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  1. Despite foodblogs..let's post whats in our fridge...and guess...from culture to culture...
  2. how about this... Canape of Anchovies Cream of Celery with Toasties Celery Olives Aiguillette of Striped Bass Joinville Potatoes a la Hollandaise Medaillon of Spring Lamb, Chasseur Asparagus Tips au Gratin *** Breast of Chicken a la Rose Waldorf Salad, Mayonnaise *** Venetian Ice Cream Assorted Cakes Coffee Apollinaris White Rock." ....from the Waldorf Astoria Cookbook, James and Cole. http://www.foodtimeline.org/fooddecades.html#1920s God knows what any of it means though
  3. I'll agree with about half of this; I think there's no reason to 'hit' the meat with a sauce. That just sounds dumb. The action described in grab is a little less.. aggressive? so I only shake my head at its use 50% of the time. 'Throwing something in the oven' is something I say, so I'm obviously not upset by it. If it's something that will splatter (throwing a batter or meat into hot oil, for instance), I'll agree that 'throw it in there' is bad; on the other hand, 'toss a little salt on it' is perfectly OK. ← Totally agree...and add "Let's dump [this] in the processor"...dump? I hate it. And generally, I find drizzle to a most overused word.
  4. MissMeglet

    What classic dish is due for a revival?

    Great topic this...how about deep fried camenbert? or is that early eighties? and that thing that people used to do with an avocado, halved, stone removed and filled with french dressing..and what what about..shrimp cockatil with the single prawn dangling over the side of the cocktail glass!
  5. MissMeglet

    Tequila Cocktails

    Does a Long Island Iced Tea count?
  6. MissMeglet


    eeek! I am so new to the world of cocktail making...I have vodka and gin in the fridge..and vermouth on the drinks table..what should be in the fridge? ..should it be the spirits or the "mixers"? I use cinzano vermouth extra dry..AND HAVE NEVER NOTICED...any other stuff like Noilly Prat etc. in my "botttle shop.