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  1. Hi nybody purchased SUMEET Asia Kitchen Machine , where did you get yours from? there are a ot of websites, but not really sure which one to go for. thanks all!!
  2. thanks ... the soaking in warm water really helped ... i shall try the buttermilk , milk thing the next time i make paneer....Leena
  3. Hey!! I tried to make some paneer yesterday, i used about 1/2 a gallon of milk (whole) and lime juice , but the one problem i had was that the paneer was not soft and the amount was very little ... compared to all that milk .. the paneer was pretty good after i cooked ... but then any idea how to mae those soft paneer ... if it happens by using yogurt ..could amebody give me the measurments .. Thank you All
  4. Leena_k


    thanks guys but my electric oven does not have a pilot light but setting it at warm .... is that too hot ...and might bake the batter or something i might sound stupid but the warm settings in my oven seems to be a bit too warm .... thanks for all the help Leena
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    Hey All!! could somebody tell me how to fermentate dosa batter during these cold months .... any help will be apprecitated..Thanks Leena
  6. Thank you Swati .. I am so sick of cooking only tilapia ....i shall surely try cod and shad ... Leena
  7. Thanks Irwin .. I was just wondering if the smell/flavor is too strong .. that it curry or mustard sauce doesnot taste the way it would when cooking with tilapia or catfish... Leena
  8. Hi, i was wondering if i could cook fish curry (bengali style) with fishe kinds besides tilapia and catfish ... I live in a city where the local indian grocery store does not sell any fish .. thanks Leena
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