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  1. if u have a chance u should get a chocolate call amadei its from tuscany ,italy no soy lecithen so is a bit rough but to temper it comes up beautiful and taste is second to none but the price makes valrohna look like peanuts but worth getting a bit to check out , callebaut has a great 70 % range called camra thats great for tempering too , food for thought good luck im a chef whos spent the last 18 months pastry and alot of chocolate work and i admire the chocolatiers many a bloomed chocolates have almost sent me to tears though the smiles from the mirror like perfection makes it all worth while well back to reading PH and oriel .
  2. speaking of beautiful cured hams ive only ever found one to top iberico pate negra its called il culatello its an italian specialty if u get a chance check out the site www.maialarte.com the cost beat iberico too whooaaaaaaaa extrmely hard to find but unbielivable flavour and the process is amazing they only take the centre of the thigh have a read those fellow cured meat lovers working in europe at the moment im spoiled with it all its great to see more places in melb showcasing it although the ridiculous prices im sure will never see variety and amount change much for now im indulging :):)
  3. im not sure the price but i know its pretty expensive but the stokehouse has always had great nye parties for the more finger food and drinking downstairs or the bubbly and wine over many a courses upstairs is always a fun night guarnteed have spent 2 their one working one as a guest both were unforgettable from which i can remember haha
  4. i think the restauarnt will do well of course it will but it brings something to melbourne that i dont really want that sydney feel big names big $$ no love another trademark stamp hey i live in the uk now but if i was back in melbourne hell id eat thier and probably enjoyit even though i know in my heart its a step towards sydney where the chefs are never in the kitchens and u cant get a tasting menu over 9 courses GRRRRRRR:) and 3 course du jour is 50 $
  5. i think that was just about slow cooking for long times , people saying how can u kill bacteria with certain meats if u only cooked to 56 degrees ? i seen an article with heston were he explains with the temperature of things , he explained how the holding time at the temperature comes into play with killing bacteria , but im sure that get alot of health and safety officers go through there if not independant as well for thier own precautions , but enjoy the lunch will definetly be and amazing culinary journey for u whichever way it goes :)just dont have big expectations and the meal will be more thrilling and inspiring just enjoy and appreciate
  6. hey to phish i tink its definetely a life choice ive been lucky enough to do both there is a beautiful balance which is pastry but in a restaurant so u still get the buzz of a service and serving beautiful plated desserts without the hmmmm bore of 300 scones every day for afternoon tea although the best way to succeed is to do the scones do the basics then step into the ala carte world pasrty is very scientific recipes to a t where savoury is a bit more lick the finger to see how it tastes kinda thing , feel ur way around for a while before u commit coz when u do its a full on non stop ride of highs and lows which can take u only as far as u r willing to take/push yourself , cheffing is trully rewarding but u have to be prepared for the year or so of cakes , strusels , vanilla ice creams and croquembouches before u can understand and practice the fun of candied beetroot lolli pops , paco jets of sweet japenese pumpkin sorbet and blowing sugar like glass but the histroy ie ckaes and crouqembouches is where the heart it is u cant do the future unless u know the past and same for savoury gotta turn the bags full of potatoes , make the killos of mash , sautee and squeeze 10 boxes of spinach , blanch peel and dice boxes of tomatoes make soup after soup after soup before u start doing the oysters wrapped in jelly the cauliflower foams that dissapear in your mouth like air yet taste like heaven the slow cooked lamb neck,the sashimi of blue fin tuna , but the more u learn the more u can create and the more u understand the more u can proceed and exceed the world is ur oyster especially in this foodlovers universe good luck with ur decision i hope this helps u on your way
  7. i can totally understand where u are coming from i being a hef at a restaurant that test these type of ideas think it is definitely a fine line because some places/chefs are so eager to please customes instantly they will be to quick to cook this type of food it almost seems ike a cop out but its up to the individual and the public if u dont like it dont it dont support it , dont cook ithen thier is the fun factor which i personally love in food the beautiful mix of both balncing tadition and history with the future of flavours whilst still remaining true to its roots look forard to discussing this further but another 17 hour day has my bed calling speak soon :):)
  8. thanks for those pics that one of wylie, thomas and harold and joseph looks great all in such deep concentration did anyone get to see any of the juan roca / roca brothers exhibitions , i didnt get to go but some of the other boys in our kitchen did and siad they were the ones that had a few ppl in awe i know thier website is great i tink its cellarconroca .com or thier abouts ?
  9. is only the future of food now like fusion was for a short period and nouvelle and naturelle before that food is always going to follow trends because chefs are always looking to try something new , i was lucky enough to work at reserve for most of the time it was open and we were pushing more modern gastronomy more than spanish its just that ppl say spanish were the first to do it publicly , ie el bulli , so it seems to have some reference to spain but something like molecular gastronomy i tink has a bit more of a future if u look at sites like wd50 / new york alinea / chicago , mugaritz /san sebastion , michel bras /spain everywhere is pushing molecular gastronmy i tink just how much they push it could be the outcome of thier future as reserve push'd it to much and felt the wrath a although the non productive wine bar and wine cellar thier was the main reason behind the closing , thats the beauty of food no one really knows tyhe future because everyones palates are different and i as a chef look forward to trying to please them alll hahahahaha oh and the fenix tangent i just had to get of my chest hahahaha
  10. it frustrates me as much as it amazes me how someone as talented as raymond capaldi can can be inspired so directly from hestons liquid nitrogen that he doesnt even seem to want to change the flavour to his own gastronimc flair one which is by far capable of of coming with an originl liquid nitrogen taste cleanser ? , i tink fenix has been so up and down lately with the changing through 2/3 head chefs in the past yr ? and as for the spanish thing it is the way of the future i say france is the history spain is the future but u have to know the history to push the future some people get this mistaken and and live in the future of food too much :)the whole world is into the spanish thing is atrend ???? time will tell but they are the trendsetters for now ?
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