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  1. Ahh, *that's* an informational gem. Congrats on finding it! If you get a chance, could you post a reference...a document or authority? I'd like to see to what extent this applies in my area (and have the documentation to prove it). The wholesale/retail distinction is pretty muddy, as lots of us do both.
  2. I just lost my scotch tape, so I decided I'd open up the Bagmaker I recently ordered on a whim. I am not old enough to remember their release (this stylish avocado model dates to 1970), but I can imagine it being a real cultural milestone. For those, like me, who aren't already familiar with them, it's like a FoodSaver machine, only without the vacuum or cutter. It comes with a roll of bags-to-be; you pull out the desired length and seal it, cut it (manually). Fill it, and seal again. Not so exciting on its own, but as a confectioner it's a very handy thing to have for sealing packaging etc. Anyone else who has a use for these should know that they're a mere four dollars at American Science and Surplus. The vintage packaging alone is worth it.
  3. Heey, exactly right! Just switched 'er over. Soon all those thirtysomethings will seem like a crazy dream. Thanks! (O eGullet, is there anything you can't do?)
  4. Heh heh, thanks. I'm not married to my thermometers, just lazily hoping for a quick return to normality. High time I got acquainted with Celsius anyway.
  5. Yes, there should be! But none in evidence...hmm, maybe I tripped something on the inside when cleaning.
  6. So the other night my ACMC chocolate temperer, on startup, started giving its temp. readings in Celsius. I've been working in Fahrenheit for ages, and now I'm doing a bunch of silly conversions with decimals. Anyone know how to switch it back? Thanks!
  7. Wrapping caramels is definitely a drag, but cutting them is no picnic either. It seems like I was seeing these rolling cutters on all my regular sites a few months ago, but now that I've decided I need one...they turn out to be scarce. Anyone recommend a source? Thanks!
  8. Also, I don't think raw beans could be powdered. They've got to sit in the roaster for a certain time/temp so that the cell structure starts to break down.
  9. I've been making jams aplenty now that the markets have started up, and since reading the Ballymaloe Cookery Course, have stopped using commercial pectin. Recipes for low-pectin fruits call for other pectin sources--apple, lemon zest, lemon juice, etc. I understand why fresh (or underripe) fruit/juice is better--that being said, I'm wondering if grocery store, from-concentrate lemon juice can be any help at all? I wouldn't expect it to perform as well, but...can anyone say for sure that reconstituted lemon juice contributes no pectin? Or that they've had good results with it? Thanks-
  10. Good heavens--if you ever find an enrober for a couple hundred bucks, do let us know. I think my heart would stop.
  11. My experience is that a tempered chocolate sets up much faster than an untemepered chocolate in the same recipe--I've sometimes heated a batch too much and had to wait 2-3 days before the consistency settled to the firmness I'd expected.
  12. I had the same reaction--interesting, but gross. Some things I don't put in, but I've probably combined half a dozen different ganaches for reprocessing. So far I've been impressed. The intense boiling seems to homogenize the different flavors, and the result reminds me of a brownie.
  13. Yeah...that makes sense. Thanks Kerry! Still exploring the whys and wherefores of sugar work. Wybauw's book is great, but it can be kind of opaque...
  14. I'm playing around with this recipe and wondering what the purpose of the baking soda is. Thoughts?
  15. I like the orange splatters! Very sharp.
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