just good not great. Can't even remember what I had, so that says it all. We went to Capananas beach bar when we arrived and we had the margarita shrimp, always a hit, grilled shrimp with salted tails, lime, tequila, drawn butter, what could be wrong.
  4. Hey Hubbie and I are going to the Grassroots festival this year in July, any updates on good wineries/wines to try or Ithaca restaurants? I have been to the area a couple of times but always unprepared I would love to have some suggestions. Thanks
  5. There is a good greek/seafood place in Fair Lawn - Oceanos. the link is below. http://oceanosrestaurant.com/
  6. Ps - I meant to say the Paramus Whole Foods not Ridgewood ... oops.
  7. Hi! Husband and I made a trip to the new Ridgewood Whole Foods Store this Sunday. Much bigger than the Ridgwood store and laid out nice. They sell wine/beer also. More variety than the Ridgewood store, bigger salad bar and prepared foods sections and very nice people working there from what I can see. Now I know some people call Whole Foods "Whole Paycheck" but if you shop for certain organic brands they are less expensive here than the supermarkets, and they have a good private label brand. The only hitch is the blue law in Paramus seem to be stricter than the rest of Bergen county.. I could not buy chap stick or a loofah sponge the cashier informed me as I was checking out. I know I can buy these things at other bergen county stores so I guess Paramus is different. Alot of confusion at the check out registers with the Blue Law issue. Especially since the same shoppers can buy the same resticted items at the other stores in Bergen County. I can't wait to check out Fairway, I am curious to see if there organic prices will be better than Whole Foods. happy shopping/eating..
  8. I saw a starter review in the Record for Rosa Mexicana at the River Side Sq Mall. As anyone been there yet? I wonder if it will be a mob scene like every restaurant there when it first opens.
  9. Thanks Jeff.. We are going in September this year instead of June and I wanted to try Gecko.
  10. I was wondering is Gecko strictly outdoor eating, I can't remember? Thanks,
  11. FYI - Still did not hear anything back from Fairway..
  12. I read on Progressive Grocer (link below) that Fairway will be coming to NJ in Oct/Nov 2008. I did also email Fairway directly for an update on the Paramus location. I will let you know if I hear anything. Quote from Progressive Grocer Website: The Pelham Manor store will bring the number of the company's stores to six. Fairway currently operates four supermarkets in Manhattan, Long Island, and Brooklyn, with a fifth set to open in Paramus, N.J. about six months from now. Progressive Link to quote: http://www.progressivegrocer.com/progressi...003fe0f36feeb99 Deldino
  13. Oh - we loved "Magic Pan" They always made us kids the crepes with hot dogs in them. Then they served a mustard dipping sauce with it. We felt so fancy....
  14. I used to spend lots of evenings at John and Peter's in my younger days. They aren't so much known for their food as their ability to find pretty good musical talent that most people have never heard of. Cool vibe to the place and great music. ← That is the vibe we got also - so I stuck with the Grilled Cheese because I thought that was the best bet for me.. and it actually hit the spot for that moment. The bartender said the specials are usually the best bet.
  15. Well thanks for all the suggestions. We just got back. We actually stayed at the Lambertville House, which was very nice. We ended walking around Lambertville Friday and then went to the Lambertville Station for happy hour and then went to Anton's at the Swan Friday night, which was very good. My huband remarked that they slightly underseasoned salt-wise, but I actually prefer that so I can add my own if I want, you can never take away too much salt. The service/atmosphere and the food were all very good. They had a lobster corn chowder which had great flavor but very little lobster. I had the chicken which was very tender and juicy and the reduction was very rich in natural chicken flavor, very good. Saturday we walked around New Hope all day - I like going during this time of year because it is not as packed and touristy as the summer months. We did a civilized version of a pub crawl. After shopping we went to Havana's for a drink, they had the outside bar going with heat lamps, so that was cool. The lunch menu was way over priced so we continued on the a place across the street, I think it was called John&Peters where we had lunch, which was a grilled cheese and sweet potato fries for me and Hubby had a crab cake sandwich, which he said was really good very little breading and lots of crab, not what he expected when we walked n to the place -- My grilled cheese was great, just like mom would have made. We continued on to Martine's by the river for a drink and then ended up back at Lambertville Station for one more drink before heading back for a much needed nap. Pub crawls lasted much longer for me 20 years ago. Dinner Saturday was at Deanna's which was just so very good, My husband and I both said after we ate there that we just had a home made Italian meal at a friends house, the food was really homemade tasting - the best compliment I can give a restaurant is that the food did not taste like restaurant food, if you know what I mean. All and all it was the perfect quick get away weekend.
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