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  1. "cover charge" is something I expect to see in small restaurants on mainland Europe. Normally covers bread etc... Have not seen it in the UK.
  2. Possibly the funniest thing since Jasper Carrott - and he is a funny man.
  3. I add to the recs of Bells Diner. The Muset is a safe bet too, and rather brilliantly, they don't charge corkage.
  4. Both of last nights losers would have beaten tonights winner hands down.
  5. This has to be the funniest thread in EG history. It's left me speechless.
  6. Why would you do that? I think that you can get decent wine in Seattle.
  7. It was my thinking when this series initially started that Leith and Peyton were totally the wrong judges for this type of food. You only have to look at the restaurants they run/own/execute. Staid, safe, boring, not heard of etc.... "Hot Pot" Salad, and a rather grusome looking cheese curd tart for "modern" British cuisine? I think I'll give the rest of the series a miss.
  8. Sounds awful. Must be Gary Rhodes. ← Over to you Naebody
  9. The Foie/peanut butter combo for me, did not work. Why waste good foie?
  10. Steamed monkfish "scampi" with minestrone sauce Tuna fish steak with bitter red wine onions bread and butter pudding (Circa 1999) Easy Peasy.
  11. I think it it may have to be a gradual thing. It needs to start in infant school. Teach them that cooking can lead to good things. My mother taught me with fairy cakes, although nowdays I'm sure you can't let them like the bowl. . But, fairy cakes taught me that great things came from that hot thing in the kitchen. I was about 4. Then, progress to veggies, coleslaw is a good thing that they can have total responsibility over without cooking (I'm talking toddlers here). Peeling is a thing I get my godson involved with, he is 4 and loves hacking at spuds and parsnips, yes, with a safety peeler. Understanding ingredients is vital, and it's astonishing that some children don't under stand that beef=cow, pig=pork, milk comes from cows etc... Where I think the "powers that be" may have a problem, is that many of todays parents just don't have a clue as they have grown up in the super market generation, and thus don't understand why their children need to know.
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