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  1. It has been a while and am still chasing the NYC slice (the existence of which might be due more to the workings of my memory than any reality) and I would like to add a couple of spots that I can handle... Joey Garlic's in Farmington- good general pie. Verona Pizza in Marion/Southington- can be a bit doughy at times- leading me to prefer the small to the the large pie- and there is something about the tomatoes they use that is different, odd and yet compelling.
  2. Certainly there will be cultural differences. However, if you take a certain cuisine it is built up out of combinations of flavors. I was just curious as to whether any 'cookbooks' approached it this way. Thanks for the responses so far, and Happy Holidays.
  3. I was wondering if anyone could recommend any texts that approach cooking from the perspective of taste. That is, how does one go about pairing flavors? Why do certain ingredients work together? Which do and which don't? Id like to get an idea of the 'why' behind recipes, if that makes sense. What about the Flavor Bible? or Kime's Exploring Taste & Flavour? Thanks.
  4. I'd imagine that the reason writers do not escape discussion of food, is that if one has 'realism' as a goal or benchmark- as literature has for a good portion of its existence- then food is necessarily a large part of that reality. I do wonder whether the discussion of food has waxed and waned along with focus on eating. Similarly I wonder if you see cultural differences in literature that mimic the emphasis on eating or forms of eating. Science fiction, traditionally as 'genre fiction', is possessed by an idea (or so critics argue) which may explain the lack of culinary references to the ex
  5. I have to mention that so far Tonino's in Hamden comes close. Eli's has also been good but hit or miss in the past.
  6. I plan on going and reporting back soon however, I was also told that 'good' 'real' Chinese food can be had at Shangra Lee in Chesire- (especially the special and seasonal specials menus). Again, I will report back when I go (time is short right now)
  7. I actually grew up in Colchester (weekends at the summer house). I love the area, dont get me wrong- if it was closer to work, Id be living there. What style is Illiano's (my parents go there a lot, and I know there is the one in Niantic no?) Plum Tomato is more of a roman style of pizza I think, but now I will definitely have to try Illianos. Thanks for the Hartford ideas, I may still just try the majority of places nearby and report my findings (which will be highly subjective and probably without merit)
  8. Ive recently moved back to the east coast from Michigan (born and raised in NYC) and am trying to finally allow my wife to understand all those hours of complaining she had to deal with when we would eat "pizza" in Michigan. Ive searched the archives and read the posts containing pizza talk but Im looking for the type of pizza you could get at your good corner pizzeria in NYC 10-20 years ago. No clams, no shrimp, no exotic wild flowers, (not even sausage).. just a good *plain* slice. Not too too thin, but defintely not thick crust.. Im aware of New Haven's "Big Three" - but - similar to the e
  9. I have just moved to Hamden and wonder if it is still there and worth checking out?
  10. I cannot find any information on this. Besides, Dewar's does blends...
  11. I do have the Montreal issue and it makes me jealous.. I adopt similar strategies, keep what I want toss the rest (this works for most issues of Gourmet). For Cooks, I tend to keep the issues until I buy the bound hardcover annual, and then i will flip through and cut up the individual issues.
  12. Since Im also on the market for a home and trying to take advantage of the less than stellar economy in, and economic decisions made by, Michigan - I have been reading trade stuff. What is particularly interesting is the language that realtors use and how it changes. I forget the specifics but for instance, 'gourmet' when referring to kitchens is now supposedly passe, and the new term is something like 'customized' (but much more pretentious sounding). There is a long list somewhere and I found it entirely amusing (many of which refer to the kitchen). When Ive spoken to realtors and they have
  13. Rather pedestrian, but I subscribe to Gourmet, Saveur and Cooks Illustrated. Go ahead, laugh at me and then tell me what I *should* be reading...
  14. possibly the sherried taste? I tend to cut sherried whiskeys less often than peats. Anyhow, nice choices
  15. I was wondering whether it would even be drinkable as well. the 57% of Laphroaig 10 yr Cask Strength is strong enough for me. Laphroaig 10yr CS
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