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  1. I agree but the NyQuil for the kid and the whiskey shot for me. That's a toofer that works. And now I"m having a brain fart. We were in a liquor store in Columbia, Missouri a couple of year ago and everything we drink was "almost free" compared to Iowa prices. I have searched and searched and nothing rings a bell.I thought maybe they would meet us at the border. Heck it is only a bit over ten miles from my house. 😉
  2. I drink the same brand but stick to pinot grigio. Probably mentioned this before, but one of the kids calls it Mom's box 'o drunk. Around here the price varies from $20.99 to $22.99 a box. I stock up too when it is on sale. I just convert the closet under the stairs to my refreshment closet rather than the cleaning supply closet! When we both still smoked, we used to make a "vice run" across the border to Missouri. Beer, wine and cigs were so much cheaper. Maybe they still are? As usual. I'm really enjoying your blog and your meals look amazing. Your energy puts me to shame. And I get Chum's need for a day off to laze around.
  3. IowaDee


    Oh I know, they're everywhere. Maybe China gets the cream of the crop?
  4. IowaDee


    Those strawberries sure aren't Driscoll brand ones. I had almost forgotten that real ones are red from top to bottom. Bet they aren't hollow in the center either. Damn, I want some now! Beautiful.
  5. But I need to know what you did come home with instead of mushrooms!
  6. I make my corn casserole in the exact same dish. It would not taste half as good in anything else. You put on a wonderful looking spread!
  7. Just to let you know, I live in Iowa, the Corn State. To take our minds off the constant stream of presidential wanna-bes roaming the state right now we have decided to create mischief. Swapping out mundane veggies like carrots for corn is just the beginning. I have heard potatoes are next on the list, followed by squash.. And a tip and a word to the wise, enjoy that rice while you can😌
  8. IowaDee

    Dinner 2019

    We must share a blob of DNA. I have a recipe generator just like that in my head. Sometimes my husband will ask me what I'm doing and I tell him I"m cooking in my head. He has no idea of what I'm talking about but I'll bet you do! Finding creative ways to use up leftovers is one of my favorite things to do. The better they taste, the less of a chance that I will ever have the exact mix again.
  9. IowaDee

    Breakfast 2019

    "Take me to your larder"
  10. I used to run the pre-school story hours at the library. During the holiday season, we had the kids make a easy version of gingerbread houses only using graham crackers. It was easy to have them decorate the crackers flat before the house was assembled. The following week they put them together and finished decorating them. That way we could put them back together after the kids left and they never knew their projects had fallen apart. To be honest, most of the finished projects were just boxes but it the eyes of the little creators, each one was a mansion.
  11. I'm thinking,a glass of cranberry juice poured down a furnace orifice should have it going in no time. Stuff seems to work on UTIs damn well.
  12. Well UTIs involve the flow of liquids as do kitchen faucets.....just saying
  13. I may have missed it but how old are they?
  14. Yum, unicorn squeezin's Nothing else says Good Morning, like they do!
  15. Those were my thoughts exactly. I like to think that she can at least read about our concerns for her and know she has a team of supporters eagerly awaiting her return! For sure, she is missed by us all.
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