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  1. a tray of cannoli - every pasticceria will be able to pack them in a way that will make it easy for you to carry. for Catherine: make sure you visit any of the restaurants participating in http://www.lesostediulisse.it/chi_siamo.html
  2. Oh you Longobardi! Hairy barbarians you may have been- but you gave us pastry. ←
  3. Andrew: the cake is 'colomba' (= dove), the symbol for Easter / peace. It's true, many people buy it already made - you can actually find some brands which are truly good (the 'semiartigianali'). It may be troublesome to make it at home, because of the extremely delicate dough (which can easily become acidic), and of the time required to make it rise. That' why many end up buying it already made. Some pasticcerie, however, make it upon customer's request.
  4. Tea Palace - Westbourne Grove Kandy Tea Room - Holland Street (much smaller and less formal than the former)
  5. I think it's a ridicolous idea. No offence, but... no. The idea of blind dining was actually by a German guy who then exported it to the US. I read about this in the Wall Street Journal - I kept the article ... I never thought the concept would reach the UK. For those who want to read about it: Wall Street Journal jan 5, 2006, D8 'Dining here brings a whole new meaning to the blind date'.
  6. uh, forgot to mention the Providores - a restaurant/tapas bar which serves tapas servings on the ground level - ideal for lunch/brunch. http://www.theprovidores.co.uk/contact.html
  7. for food shopping you should definitely check out Marylebone High Str. - if u r in the area on Sunday morning, you can visit the local farmers market. Also the fromagerie is worth http://www.lafromagerie.co.uk/ there's a coffee shop there and you can also buy specially sourced food products (such as Castelluccio lentils etc) and on the same street, The Ginger Pig (for meat). Another interesting shop + deli is the Apulian place La Masseria, 69 Berkeley Street (check out their basement for pasta of all types, even gluten free, cakes, biscuits and veg dips). if u r into interior design / kitchenware etc, go and check out the Conran shop, Divertimenti and Selfridges (on Oxford Street, easy walking distance).
  8. I definitely agree with Matthew re. Time Out. Time Out also fails to update addresses - I have seen in the past details of shops which I knew for sure had closed down. I find Zagat very reliable, and I've been using it for many years, ever since it was first published in the US (I was living in NYC and there you surely NEED a guide ! ) . Zagat is supported by its readers' contributions - e.g. if you participate in their survey and give your comments about the restaurants you've been in the last year, you get a free copy. sounds good to me...
  9. Ste


    Hi there - you bought a very good quality pasta which has been made according to traditional methods that implies the use of a 'trafila ruvida', i.e., a food extruder which gives pasta an unven consistency. It means that whatever sauce you'll be serving it with, it will 'stick' well on each sagnarello and season it properly. Another idea ... a bit 'provocative' could be to serve it with a pesto made with rocket leaves (rucola - arugula), almonds, garlic, pecorino cheese and extra virgin olive oil. But only if you can find the most tender and tasty rocket leaves.
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