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  1. Another michelin year, another shocker. From my experiances I thought Sat Bains, L'enclume and Wishart were stone wall 2 stars this year. The one star level is bizarre.Having been lucky enough to eat at five of the new one stars last year, how the hell Adam Simmonds at Danesfield House is not worth one is extremely puzzling.
  2. Thats an end of topic answer if ever I heard one. Lets move on now then!
  3. In my opinion the greatest it is not, I think that is something we can agree on. I just think it is wrong that he seems to get slaughtered every time he does something new and different. Is it Heston's fault that the trade press treat him in this supposed way? Maybe all the commotion that is caused is playing into his hands and making his position even stronger. In fact I have just had a thought, is one of you Heston
  4. My oh my, fanatical fan base, people that can't think for themselves, one would think we are talking about a murderous dictator! You show an amazing way of showing respect and who ever said that Heston's way is the only way, of course it's not there is room for everyone. I have been to the Fat Duck two years ago and on the whole thoroughly enjoyed it, but in my opinion some elements of the meal were not perfect and have had better meals elsewhere. But thats just me, it does not mean its wrong and I am not going to join the Heston witchhunt.
  5. It would also be an interest to know from our overseas friends whether the thriving avant garde movements in such countries as Spain, USA or now even France receive the same treatment. Is it just a British thing to 'slag off' the success story?
  6. That is quite true. But that does not give people the right to ridecule and abuse either. He is not putting guns to our heads, he is standing up and doing something he believes in.
  7. "Spurious authority." What a fantastic phrase to basically call everyone morons for not agreeing to ones point of view. Well I think I am basically a 'genuine' kind of girl so it did make me sit up and realise that instead of trying to earn a living by providing a product that is different, it is in fact, an evil regime that is brainwashing each and every one of us so we had all better look out and he deserves all the abuse he gets. This is all very serious!
  8. You can be sure it is something he thinks is an interesting new variant. It sounds fun to me but I suppose you have to have a developed sense of humour to think so. What I do think is "tossage" is the slagging off of a chef who is probably the most brilliant working in the UK today.
  9. I think this is a classic local rag misquote. Simon Rogan believes that the reason he did not achieve a second star this year was the simple fact that in michelin's eyes it wasn't good enough! I don't know what was said by the staff member but maybe the journalist got the idea from them. With all that has gone on there recently michelin would be the last thing on his mind. Very sad.
  10. An interesting reason for leaving a restaurant. The pursuit of michelin stars! I thought it should be about pleasing your customers and making money??
  11. sorry meant "no idea" . Been to pub!!
  12. Well stick to US kitchens if you have on idea who MPW is. God forbid.
  13. Mr Bapi, I talk from REAL experiance but my partner would kill me so I cannot elaborate. We must agree to disagree at the moment
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