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  1. I've heard about these old surviving British cakes once in a while. If they can last that long what did they taste like to begin with?

    I remember Seinfeld did an episode where Elaine ate a piece of old British cake that her boss bought at an auction. I can't remember if she liked it though.


  2. Lori-

    There is a small goat farm out on Rt. 30 west of Gettysburg on LHS outside of town a few miles. She has fresh goat milk and makes her own cheese. She has a sign out on the road. Sorry to say I did not bother to get any info from her when I was there (like her name).

    It was very good cheese, and she gave me a tour of her little farm and was full of info about her products.

    It's not much, but I hope it is a tiny bit helpful.


  3. How important is it to have an 'education or degree' for food writing?

    Are people not being published because they lack writing skills?

    Our local newspaper food page is filled with AP articles, nothing from someone local. If I were to start asking about doing some kind of local writing for the food page I have no backround in writing and don't know where to start.


  4. We have the same white tent as the Costco one only we bought it at Sam's Club. It is very nice, and it a packs into a bag. If you are going to continue with shows, go with a white one, because the nicer shows require everyone to have the same white tent.

    You may want to spray the top of the tent with a waterproofing spary, we noticed a few small leaks in ours the other day, only around the seams, and need to do that before we use it again. I can say we've never used it in a heavy downpour-yet!

    We have buckets filled with cement tied to the tent legs for places that may be on blacktop and you don't want your tent to blow away, but the other day we saw tent legs tied to PVC pipe about 2 feet long filled with cement and capped off. It was a much neater look, and took up less space.

    Enjoying this thread, good luck!


  5. Wow, I can't believe this thread is so short, is there another one maybe?

    Anyway, grab a resaturant guide when you get there. I visited quite a bit at my late MIL's house in Manteo(Pirates Cove) when she was alive. Haven't been down for about 3 years, but one of our favorite things was to try the local stuff and try not to do anything twice.

    We stayed away from buffets. We didn't do anything real fancy looking since we had kids. Some of our favorites were Mama Kwan's Grill, Sam and Omie's (breakfast), Fisherman's Wharf (Wanchese), Austin Creek Grill (fancy and right at the ferry to Hatteras), Don Gato's, RV's, the 'beach road' has lots of little dives to eat in.... seriously there are sooo many good ones you almost can't go wrong.

    We also ate early dinners or late lunches since we had kids with us to avoid crowds. Several restaurants are closed between 3 and 5.

    Please don't ignore the lighthouses! They are beautiful and fun to see. Outerbanks has such a rich history, there are many good books on the local history. It also has architecture unique to the area (found in those books). They have a nice aquarium too (Manteo). Buy a kite and fly it on the sand dunes at Kitty Hawk on a cloudy day (or else you'll bake on the hot sand). Ocracoke island is a full day trip (where Blackbeard died) and has good places to eat, but bring snacks and/or coolers. Also keep a big jug of water in your car in case you want to stop off along the road to look at the beach then you can rinse your hands and feet.

    There are 2 marinas- Pirates Cove (more friendly and has a good restaurant-Hurricane Mo's) and Oregan Inlet and around 4 in the afternoon the boats start heading back and display the day's catch on the docks. If you wander around where they cut the fish and look really pitiful someone may give you a huge chunk of fish if they have too much to take home for themselves.

    We decided to ride bikes into Manteo one day and discovered figs growing along the bike path (towards the Elizabethan Gardens). We tried to pick what we could and put them into our only shopping bag. We headed back and were taking a break when a local stopped and asked if we were the ones picking figs. We said we were and hoped no one minded. He laughed and said it was fine, but did we know we had picked figs on Andy Griffith's property? That was more than cool! I made jam later and we showed off my 'Andy Griffith Jam' for months.

    Good grief- that was long, and my family is now hungry for fresh Outerbanks seafood!!


  6. It seems like the parks that are open seasonally have bad food. Like parks that seem to cater to the rides. Boardwalks are run like small businesses, where each vendor has to come up with memorable foods to be different from the next guy. Or they have to be a stand that has been in business for the past xyz years to keep the people coming back.

    County fairs always have the staples and unique stands. I think they are more oriented to showing the 'from farm to table' approach. Now the food fairs/festivals...wow, they are the ones I like to find.

    Just came back from Disney World. The amount of food is unbelievable. Our approach is to eat small plates all over. If you eat big, you can't move on to the next place. I liked going to restaurants there, but they take up a big chunk of time.


  7. Right in the middle of York/Gettysburg on RT 30 is The Altland House. They have finer dining upstairs and a more casual downstairs. They are good at handling groups.


    La Cucina's just remodeled to be bigger and handle groups, but have no wines, yes it is still BYOB. I can honestly say eating there is hit or miss. It is about 10 minutes off RT 30 south of Abbottstown.

    I grew up in York but know little about the restaurants there anymore. Gettysburg has neat historic places, but may not be able to handle large groups. Then again it is a fun place to tour then gather to eat.


    If I hear of anything else I'll post.


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