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  1. Many of the nicer stores in Mexico that cater to tourists greet them at the door with an open beer. Nice little touch I think!
  2. Boy this shopping thing works both ways. When we were building this house. hubby would send me to the hardware store for various odds and ends. More than once, hell, lots of times I came home with the wrong thing. Nails a wee bit short. screws with a slotted head, too wide a paint brush, you name it. We finally worked out a solution. Give me an example of the nail, screw nut or bolt to show the clerk. If it were something really super complicated, he called ahead and explained it to the staff and they would have it ready for me to pick up. By the time the house was finished, I had earned a degree in "Hardware Store Shopping" and had my own nail apron so to speak. I can butter bricks with the best of 'em! I think I knew I had mastered it when he sent me to the local Redi-Mix place to pick up screeds and floats and I knew exactly what he meant.
  3. IowaDee

    Dinner 2020

    Hum old Chinese stand-by.... orzo he sez!
  4. I'm thinking that cooking in the nude might offer a great weight loss program around here. Anyone catching even a small glimpse of me at the stove in that condition, would immediately lose their appetite!
  5. IowaDee

    Superbowl food 2020

    I have never, ever seen Irish stew on any menu nor eaten it at anyone's house. I think the pollster was nearing a deadline and just drew something out of a hat. I would like to see the numbers behind that one.
  6. IowaDee

    Lunch 2020

    Have you had a change to try tacos al pastor yet? They are my all time favorite kind.
  7. IowaDee

    Superbowl food 2020

    Plan to watch the Puppy Bowl and ask my hubby "Whose a good girl?" Might make some puppy chow😆 I haven't willingly watched a football game since I was in high school and never mind how long ago that was! Come on baseball season....
  8. Mix the natural peanut butter with some oatmeal and cornmeal. Roll int o balls or make small patties and put them out for the birds. Ours love that kind of stuff. We have a log with holes drilled in it and we stuff the mixture in the holes. The birds put on a real show as they work to get the stuff out. In a pinch, you can just smear it directly on to tree trunks.
  9. IowaDee

    Lunch 2020

    We have found that many Mexican places have hot sauces which they call. "Not for Gringos" which they will bring to the table when asked. But beware, they will all hover around to watch your reaction to the first taste of them.
  10. IowaDee

    Lunch 2020

    And Pacifico Beer to top it all off. To me it runs a close second to Dos XXs. If you hop over to the mainland from the tip of Baja, you will be in Mazatlan, home of Pacifico. For more adventure take the ferry across instead of flying. Mazatlan is know as the Shrimp Capital of Mexico. Shrimp and beer on the beach? Life doesn't get much better than that for me.
  11. Wow, I think of all your trips, the meals on this one made me the hungriest! Thanks for the almost constant tummy growling!
  12. I'll let you in on a secret if you promise not to tell a soul....We live about 25 miles from a John Deere factory and there are always rumors coming from the plant about new equipment. A sheep harvester is the latest. You've heard of the expression "like a sheep to slaughter" I'm sure. Well JD has trained farmers in the art of sheep whispering. The best ones are able to train their sheep to line up in perfect order. Next the top secret, experimental sheep harvester goes down the line plucking up the sheep and rolling them into large bales that resemble hay, only with more fluff. The bales of sheep are loaded on to semis and taken to the nearest processing plant. At this point it is out of JD's hands but I do know the packing plant employees that count the sheep bales as they come off the semi have a terrible time staying awake to do their jobsl
  13. Yup, being able to turn on the beeper and also the turntable were huge selling point when we bought our G.E. Have had to replace the light bulb but, other than that, it has been a real trooper. My first microwave was an Amana Radar Range. Those huge shiny things that weigh as much as a small elephant. I'd bet money that there are still some of them working away out there. Kind of like the DC 3s of microwaves.
  14. I suspect my husband has a secret crush on her and I completely understand why.
  15. Oooh I wish I could "like" each picture by itself. Just an amazing bunch of goodies and your village is wonderful. I love the wee little church especially.
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