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  1. Sound like my kind of place, wish I could visit, keep up the Great Work. Wecome to the DarkSide PLC, here's your Membership # B15-09-02-06
  2. Sorry for the Long Delay, I was captured and kidnaped by Pyrats and they forced me to try many more Rums from around the World. So I have been a little busy Sailing around the World taste testing different Rums with and without Coke. The Ship ran out of Coke, and they were getting real low on Rum and I saw a chance to make my getaway. So I took it, and now I have a chance to say Hello to alll the DarkSide Members. Vodka n Coke One of my favorite drinks 20 years ago was made with 2 shots Kahlua, 2 shots Vodka, 2 ounces of coke in a tall Glass full of ice. When everything is good and chilled add just a slash of cream to lighten it up a little. mmmmmmm, Very tasty indeed. Welcome to the DarkSide Eric, here's your Membership # 012-08-21-06 Also try some Gosling's Black Seal, 80 and 151, they both are out of this world, bursting with flavor when mixed with Coke. Scott, I love your taste in Rum, Great to meet another True Rum n Coke Drinker. Here's your Membership # 013-09-01-06 Great places to Party and enjoy an Ice Cold Run n Coke. Welcome to the DarkSide Tuck, here's your # 014-09-02-06
  3. Wow, has it been that long since I was here, many bottles of Rum have been consumed in the last 2 months. Welcome to the Dark Side jediNord, here is your Membership # 011-06-05-06, Sorry for the delay. I love the Barbancourt 3 Star Rum also and the Price is very fair in Michigan. My Collection consist mostly of Empty Bottles for some reason. Lots of reading to catch up on now, Everyone have a Great August and always Enjoy Life with a little Rum n Coke once in a while.
  4. Here's your # 010-04-08-06 Display it Proudly
  5. Prichard's Rum n Coke with bitters and a lime, Sounds Good !! Welcome to the Dark Side Bill. Here's your Number 009-03-25-06
  6. If it's from Gosling's, it Should be Very Good Rum. Let me know what you thing of the Family Reserve Old Rum, and if it's worth the extra Money compared to Gosling's Black Seal ? I might have to add this to my Neat Collection, at $70 a bottle, I think I'll leave the Coke in the Fridge for this one.
  7. Pretty Neat Code Breaking Discovery, Now all the Code Breakers of the World will try this method for Breaking Top Secert Codes. I have a feeling the Price of Pyrat Cask 23 is on its way up.
  8. Ahhhh, A Rum n Coke Drinker, Join The Dark Side. I have never had a problem Smugling too many Bottles of Rum into the USA. I do like the Wine Idea though, just in case. If you do get caught, blame it on the wife. What's the worse that can happen ?
  9. Hello Steve and Welcome to the Dark Side. Thanks, We Entertain a lot and decided to rebuild our three and a half Car Garage into a Rec Room/Bar/Garage after a fire destroyed everything inside last Spring. Luckly Fire Proof Drywall save the Out Building and we only had to Rebuild the inside. My Sons and I did most the rebuilding this past Summer to help keep the cost down. The Garage is now Nicer than our Home and We are very pleased with the end results. My car can now relax thru the Cold Michigan winters in a nice little Warm Spot while the rest of us Have Fun. She Likes watching TV also, mostly Car shows, Car Races, Hockey Games and a DVD Movie once in a while. She Loves Herbbie the Love Bug. I'll have to try the Rums you have listed. I bought a bottle of Ron Matusalem Classico a few months ago and really like this Rum to start the night off with. It's very smooth and I love the Vanilla aftertaste it leaves in your mouth. A Bottle of Ron Matusalem Gran Reserva sitting at the Party Store has been tempting me for the last few months to buy her, She may have just Won. The Cruzan 2y old Dark is one of the Best Values I can find in Michigan, and I really Love the 5yr old Diamond Estate and Single Barrel for the Money. The Price of Pyrat Xo Reserva has come down for some reason, so I have been stocking up with as many as I can find for around $25 a Bottle. Thanks Again Steve, and here is your Dark Side Membership Number 08-03-17-06 Cheers ! Fred PS. Don't show LunaSea our Secret HandShake Yet (foryoureyesonly,hemightbeaspy4theneatside). <----Top Secret Code
  10. Good Question I Love the way it Looks in the Bottle.
  11. OK, that last line got ya in da club However we will have to put you on Probation for the first 90 days, Just to make sure you are not a Secret Agent. Sorry, we can't show you the Secret Hand Shake yet, for Obvious Reasons. Here's your Membership # SA7-03-15-06 BTW, A Tree almost fell on us while we were Playing in the Smokie Mountians with our sports car. My wife and I go to the Tail of the Dragon (hwy129, 318 curves in 11 miles)) twice a year with our S2000 Club. About 170+ other S2000 Members from around the World do this event and we all have a Blast. My Wife and I normaly stay an extra day to hit some more curves while we try to get lost in the Smokies. We were driving down from the top of one the Mountain peaks in the middle of no mans land and a Tree Fell right above us. I had to down shift and Hit the Gas Pedal to avoid getting Crushed by this Humongous Tree. If a tree falls in the forest, and there's nobody around to hear it, does it still make a noise ??? We Think It Does, and It's Extremely Loud !!!
  12. Orange or Pineapple Juice are good mixers for Rum, or just make a bunch of Rum and Cokes and give me a Call. The First Day I would try it with Cola, then a few days later try a couple of drinks with different juices to find the best taste. Some times I also like to Blend different Rums with Coke to find that Ultimate Drink.
  13. DERF

    worst rum

    I'm Game, However I think I'll use Gosling's Black Seal instead of the Meyer's Dark Rum and call the Drink, Night Black Seal Dive. The Meyer's might need to be added to the Worst Rum List, it comes close in my book when used as a sipping Rum.
  14. A Rebbel, No Membership for You, at least you did use some Coke..
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